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10 Interesting Facts about Autoflowering Female Cannabis

10 Interesting Facts about Autoflowering Female Cannabis

Cannabis plants are diverse and have flexible genetics. This is why you see a lot of cannabis strains that are being sold on online seed banks. There are a lot of cannabis strains that you can choose from as you browse different cannabis seed catalogs. But one of the most interesting varieties of cannabis that has gain popularity and much attention these days is called autoflowering female cannabis plants. If you search carefully on the Internet, you will find out that there is a stark difference between autoflowering female cannabis plants from other types of plants. If you want to learn more about this amazing cannabis plant, then continue reading this article since we will provide you with 10 interesting facts about autoflowering female cannabis plants.

What is Autoflowering Female Cannabis Plant?

Before we give you interesting facts about this plant, let us first take a closer look at what autoflowering female cannabis is. This plant has become very popular to many marijuana cultivators all around the globe since it offers myriads of benefits and advantages. Many cultivators these days have shifted from cultivating regular cannabis seeds to autoflowering cannabis seeds. This strain is a result of introducing Cannabis Ruderalis to a usual strain such as Indica or Sativa. Because of this genetic pairing, autoflowering female cannabis plants has become a very unique and distinct strain. Cannabis Ruderalis originated from the northern parts of the world where there is less light available annually due to shorter summer seasons. Due to these conditions, Cannabis Ruderalis has developed the ability to bloom flowers based on age and not on a change in photoperiod.

Here are 10 Interesting facts about autoflowering female cannabis plants

  1. Expect Fast Flowering Times and Rapid Harvests

The amazing thing about autoflowering female cannabis plants is that it is able to provide you quality yields the soonest time possible. For any marijuana growers, this is a massive advantage. Fast flowering times and rapid harvest helps you save a lot of time and helps you to be able to harvest more crops per season. Production is increased and you will be able to more crops within a year.

  1. Typically Grows a Lot Faster

Since autoflowering female cannabis plants have fast flowering times, you can expect them to grow faster compared to other Sativa and Indica strains. Believe it or not, autoflowering female cannabis plants can go from seed to harvest within 2 months, like the Quick One strain. There are also those that can be harvested around 8-9 weeks only such as the Royal Dwarf strain.

  1. They are Smaller and Compact

Apart from giving you a faster harvest and more production, autoflowering female cannabis plants are also small. This means that they have low height and has a limited size. The advantage of having smaller cannabis plants is that they attract less attention. If stealth is what you are aiming at, then go for autoflowering female cannabis plants. Unlike Sativas that are not for taller heights and slender leaves, autoflowering female cannabis p[ants are smaller, thinner, yet resilient and very adaptive. Aside from giving you a stealthy cultivation, these plants allow you to be able to cultivate in limited space. Because autoflowering female cannabis plants are more compact, you will be able to plant more in lesser grow space or room.

  1. No Need to Worry About Photoperiod

For newbies, autoflowering female cannabis plants are the best option. This is because there is no need for you to worry about changing the light cycle from time to time just to make the flowers bloom. But what is interesting is that the flowers of these plants bloom with age. Regardless of the light cycle that the plants received, you can expect flowers to automatically appear. Unlike any other cannabis strains, there is no need for you to exert more energy in maintaining and changing light cycle with autoflowering female cannabis. Thus, helping you save a lot of time and effort.

  1. Harvesting is as Easy as ABC

One of the reasons as to why many growers are starting to appreciate autoflowering female cannabis plants is that they are very easy to harvest. Because you can expect a 100% guarantee that autoflowering female cannabis doesn’t produce male plants, you will be able to harvest them a lot easier. There is no need for you to separate male and female strains. And also, you can expect hundreds of seeds from a one single autoflowering female cannabis plant!

  1. Expect 100% Female Seeds and Plants

Marijuana growers have learned to love and hate male cannabis plants. This is because male plants do not produce THC and so they are considered to be worthless. However, it is important to note that male cannabis plants are still very important and useful when it comes to breeding and pollination. But the best thing about autoflowering female cannabis is that you can expect 100% female plants and seeds from them. Of course, you have to make sure first that you buy autoflowering female cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks only.

  1. Great for Pruning and Training Techniques

Yes, there is no need for you to worry about the health of your autoflowering female cannabis plants if you do LST or low-stress training. They respond very well to pruning and training. However, it is still very important though that you be careful when it comes to pruning and training your autoflowering female cannabis plants. It is essential that you do some research first and gain more experience for you to be able to do it right.

  1. Beneficial for Outdoor Growers

Autoflowering female cannabis strains are great for outdoor growing. It is essential though that you have warm and sunny weather for 2 to 3 months. If you have this kind of weather or season, then you are good to go. Make sure that you check the climate, temperature, and humidity in your area before you start planting autoflowering female cannabis plants. Another great thing about planting these cannabis strains outdoor is that you don’t have to worry about running a light deprivation system.

  1. Potent Just the Way You Wanted

Believe it or not, autoflowering female cannabis strains that are as potent as any other varieties of cannabis. Like for example, the Royal Cookies Automatic has an outstanding 18% THC levels. Meanwhile Royal Gorilla Automatic, which is considered as the King Kong of all autoflowering cannabis can blow you away with 20% THC.

  1. Grow Them Indoors

If you are growing autoflowering female cannabis plants indoor, then expect them to rapid grow from seed to harvest. Most marijuana growers who have tried cultivating autoflowering female cannabis have completed the whole cultivation process within 3 months only.

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