5 Tips for Growing AK47 Autoflower Seeds

AK 47 autoflower has an effect that’s completely far from its name. It is a mellow strain despite its strong sativa lineage. AK-47 effects are gentle and therefore perfect for relaxing while on a day off. It was made using a number of fantastic strains and because of its impressive features and characteristics; it has won a number of awards.

Before you can even grow an AK-47 strain, consider getting to know this strain’s tough lineage. AK-47 is a mixture of landrace strains including Thai, South American, Mexican, and an Afghani indica.

AK-47 was created in the Netherlands during the early 90s and since its conception; it has earned a number of awards. It is the recipient of the second place for the best sativa strain during the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1999. It was also the first prize strain at the Highlife event in Spain. And at the cannabis expo in Toronto, it has won the first prize.

AK-47 may be the most awarded sativa strain yet and by combining the regular AK-47 with a ruderalis strain, you’ll get a mellow, automatic strain with faster flowering times.

Important growing tips for AK – 47 growers

Eager to grow this automatic strain? The following five growing tips will help you


  • Watch out for molds


This lovely sativa will give you an impressive yield but in order to do so, you must keep it free from molds. AK-47’s downside is that it’s not resilient to molds. If you are not careful and overlook humidity levels inside your growing area then you might find yourself dealing with a terrible mold infestation.

The best way to deal with molds is prevention. Usually, molds attack unknowingly. The time you’ll learn that your plants are infested with molds may already be too late. So to prevent molds:

  • Remove moisture or the source of moisture to put an end to mold growth.
  • Make sure that your growing area is mold and mildew-free before growing your plants.
  • Invest in a digital hygrometer with temperature readings to get accurate results.
  • Water only when the soil is dry and not when it is wet or moist.
  • After watering your AK-47 plants, open the growing area door and let fresh air come in. This will prevent the increase in humidity inside the growing area
  • Add fans to quickly improve humidity inside your room
  • Use a dehumidifier to efficiently correct humidity.
  • Improve humidity by growing only a few plants.
  • Prune your AK-47 to allow air to move through the inner structures of the plant.

You will be able to deal with humidity problems in your growing area when you follow these simple tips and prevention technique.



  • Take care of the strong smell


Another important thing to consider when growing AK-47 is a very strong and pungent smell. This very potent odor usually develops when the plants are kept indoors and when the buds are in full bloom.

You must take care of this smell as soon as possible because it can annoy neighbors and disturb the peace. It would be difficult to keep your growing area a secret if you have this cannabis strain that’s too smelly to grow. So how do you deal with AK 47 autoflower smell?

  • Plan your growing area really well including ventilation systems and fans. Having an efficiently designed growing area can help you prevent the accumulation of strong odors.
  • Use fans to remove the smell. Install an intake and uptake fan, two fans that can remove air and can add fresh air in.
  • Use carbon filters to remove very smelly odors. Carbon filters are available in most hardware shops.
  • Grow fragrant plants nearby if you are growing your AK-47s outdoors.
  • Use a tall fence if you are growing cannabis outdoors.
  • Open windows and doors to remove the stench.
  • Get rid of the smell using strong perfumes and cologne
  • Use charcoal inside the growing area if you are using a growing cabinet or a growing tent.


  • Provide the best cannabis food


Your AK-47 autoflower is a mellow strain that needs the best food depending on your plant’s growth stage. If you can provide organic plant food then this would be perfect but if not, use a commercially-prepared mix with all the important nutrients for your plants.

Feeding your plants homemade fertilizer mixes is indeed one way to save money but the downside is you are unsure about the number of nutrients in the mix. You can easily make a costly mistake if you are not careful. So remember the following when feeding your AK-47 auto plants:

  • Fertilizer mixes for autoflowering cannabis are similar to regular types.
  • You will notice the NPK on the label and this means Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium.
  • Plants in the vegetative stage need plant food with nitrogen to encourage good leaf, stem and branches growth. Potassium and phosphorous are also needed but in minute amounts.
  • Plants in the flowering stage need food with higher phosphorous and potassium to improve bud health and increase yields. Nitrogen is not needed because plants have ceased to grow.
  • New to a fertilizer brand or mix? Use half the dose of what’s recommended. Slowly work your way up to a regular dose if your plants are okay with the first dose.
  • Avoid using fertilizer or supplements during the seedling phase because your plants don’t need this.
  • Stop feeding fertilizer at least a week before harvest time.
  • Start with good soil. Use commercially-prepared autoflowering soil mixes or use sandy-clayey soil which is the best soil for growing cannabis.
  • No matter what growing medium you are in (soil, hydro or aero) always take time to check the soil, water, and root pH.
  • Monitor for root lock. Nutrients in fertilizer mixes may not be absorbed by the roots because of this.
  • Worried about the nutrient lock? Stop feeding fertilizer and food and flush your soil with clean, neutral pH water for a few days before resuming your feeding.
  • Most fertilizer feedings are mixed with water and fed to plants. Find out about how long you must use the fertilizer mix you made to avoid wasting good fertilizer.


  • Train your plants early


Training cannabis plants to grow more yields has been done by almost all successful growers. Almost all autoflowers and regulars respond well to simple training and may even be resilient to work with high stress training techniques as well. Here are some important tips about plant training:

  • Use the screen of green method to improve light coverage and increase yields.
  • Top your plants to get two colas or fim your plants to get four.
  • Train only plants that are healthy and are able to grow new leaves and stems at least daily.
  • Training is perfect for improving yields BUT may stress cannabis plants which can postpone flowering.
  • Watch training videos and read step by step techniques on how to train your AK-47 plants.


  • Indoor or outdoor


Where do you want to grow your AK-47 auto plants? There are a number of advantages of growing indoors and outdoors but it usually depends on the conditions of your growing area.

Indoor advantages

  • You’ll be able to monitor your plants closely for pests, molds and any nutritional worries.
  • You’ll be able to create the ideal growing environment for your plants.
  • You’ll be able to grow your plants stealthily.
  • Outdoor Advantages

  • You’ll get free growing resources like light, water, soil, nutrients, and air.
  • You’ll save money in the long run
  • You’ll have a lot of space to grow taller plants.

Whether you are growing your plants indoors or out, remember that regulations for growing cannabis matters. If you live in an apartment unit or condominium unit, get to know any rules about growing cannabis in your lease of contract.

Settle with growing other strains if you cannot control the smell. This is going to be an issue so it’s best to grow a fragrant cannabis strain instead.

When growing outdoors, construct a tall fence and keep your plants under lock and key. This will prevent any prying eyes from checking out your growing activity.

Important AK-47 strain growing information

AK 47 strain has a sour, earthy and sweet smell and has earthy, sweet, sweet floral and pungent flavors.

This strain is recommended as a medical strain and is perfect for conditions such as stress, pain, depression, insomnia, and poor appetite.

It can take 7 to 9 weeks for your plants to flower indoors and in the outdoors by the end of October.

This autoflowering strain is moderately tall considering its sativa-dominant strain blended with a ruderalis strain.

AK-47 has below average to high THC content and about 1% CBD content. If you grow this plant indoors, you’ll get 14 ounces per square meter indoors and 14 ounces per plant outdoors.

This is an easy growing strain that prefers a dry and sunny climate. If you do not live in an area with this climate, you can have better luck when you grow this indoors.

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