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Month: December 2018

Top 10 Premium Marijuana Strains You Can Grow Outdoor

Top 10 Premium Marijuana Strains You Can Grow Outdoor

There are cannabis strains designed to withstand different weather and climate conditions which make them a perfect fit for outdoor cultivation. Some premium marijuana strains evolved to acquire traits that enhanced their durability levels to new heights. Marijuana gardeners that plant these premium crops will also get […]

How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Outside

How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Outside

Some novice marijuana growers might have that look of disappointment upon seeing the fully-bloomed state of their autoflowering plants. The idea of growing autoflowering marijuana strains is to appreciate them for what they can offer. Expecting too much yield can lead to displeasure and regret. If you already know the expected […]

Top 10 Autoflowering Marijuana Strains for Growing Outdoors

Top 10 Autoflowering Marijuana Strains for Growing Outdoors

Auto-flowering marijuana plants are a thing of the future which brings weed farming to a great height with its easy management and cultivation. Another good property that sets other types of marijuana aside is the capability of auto-flowering plants to prosper even in the great outdoors where uncontrollable weather conditions and lighting are experienced. There are cannabis seeds outdoor autoflowering strains that are available in the market, whether at physical stores or online seed banks, for prospective weed farmers out there. 

Even though these types of marijuana can thrive in any given climate condition or lighting availability, there are still a number of strains that will do better in select temperatures and abundance of light. A lot of people venture on planting auto-flowering weeds for outdoor farms since it doesn’t grow too high to catch people’s attention. 

If you’re eyeing on taking on the challenge of raising auto-flowering marijuana plants then you’re in for a treat. We’ve researched the top 10 possible auto-flowering marijuana strains that you can cultivate on your backyard or anywhere outdoors. 

Cannabis Seeds Outdoor Autoflowering Strains 

Here’s a handful of possibilities that you can choose from depending on your preference for a marijuana plant and the condition that your region offers. If you’re after high THC containing marijuana or CBD empowered ones is up to you. There are strains that work better when under heated temperatures while others are good to chill on cold weathers. 

Without further adieu, let’s begin the list of cannabis seeds outdoor autoflowering strains: 

1. Sweet Skunk Automatic 

One of the greatest advantages of auto-flowering marijuana is their capability of reaching the flowering and harvest phase in a snap. Sweet Skunk Automatic is known to produce flowers really fast with just 8 weeks from the very day you planted it. This strain is a cross between Big Devil #2 and Green Poison.  

The amount of yield that this strain can produce hits around 40 to 50 grams per plant depending on the weather condition of the environment. This one over here is considered as a small plant that can stand on small gardens and even in balconies. Once harvested, this strain can provide a really strong flavor both in aroma and taste that will sink to your system in a calm manner. 

2. Royal Kush Automatic 

If you’re a Kush lover but doesn’t like that long, grueling waiting game before the flowers are ready for harvest then this auto-flowering variant of the Royal Kush will send you jumping up and down in an instant. This baby over here will thrive better under a Mediterranean climate similar to those of in Greece or Spain. You can expect a bountiful harvest just after 8 to 9 weeks of planting it. 

This strain is greatly appreciated by outdoor weed farmers for its capability of producing multiple harvests in a year. And since it doesn’t require high maintenance, people prefer this one above other Kush strains of regular typing. Generally speaking, it is one of a very few strains that can offer a high amount of yield with just a short duration of cultivating time.  

3. White Widow Automatic 

The legendary White Widow strain comes its way in an auto-flowering variant that will surely entice those people who love to get stoned real hard. Breeders of this strain crossed White Widow with the mother of all auto-flowering plants, the ruderalis, just to come up with this superior type. 

This strain produces a lovely and sweet flavor with a bit of earthy goodness. The plant itself can reach a maximum height of just 1.2 meters and can produce a whopping yield of 500 grams per plant in just 8 to 9 weeks.  

4. Royal Jack Automatic 

Heated weather conditions are no match with this strains power to withstand and enjoy the glorious rays of the sun. Allowing it to bask itself on the heat of the European summer will make this strain more efficient to produce a higher yield. This strain is good to go at about 9 to 10 weeks after germination in which you can expect a good harvest of almost twice per year. 

