Autoflowers are a type of marijuana that can only survive in the trade market in the last few years. Today, they are getting the market quickly with their easy growth and great results. With these tips for Autoflower Growing Guide indoor, you can make the most on your autoflower journey. 

Autoflower Growing Guide In Indoors

The auto-flowering marijuana strains are amazing unlike the standard marijuana plants, it is growing, not on the light cycle that decides when the autoflower will enter the flowering stage. This makes growing autoflower strains straight ahead, the growers can just leave their auto-flowering plants under the fixed light timetable from being seeds to harvest. The autoflowers are also a quick flowering and don’t grow big as the photoperiod plants. Your buds will be ready to harvest in a short time of 60 to 65 days from plant your seeds. Since a lot of autoflowers don’t get a taller height than 50 to 79 cm, it is ideal for growing indoors, where the space is usually limited. 

With all the benefits of autoflowers growing indoors, it is not really surprising that they are extremely well-known, not just amid those new to marijuana growing. Here are some autoflower growing guide on how to grow autoflowers indoors.

What Is Autoflowering Cannabis?

The idea of auto-flowering strains is just simple: in time, it will automatically begin flower as against waiting for a specific timed light cycle. In other words, the auto-flowering cannabis plants will start to flower on their own after a very short vegetative stage of just 2 to 4 weeks.

This unique method is made when the growers fold in genetics from marijuana ruderalis, a subspecies of the marijuana plant that is well-known for its auto-flowering impute and tiny height. 

Autoflower Growing Guide in Cannabis Strains

Autoflowering cannabis strains need some planning, as they can grow fast and begin to flower in case you’re ready or not you’re ready for it. However, you need to follow these guidelines and you should find success in your auto-flowering space.

1. Training Your Plants

If you want to train your plants while they are in the vegetative stage. For the autoflowering marijuana plants, this stage could be short as just 2 weeks that only mean that the time is only limited.

To begin, examine the topping of your marijuana plants after it developed 3 nodes to produce more canopy. Another low-stress-training process includes training your auto-flowering plant by just pulling it down sideways to make new upward growth. Once your auto-flowering plant starts to flower, you ought to top them. Prune your marijuana plants traditionally for not more than a week into the flowering stage. 

2. Climate Considerations

If you’re growing autoflowering cannabis plants, you’re permitting plants to flower when they ought to in the vegetative stage. Due to its being independent and doesn’t need a light cycle, a lot of people begin autoflowering plants in an early-season which is March or in the late season. In this time of the yeat, it is important to know that the plants need warmth to grow, and there are also might rain that will put the buds at risk to decay. To fight these problems, consider growing the plants in a greenhouse to have them protected from the elements. 

3. Go Easy on Feeding

The autoflowering cannabis strain doesn’t need to be heavily fed because of their tiny size and less amount of time they are spending in their vegetative stage. Just feed the plants very lightly and accept the fact that they don’t require as many vegetative growing nutrients. Also, remember that these vegetative nutrients are great to put at use if they are already available for the plants to utilize faster. 

4. Harvest Moderately

Autoflowering plants usually don’t have time to grow a canopy, that only means you’ll be having buds that are bottom down on the plant. Due to this, it’s a perfect idea to harvest your crops sequentially. To begin, take the colas, then give more time for the lower buds to thicken before they are going to harvest.  

5. Prepare Your Next Crops

To have the most out of your auto-flowering seeds, it’s a great idea to plan your next batch of marijuana plants as you’re harvesting. That means cracking seeds before the harvest of your current marijuana plants so that your space can continue to produce crops. If you are growing autoflowering plants, you can start growing other plants in the same room together with those that are ready to harvest without worrying about the lights. 

How Long Does Autoflower Stains take from being Seeds to Harvest Time?

Autoflowering strains usually move from seeds to harvest between 8 to 10 weeks. However, some type of strain can take up to 12 weeks to be fully mature. An Autoflowering strain such as Black Domina X Scott’s OG and Bubble Kush Automatic fall towards the quick end of the range, whereas type like the Auto CBD Haze Feminized Marijuana takes a few more week to make their buds be ready for harvest.

A lot of growers choose to grow autoflowers because of their quick growth rate. Their stable genetics and forgiving characteristics also make them easy to grow, therefore they are more recommended for the new marijuana growers and cultivators. 

They are very impressive resistance to pests and pathogens allow them to resist the challenges of the outdoor growing environment. 

However, their yields are not as eye-catching as those acquired from the photoperiod giants, but, the barter for shortness makes the decision worthy for most of the growers.

Light Schedule for Autoflowering Marijuana Strains

As the name suggested, the autoflowering cannabis strains don’t need a change in the light cycle schedule to start the flowering stage. A lot of growers decide to keep their autoflowers strain on a light schedule of about 18 hrs on and 6 hrs off during the whole growing cycle. Other growers select to keep their lights on around the clock on hoping of maximizing the photosynthesis and growth rate, although, this can get quite pricey.


Autoflowering marijuana strains have a lot going for them and make a good addition to any grower’s collection. However;  they don’t permit huge yields and advanced techniques, there is a  lot you can do to get the best out of your autoflowers strains when growing indoors environment.

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