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All You Need to Know About Lemon Skunk

All You Need to Know About Lemon Skunk

This award-winning strain is a Sativa hybrid that is tall and the good yielding plant started in Amsterdam. If you would dissect the meaning of its name “lemon” and “skunk”, it would connote negatively but in reality, this strain is an excellent hybrid with a well-balanced characteristic of Sativa and Indica.





This high yielding strain can thrive at a cooler temperature and is high resistance to plant diseases indicating its hardiness. It can grow up to 80 inches tall making it a perfect strain to grow outdoors. This strain is an all-time favorite strain because of its potency, characteristics, flavor and its long term effects to both mind and the body.





As implied by its name, its genetics came from scents and flavor that is rich in lemony characteristics. The Father of this strain originated from Holland and its mother’s origin is from Vegas. With the DNA of Lemon Skunk, breeders have already created a lot of strains that have great potential in the cannabis world



Appearance, Effects, and Potency


An indication of its potency is its high THC level of 22% with an Indica/Sativa ratio of 60:40. The scents and flavors of this strain will give you a reminiscent sweet, fruity, lemony and citrusy vibe. Its buds and leaves have shades of light green that compliment its bright orange pistils. It has a plant structure that gives a medium yield.


The high of this strain is described to have an uplifting but lazy experience. Its CBD content of 1% together with its high level of THC is an effective treatment for chronic pain, depression, nausea and other illnesses that may trigger stress and anxiety. This is a relaxing strain that gives your mind and body at ease all the time. You need to be mindful in your first toke because it could give you a punch that will lead to couch-lock.





At around 55 to 65 days this strain will finish that you could give you at least 600 grams per square meter that are delicious and has a  powerful profile. It has a flowering period between 8-9 weeks with medium growing difficulty.



Tips in Growing This Strain


  • According to cannabis cultivators, it is easy to use cannabis seeds or cuttings if you want to grow this strain.
  • When grown indoors, since this strain prefers to be cultivated in a cooler environment it is best to invest in cooler system or ventilator to maintain the air cool, clean and crisp.
  • Since this strain grows tall, it needs a lot of vertical space so if you prefer indoor growing it is advisable to use a grow tent instead.
  • As the strain enters the flowering stage, bring it outside so that the plant receives natural sunlight because it will let your plant grow rapidly as it enters the vegetative stage.
  • Avoid watering you plant more often because it will not encourage an environment that is well-oxygenated. Make sure that your plant is well-hydrated but not too overly watered.



How To Grow Lemon Skunk


  1. Growing Medium


When grown indoors, it is advisable to use a nutrient-water solution where the cannabis plant receives sufficient oxygen that promotes rapid growth. Since the plant matures quickly, this requires much attention because plants are more prone to nutrient deficiencies. When grown outdoors, since this is a strain that has its natural hardiness, it is still important to observe its growth to avoid different pest and animal invaders.



This is the most common growing medium used to grow this strain. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, you need to ensure that it has the right ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus level, and it has good water retention properties. These can all be achieved if the soil has the right pH level.


  1. Growing Technique


This strain tends to grow tall, that is why as it grows you need to have a support system or else it will fall. The growing technique that is suitable for this strain is to use a heavy and durable tomato cage where you can transplant the cannabis plant to avoid damage to the growing root system. This strain is also a versatile strain the can respond well to other growing techniques such as SCROG/SOG (Screen of Green/Sea of Green) grow methods.


  1. Nutrients


This strain is not picky when it comes to the different formulas given to each growing phase. As long as you are feeding it with the right ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium with proper watering skills then you will have a headache monitoring this strain.



Final Thoughts


This strain is priced for its resilient genetics, high-quality smoke, and high yields. Lemon Skunk will not only satisfy you because of its fruity flavors but its effects will surely reward you. To fully benefit from this strain, proper guidance during each growth phase is vital.

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