Autoflower grows indoors strains are great, unlike the normal plants that are old and don’t use the light cycle that decides when the autoflower changes to the flowering stage. This makes the autoflower growing simple, as growers can just let their plants grow on their own with just a stable light schedule from seeds to harvest time. 

Growing autoflowers indoors comes with a lot of benefits, although it is not surprising that autoflowers are extremely popular, not only to the new marijuana growing. These are some tips you need to have the best autoflower growing indoors, so you can have great harvest buds.

Feeding Your Autoflower Grows Indoors

The new generation of autoflowering cannabis plants is more popular than their ancestors and yields more. As a response, they require more nutrients than the counterparts of the first-generation. Then again, an auto-flowering plant still needs lesser nutrients on average than plants in the photoperiod. As they start to grow, make sure you water them for the first two weeks.

Nutrients don’t need to be applied during this time. You should start adding nutrients by week three and increasing the feeding rate every week. Note, you need less nitrogen because the vegetative stage is short. Light nutrition is acceptable unless you find a deficit in nutrients. When the plant reaches the flowering phase, you may need to alter the nutrients.

Benefits of Autoflowering Grows Indoor

The varieties of cannabis are perfect for autoflowering. Except for traditional plants, it is also the age that defines when autoflowers shift to growing, not the light cycle. This allows cultivating autoflowers easily because cultivators could always leave their plants from seed to harvesting under a set light schedule. Often, autoflowers grow much faster and don’t get as large as strains from the photoperiod. Within a short time from starting your seeds, your buds should be ready for you ~60–65 days from. Although most autoflowers didn’t produce greater than 50–70 cm, they are perfect for indoor growth, where the area has often been limited.

With all the advantages of autoflower grows indoors, it’s really no shock they ‘re incredibly common, not just in those growing new to marijuana. Here are a few helpful details about how to properly grow indoor autoflowers, so that you can look forward to fantastic crop yields!


Let ‘s start with your personal preferences, which kind of effect you want from your cannabis, for example. You can’t really go wrong with THC giants such as the super dank and powerful  Tropicana Cookies Purple or Gorilla Glue #4. 

Even so, whether you happen to be a medicinal marijuana consumer, or prefer to not get high for any other cause, a high-CBD, low-THC strain such as the excellent CB Dream Feminized may be a good option.

The other factor to acknowledge when choosing a strain would be its growing features. Several strains could be easier to control than others, or that they are known to develop and flourish extremely quickly. You may want to take a look at our Easy Bud or Quick One if you’re still new to learning, or just want to develop great buds in a very short period of time.


Given the short lifetime of autoflowering marijuana, it is less accommodating when it refers to major stressors and mistakes. Although this could be good for traditional marijuana, which can be held in veg for longer to heal, autoflowers may not have the great privilege — they will bloom anyway. Even so, beginning products right ready set-go in their initial pot is best for preventing transfer shock. 

That being said, for your autoflowers you shouldn’t even need really large pots because they typically don’t get really big. 

Nonetheless, you can pick a pot big enough to prevent the plant from getting soil-bound but instead have plenty of room to grow.


Within the world, autoflowers do not have to grow all of the time. Your crop would need to invest a decent deal of time developing a healthy taproot right after the growth. If you instantly prescribe a root stimulant after you put your seed in the pot, this will help your plant in this critical cycle.


Of photoperiod varieties, autoflowering marijuana requires airy and light soil which includes lower nutritional status than soil. Since most ready-made generic potting blends may include much more nitrogen or another nutrient, really choose your autoflowers only a lightly pollinated potting mix. Your autoflower grows indoors and does want not-too-compact soil because this would also prevent the roots from getting a sufficient quantity of space. 


For autoflowers, you don’t have to think about light cycles as you would for crops in the photoperiod. If you grow autoflowers, you can just let your lights grow on an 18/6 cycle for the whole, and even grow them in less than 24 hrs of light. What timeline is “better” is available for discussion. Many farmers use the 18/6 method since this results in using less energy than a constant 24hrs schedule.

As with the right kind of light, HPS light is now replacing LEDs everywhere in that space and shelters. They can be more costly overall, but they use much less power than HPS and over time you’ll save enormously on energy costs. When you are using a Leds to develop light, you might want to see if it is fitted with Ultraviolet rays as well. Some cultivators say UV light enhances flavor and effectiveness.


The Sea of Green process really is just a catchall term for developing large numbers of smaller ones in your growing room for greater yields. Autoflowers are suitable for growing in a SOG since by definition they are already smaller.

You should simply put your seed directly through tiny containers to fill a lot of plants as possible in every square meter of room to conduct a SOG with autoflowers. However many crops you need to be used for the SOG, and also the correct length of their container will depend on the amount of space. That can differ from strain to strain as well. Find the perfect pot type and shape of plants that achieve the best yields in your grow space indoors free to play with.


Autoflowering strains get a lot to do for themselves and make a perfect contribution to the arsenal of any grower. Though they don’t really enable advanced methods or giant yields, when autoflower grows indoors, there’s now a ton you could do to get most out of your autoflowers.

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