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Month: July 2019

The Cannabis Debate About Sativa and Indica

The Cannabis Debate About Sativa and Indica

Which one is better, cannabis sativa or cannabis indica? Before you purchase sativa seeds for sale Canada or buy indica seeds at a local seed bank, learn about why indica seeds are better or why sativa plants will bring you more yields with this comparison […]

List of Pests that Can Destroy Your Indoor Cannabis Plants

List of Pests that Can Destroy Your Indoor Cannabis Plants

Like any other plants, cannabis plants are prone to pests infestation. When cannabis plants are healthy, they have a better way of defense mechanism from different pests and plant diseases. Fighting pests infestations is one of the most challenging situations for growers and cultivators because […]

DIY: Buid Your Own Indoor Cannabis Grow Room

DIY: Buid Your Own Indoor Cannabis Grow Room

Building your own grow room entails big investment not only in terms of monetary value but it needs great patience and time. There is a different location in your grow room that you can grow cannabis, it can be in the cupboard, cabinet, tent or by utilizing the whole room. Growing cannabis for your own use is much more practical than purchasing from different dispensaries because you can not run out of stock and you would know that it is safe for consumption.

What To Consider in Building Your Grow Room

  1. Choice of cannabis strain

Aside from preparing your grow area, it is important to know what kind of cannabis strain to grow. There are different kinds of cannabis plant depending on your way of usage and the desired effects on your body. It is also important to know its growing difficulty especially if you are a first-timer, you should always go for strains that are easy to maintain since you are still learning your own growing technique.

  1. Choose the appropriate grow lights

The help of light is important in determining whether you will have a quality and high quantity yields. Your aim is to find an affordable yet on top of the market list when it comes to lighting set-up. There are different types of lighting bulbs to choose from, these are the LED, HPS, and fluorescent bulbs. Each growth stage of the cannabis plant has specific lighting hours or cycle that it needs to mature accordingly that is why it is important to have a knowledge about it so that your grow lights will really be a benefit to your grow. 

  1. Grow area

In choosing for a growing area, it is advisable that as much as possible, choose a room that has direct access to sunlight and fresh air. If it’s impossible to have a room that has access to natural sunlight and air, it is advisable to have it painted white to have an easy light penetration. There are three places where you can grow indoors, it is either in a grow tent, grow room or greenhouse. Each grows place depends on the number of your cannabis plants.

  1. Adequate airflow for temperature and humidity

It is important that temperature and humidity level is controlled, you can achieve this if there is adequate air flow in the grow area through the use of fans or exhaust fans so that the warm air is replaced by fresh air. A well ventilated grow area would not invite different pests infestations. A comfortable temperature for a cannabis plant to grow is between 65-95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Too much humidity level may affect the physical appearance of the cannabis plant while too low humidity level may affect its growth to maintain a humidity level to 65-70 %. The grow lights will add up to the temperature level so it is important to always check if there is an adequate supply of air to maintain the temperature and the humidity level.

  1. Choose a growing medium

The cannabis plant is a versatile plant because it can be grown two ways in an indoor set-up it can either be through soil or hydroponics.  As long as you have adequate knowledge about how to properly grow the cannabis plant through these growing medium then your cannabis plant will still grow healthily. Each growing medium has a different way of maintaining so make your research to match your preference.

  1. Feeding your cannabis plant

Each growing phase has a corresponding amount of nutrients that it needed to grow.  The plants need high levels of Nitrogen and Potassium during the vegetative growth phase while the plants need a balanced level of Nitrogen and Potassium during the flowering stage. If you would use soil as your growing medium, it is important to check its pH level because the cannabis plant will be able to absorb the nutrients if the pH is at the right level which is 6.0-6.8. For hydroponics, the water’s pH level is the one that should be monitored and should be between 5.5-6.5 pH level.

Factors in Building Your Own Grow area.

  1. Budget. Planning to have a small grow room is less expensive. If you are a first-time cannabis grower, it is best to start small because it would be easy to monitor and it is less costly if you would make a mistake. However, if you are planning to make t as a business, you may need to have a higher budget because you may also need to invest in lighting and ventilation system that can support the quantity of your cannabis plant.
  2. Convenience. The crucial part of growing a cannabis plant the way of how you take care of it. It is important to monitor it almost every day so choose a grow room that is accessible if you are doing your rounds to check. You should have enough space to inspect the cannabis plant.
  3. Temperature and Humidity. It is important to ensure that your grow space is well ventilated, if not invest in some ventilation system or choose an area that is accessible from the outdoors. The temperature and the humidity level goes hand in hand so always make sure to maintain the optimum level that is comfortable for the plant to grow.
  4. Stealth. In growing cannabis plant it is not only important to provide all the necessary things to make it grow but it is also important to protect it from potential thieves. Make sure to secure a location that won’t catch any attention. 

Preparing Your Grow Room For Cannabis Cultivation

Step 1: Find Your Grow Space

There are different factors to consider in finding your grow space, you need to know how many cannabis plants are you going to plant and what kind of growing medium are you going to use. If you have a well thought of plan you may save time and money.

Step 2: Clean designated grow room space 

You need to clean the whole area, you may need to spray some insecticides so that you can kill all the pests so that it can no longer feed on your cannabis plant. You also need to promote proper hygiene in your whole grow area.

Step 3: Build the grow room

If there are windows, you may cover and secure it to avoid light leakage and so that you can have a stealthy grow. It is also advisable to cover the whole area with plastic or paint it white for light reflection. You also need to check that there is no electrical cords or wirings on the floor, you may secure them on the walls to avoid ground circuit. Do not place a mirror in your grow room because it absorbs light rays adding temperature to the grow room.

Step 4: Grow room flooring

You may need to remove your carpet to save it from possible water spill and that it holds different dust, mildew and some pests that is why it needs to be removed. If you have a wooden floor, you may need to place a waterproof pads or spill proof pads to avoid damaging the flooring. It is preferred that your flooring is equipt with drainage so that the water is disposed of easily.

Step 5: Setting up lighting and ventilation equipment

You may need to mount hooks into the ceiling or walls but before placing the hooks make sure that it corresponds to the size of the equipment. You may invest in some gardening tools such as hygrometer and thermometer to accurately measure the temperature and humidity level.

Final Thoughts

Biding your own grow area and growing your own cannabis plant will not only help you save money but it would also make you creative. The satisfaction that you will get if you would exert effort will surely be worth it if you will have patience and determination.

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