10 Useful Tips in Growing Early Miss Strain Indoors

We can’t surely miss smoking our favorite cannabis smooch during the most desperate times. It’s our sweet addiction to get it once a while as we’ve craved for it. There’s nothing more pleasurable than to get at least a sip a few rounds on a day or the next.

But nonetheless, not everything happens instantly. You have to make an effort in order to get that cannabis delight that you want. You’ll have to grow and harvest your cannabis plants.

The Early Miss Strain is one of the most beloved indoor cannabis strains. It’s an ‘ultimate’ strain that a lot of cannabis enthusiasts fantasize to get a taste from.

Well, we’ll make it easier for you. In this page, we’ll discuss and get to know more of this strain. Additionally, we’ll give you 10 tips on how to grow this strain indoors.

Profile Description for Early Miss Strain

The Early Miss Strain is a cross breed between three cannabis varieties. Respectively, the Big Bud, the White Widow, and an unknown cannabis ruderalis. Its uniquely combined with 30% sativa, 60% indica, and 10% ruderalis as inherited from the genetic composition of its parent’s strains.

Originated from Spain, this cannabis variety is extremely popular back then. Its after-sought for its spicy and peppery effects with hints of ammonia which is an amazing strain for use in listening to calm music and watching films.

The THC content of this strain induces from 20% to 21% with a moderate amount of CBD content. This blend makes it suitable for therapeutic or recreational use. It’s perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, appetite loss, and cancer.

This auto-flowering variety does not grow much tall about 38 inches to 78 inches. It’s ideal for indoor or outdoor cultivation respectively. However, its more prominent for indoor use because of its short stature and flexible nature.

This strain flowers approximately 7 weeks from conception. It could be cured for 2 weeks after harvest. Indoor yields during harvest could get from 200 to 250 grams per square meter.

Tips for Growing Early Miss Strain Indoors

With its build and variety, most growers tend to prefer cultivating this strain indoors. That is why it’s important that one should understand things when growing this strain indoors. This includes the following;

#1. Buy only HIGH-QUALITY Seeds

You have limited space in indoor cultivation. Thus, it’s essential that you’ll be growing a feminized seed so that you’ll be able to ensure that it will produce buds. Or else, you’ll re-plant and exert again effort on buying seeds.

Just upon looking on the seeds, you’ll be able to identify if its viable or not. It should be not quite green or too brown indicating immaturity and over maturation. It should be stable and strong with a visible thin wax coating on its outer shell. Gray and white patches are a good indication that it’s a reliable seed for use.

You could also test the viability of the seeds by squeezing it into your thumb and index finger. If its resilient and doesn’t break, then it could be used for planting.

Moreover, its genetic characteristic is quite hard to examine. It’s essential that the seed comes from healthy parents so that it will grow well. Environmental conditions and nutrients play a large proportion on the plant’s growth. However, the genetic property still significantly affects a plant’s growth.

#2. Always Monitor the Temperature

Even though it’s quite versatile, it’s still important that you’ll maintain the plant at optimum temperature. Since they are cultivated outdoors in a hot and humid climate, ideal temperatures about 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit should be attained during the process.

To have control of the temperature, you’ll have to adjust the lighting treatment. Experts suggest that it should be at least 20 to 30 inches from the plant.

It’s beneficial to use ‘red light’ from a grow lamp for this strain. The red spectrum induces photosynthesis for bud production. A recommendation is a High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp for use. Though, any alternatives such as fluorescent lamp could also be applicable.

#3. Use High-Quality Soil Medium

With indoor cultivation, you’ll have no direct access to soil. That is why it’s essential that you’ll be able to prepare the right proportions and amount of nutrient content into the soil.

For basics, a common suggestion is to use a coco coir medium with 15% perlite.  You could also add compost from vermiculture as needed. Consider putting natural fertilizer such as fruit peelings and dried leaves. But nonetheless, you also have an option to add artificial fertilizer.

