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5 Best Organic Soil For Indoor Cannabis Plants

5 Best Organic Soil For Indoor Cannabis Plants

Due to how there have been a lot of users growing their own marijuana plants back at home, it is imperative to know how to properly cultivate them and what tools you need to use. In that regard, you only need the best organic soil for indoor cannabis if you are planning for an indoor operation. This is because, as you know, there is no soil indoors and you will most probably need to buy organic types of soil for your pots.

Jeff Lowenfels, a Harvard graduate and an expert in marijuana cultivation, once said that all cannabis seeds do well in organic soil. That said, you should always want to use organic soil when cultivating your marijuana plants. If you are in the market for some of the best types of soils you can use for cannabis cultivation, here are the top five best ones you can find:

  1. Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil

This brand of soil has been selling organic soil for over three decades already. They are popular for providing the cannabis community with cannabis soil that is commonly used for indoor growing and cultivation of marijuana plants.

Ocean Forest Soil is a type of soil that has some of the highest levels of nutrients you can find. This means that it contains all of the essential things and nutrients that make any kind of cannabis plant happy (such as guano, fish and crab meal, earthworm castings, etc.). The problem, however, is that seedlings might get too many nutrients at first but they will soon be able to adjust well to the soil as time passes by.

  1. Kind Super Soil

This soil is popularly called in the cannabis community as the “super soil” not because it does better than any other soil but because it also contains slow-releasing nutrients that need a few months to be usable.

After a few months, the soil will be full of microorganisms around where your plants’ roots should be. The other nutrients in the soil will also slowly break down to mimic what normally happens naturally.

Back to the microorganisms, they have a give-and-take relationship with your plants in the sense that they supply the cannabis with enough nutrients while the roots secret sugars that the microorganisms eat.

When using this type of soil, you may want to be careful about using too much water because it might wash away some of the essential nutrients that are in the soil. Use just a good amount of water that is enough to keep the soil moist as your main focus is to preserve the nutrients in them.

  1. Fox Farm Coco Loco

Another one of Fox Farm’s best organic soils, this type of cannabis soil is best used when you are directly planting the seed in the soil instead of letting them germinate first. The reason for this is that some soils tend to be too “hot”, which means that they have a lot of nutrients. At first, seeds won’t be able to absorb all of the nutrients and might not grow as well as you would want them to because they would get burnt out.

Instead, Coco Loco has just a good amount of nutrients that seeds can take. It also retains water pretty well to make sure the soil stays moist enough to keep the plant happy as it grows. In some cases, you may want to mix this with other soils such as Happy Frog.

  1. Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil

One of the best soils that Fox Farm has released to the market, Happy Frog Soil gives justice to its name as it is the type that tends to keep your cannabis plants really happy as they grow. It ranks as one of the best soils on the market precisely because of that reason.

Happy Frog Soil has microbes, fungi, earthworm castings, forest humus, and a lot of other essential nutrients that keep your cannabis plants well-fed and happy. The soil also adjusts on its own to the pH level that your plants need to be able to absorb all of the nutrients as they grow and thrive well in the pot.

  1. Organic Potting Mix

This type of soil does not have the chemicals and the other amendments that other soils have. It is as organic as it gets and has no slow-releasing nutrients that some cannabis plants tend to love. Nevertheless, it still works well especially if you are a grower that wants to keep things as organic as possible.

Because this soil does not have the same amount of nutrients as some of the other ones on this list, you may want to regularly supply it after the first few weeks to make sure your plant stays happy and well-fed as it grows. Make sure to use nutrients that are friendly to cannabis plants as you might feed them with things they probably won’t be needing.

If you do not have enough money left in your budget to purchase the best organic soil for indoor cannabis plants, you can use any other soil so long as it passes the standard of what is a “good cannabis soil”. Good cannabis soils have the following characteristics:

  • Looks dark
  • The texture seems loose
  • Does not retain a lot of water and drains them pretty well
  • Can hold water without getting too runny or muddy

Other than that, you can use other soils that have the following ingredients:

  • Sandy Loam
  • Forest humus
  • Earthworm castings
  • Bat Guano
  • Fish, crab, blood, or bone meal
  • Kelp
  • Greensand
  • Azomite
  • Pumice
  • Dolomite lime
  • Leonardite
  • Perlite

As long as you are using a type of soil that has those types of ingredients, you can never go wrong when growing your cannabis plants in your indoor operation. However, take note that not all good soil mixes have all of those ingredients because some of them might not work together with others. You just have to know the correct mix of ingredients while also knowing how to tell what is good organic cannabis soil.

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