The Royal Jack Automatic is a perfect outdoor auto-flowering marijuana strain for first-timers who would love to have a stealthy growth on their balconies or terraces. 

5. Gorilla Glue Autoflowering 

Here’s another well-known strain that gets itself involved in the world of auto-flowering class. By genetically combining the classic Gorilla Glue with the ruderalis genes, they came up with this powerful and hard-hitting strain. For those who are still having doubts about the strength of auto-flowering plants then its time to come and meet this heavy banging strain. 

With a THC level of about 24%, this strain can deliver you the fruitful bounty in just 8 to 9 weeks after germination. Don’t be fooled by the small size that it projects because it is considered as a high performing marijuana plant. The effect that it produces is a couch-look that grapples your body as it moves towards your head. 

6. Royal Haze Automatic 

The cultivation of the Haze strains is quite loathed by a lot of breeders since it requires so much attention, heating, and lighting that a lot of people avoid planting this strain. Other than that, the common Haze strains take a lot of weeks before the flowers to bloom and produce a so-so amount of yield. Beginner growers who tried cultivating it are not lucky enough to make the most out of its produce. 

This is why breeders made an auto-flowering variant of the Haze through the Royal Haze Automatic that serves weed farmers with short seed to harvest duration with high yielding properties. With just about 10 to 12 weeks under a warmer climate will allow its farmers to enjoy a bounty sooner than expected of the typical Haze strain. 

7. Amnesia Haze Automatic 

Here’s another one from the Haze strains that was engineered to provide a good yield in a shorter duration of time. What makes the Amnesia Haze Automatic really special compared to other marijuana strains is its ability to continuously bloom even when it reaches a full growth as a plant. It can give out the most awaited buds in just 80 days.  

It is suitable for those outdoor marijuana farmers that want a good yield without waiting too long. It is also great for people who have a wide space available for such marijuana strain.  

8. Diesel Automatic 

This new breed of marijuana strain is a hybrid strain that comes from crossing the NYC Diesel with the Lowryder #2. The Diesel Automatic inherited the great points of both of its parent strains with a lot of enhancing for those impatient growers.  

Don’t mess with its small size because even though it can grow for only a meter high, it can produce a good amount of yield of 100 grams per plant. This strain is a good evidence that can debunk the notion that non-photoperiod plants can produce good and high-quality yield. Summer heat is definitely its best-loved climate and will definitely prosper in that environment. 

If you’re a beginner grower that has a good amount of space available in your backyard then this strain is definitely worth trying. 

9.Kalashnikova Autoflowering 

For those who love to get hit hard by a powerful strain then this one is definitely a great prize to have on your outdoor farm. It can rapidly grow and produce flowers in a matter of 9 weeks. The Kalashnikova Autoflowering is known to be a cross between the Kalashnikova strain and the Green-o-Matic strain. 

It can grow to a maximum height of 1 meter and produce up to 80 grams per plant when cultivated outdoors under a well-heated spot.  This strain packs a complicated combination of flavors of peppery, spiciness, and fruity aroma when smoked. It also provides a sedative effect on its users that leaves a completely stoned look. 

10. Cream Caramel Autoflowering 

By crossing the Cream Caramel strain with the auto-flowering gene of ruderalis, this sweet tasting strain was born to give prospective weed farmers a great treat on their backyards. It is a really small plant with heights ranging from 50 to 90 cm tall that can flower in just 8 weeks and provide a yield of 100 grams per plant. It also has a high THC level of 18% that makes it a good addition for those who are searching for powerful strains that doesn’t require too much attention and length of the waiting period. 


Getting the Most of Outdoor Auto-flowering Marijuana 

With the dawn of auto-flowering strains, planting marijuana has become easier and more manageable compared to the usual complicated and stressful growth which regular seeds provide. Buying cannabis seeds outdoor autoflowering strains will definitely be a great start in achieving that most wanted produce without the hassle. Moreover, it is a good way of training oneself for more complicated marijuana cultivation that still doesn’t come with the auto-flowering capability in the future. 

How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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