For best use, you could check the pH content of the soil regularly. It should not be too acidic or basic for use. A pH content ranging from 6.3 to 6.8 is the most ideal soil pH for utilization.

If the pH is fluctuating, then it could be a case of chemical contamination. It’s best to mediate the soil content through directly flushing it.

#4. Watering

Water is a necessity for every living thing on this earth. It’s important that you should be able to regularly the water indoor plants including this Early Miss strain.

Nonetheless, there is no appropriate measure or cycle as to when to water your plants. You’ll have to use your instincts upon watering. If the soil is still damp, then you should not pour water until it goes a bit moist. In contrast, it should not be also dried. It will cause drooping of the leaves later on.

Also, be careful about watering your indoor cannabis plants. Make sure that you’re not just using any ordinary tap water. Excess mineral content could intoxicate the plant and may kill it. Use a mineral filter to assist this problem.

#5. Pests and Mold Infestations

It’s essential that you’ll be able to avoid and prevent these creatures from getting into the plant. It may be small but could be still be infested by these pests.

To avoid molds, its vital to avoid putting excess water into it. As molds thrive through damp environmental conditions, it’s essential to not keep it very damp as much as possible.

As for pests, the only efficient preventive measure is to clean and monitor regularly your plants. It should be kept secure in an enclosed room to prevent insects from crawling over it.

Once these pests are detected, you should be able to address it by doing specific natural mitigation methods to remove it.

#6. Indoor Ventilation

One parameter that should be most be considered during indoor planting is its ventilation. Nonetheless, it should be secured by employing proper equipment on it.

There are ventilation systems that you could install into your rooms to assist indoor cannabis growing. For people who use only very constraint spaces, then you could install exhaust and intake fan with a suitable duct system to maintain proper airflow.

Good air flow will help you prevent mold accumulation and pest infestation. Might as well, it’s an efficient treatment to balance moisture content into your plant.

#7. Detect Nutrient Deficiency

It’s essential that as a grower you’ll be equipped with sufficient knowledge on the nutrient deficiency. You should be able to identify signs and indications of nutrient deficiency.

Likewise, the physical symptoms vary depending on the type of mineral or nutrient that is lacking. In particular instance, nitrogen and iron deficiency share similar yellow leaf characteristics. Consecutively, phosphorus deficiency is noticed upon slow growth and darkening of the leaves.

Whatever it is, you should be able to know the proper nutrient treatment that should be addressed upon considering these symptoms.

#8. Take Note of the Flowering and Harvesting Period

Since autos don’t rely on light to shift from the flowering phase, it’s important that you’ll be knowledgeable on the estimated duration of flowering and harvesting of this strain.

Respectively, the Early Miss strain flowers start flowering at least three to four weeks from planting it. Moreover, the harvest takes about seven weeks from germination.

It’s also essential that you’ll be able to identify the characteristics of a budding female and male plant. There are instances that a feminized seed will turn out to be male.

#9. Transplant and Train your Plants

This is an optional method. However, transplanting is necessary to accommodate more space for plant and root growth. As some start at small containers, one should ensure that they’ll use at least large pots for it. The major indication for transplanting is the vertical growth of the plant or the appearance of stable-looking leaves. This could be at least 5 to 7 days from planting.

Another option is also to train your plants. As there are few methods to do this, one of the major aims of plant training is to maximize its bud yield. As autos have known to produce low yield, employing this method will quite helpful.

#10. Develop a Good Growing Attitude

The most important thing in growing cannabis plants is the growing attitude. You should be well-driven to monitor day by day your plants. Also, you should be able to clean regularly and check on the status of your plants. Research is vital during indoor cultivation. You should be able to understand things before you’ll plant anything.

A Final Word

Early Miss strain is easy to grow. However, it’s still important that you’ll invest on time, effort, and money upon the cultivation of these plants. You’ll reap what you sow as they say. Just be patient and be determined on planting. It would definitely be a success. Good luck to you!

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