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10 Benefits of Buying Marijuana Seeds Online 

10 Benefits of Buying Marijuana Seeds Online 

Buying marijuana from an online store is much better than purchasing them from a physical dispensary. Online dispensaries offer several benefits apart from the convenience of doing your shopping at home or any place with a net connection.  

What can you get from buying marijuana seeds online instead of a local dispensary? Let us give you the 10 benefits of shopping for your seeds through online dispensaries.  

Competitive prices 

Brick-and-mortar dispensaries have to tackle with overhead that comes with running a physical store. These include the salaries of their employees, monthly rent, storefront fixtures, and electric bills. The overall expenses keep the owner of a dispensary to be flexible on the prices of their seeds.  

Online retailers do not have to worry about the same overhead as brick-and-mortar dispensaries have. Their marijuana seeds and other products are sitting safely in a central warehouse until someone orders them. Without the cost of maintaining and paying the monthly rent for a storefront, online dispensaries can provide better prices for their seed.  

Promotions and deals 

Because online dispensaries can afford to be flexible on their prices, they often provide various promotions and deals. One of the common promos includes a free seed if you order a certain number of seeds. Another promo includes a free item that has a shop’s branding on the surface such as mugs.  

The deals that you are likely to enjoy are discounts for seeds of your favorite strain. These type of deals are usually for bulk orders of a seed and is only available for a limited time. The promotion that nearly any breeder will enjoy is free delivery if their orders reach a specific value.  

No traffic 

While some people are lucky enough to have a local dispensary just a walk away from their home, others are not as fortunate. Going to a physical store requires a half-an-hour drive for many potheads. During rush hour, you might have to go through a couple of hours of traffic just to get to the nearest dispensary. Upon reaching the store, you might also need to take a long time finding a parking spot. Even taking the bus or other public transportation can eat a chunk of your free time just to buy some seeds.  

You do not have to trouble yourself with traffic or parking spot when buying marijuana seeds online. Dispensary sites are just a couple of clicks on your computer at home. You can even buy your seeds from your phone as long as you have a decent connection.  

Wide selection 

Physical stores have less selection on cannabis seeds because of their storage space. Brick-and-mortar dispensaries can only have as many seeds as their storefront and storage room can accommodate. This is why many corner shops or small dispensaries do not even have any autoflowering or feminized varieties available.  

On the other hand, online dispensary utilizes warehouses and are not limited to the storage space of a physical store. The sizable space allows online stores to sell a wide selection of seeds for different strains. You even have a good chance of finding feminized and autoflowering seeds for a specific strain from a dispensary site. Even if you cannot find what you are looking for in one online store, you can easily click to another site and continue browsing their catalog.  

Rare Seeds 

Because of the large selection of seeds in the online dispensary, you have a good chance of finding ones for rare strains. This includes the popular Chemdawg 91 hybrid that is popular for its incredible potency. Another is the NYC Diesel, a multi Cannabis Cup awardee that imparts a strong cerebral high and powerful sedative effect.  

This is not to say that you may not find any of the rare seeds mentioned above in physical dispensaries. You might get lucky and find a Panama Red or even a Hindu Kush in one dispensary. On the other hand, you do not have to trouble yourself in visiting numerous physical shops by going through the online route. If a dispensary site does not have the seed you want, you can always open another site with just a few clicks instead of walking or driving to the next store.   


Not everyone can just walk into a dispensary and casually browse their catalog. Some cringe at the thought of walking into marijuana shop. They are uncomfortable that someone at work or a relative will see them in a different light. Others simply do not want to have judging eyes on their shoulders when they walk into a dispensary.  

Buying your cannabis seeds online removes much of the unneeded drama. You avoid the crowd and any kind of criticism look when you browse online dispensaries from your phone or computer.  

There is even a discreet delivery option to protect your privacy. This option places your order in a nondescript box or bag that has no sign that it came from a dispensary. These packages also have an odor sealant feature that prevents any smell from leaking. With discreet delivery, you can avoid alerting your neighbors or attract unwanted attention to your marijuana seeds.  

Information access 

Picking a marijuana seed requires careful considerations. You will be spending time, money, and effort in taking care of a seed in order for it to grow into a harvest ready plant. No one wants to be blindsided by a characteristic of a plant they are not aware of. Certain breeders who did not account for the size of a plant that will not fit in their indoor grow room.  

To get all of the necessary info for a specific seed, you can ask a dispensary’s budtenders or staff. However, these people may not have every detail regarding the seeds or a strain’s plant. You are more likely to know about a strain’s THC potency and its taste than a seed’s flowering time or even its height.  

By shopping for marijuana seeds on a computer, you have easy access to any available information about a seed. Dispensary sites will include most of the important details on a strain’s plant. If there is none available, you can use cannabis info sites that can give you more data on a seed. Online shopping also lets you ask fellow breeders for some obscure details for a plant such as its nutrient requirements. The available information access can help you pinpoint a seed you want to cultivate.  

Cost efficiency 

In order to buy seeds, many have to drive to a nearby dispensary or take public transportation. Gas prices or even the cost of riding a bus adds up to the total expenditure of your seeds. While these costs may seem low for some, these expenses can exceed the price of a certain seed for some.  

Ordering from an online dispensary is cost-effective than a physical store. The delivery fee set by these sites can cheaper than the total transportation fee. If you happen to qualify for a free delivery, you only have to pay for the price of the seeds.  

24/7 availability 

Many breeders go to a dispensary during rush hour because this is the only time they have available. Others can only go on holidays or when they have off time from work.  

On the other hand, online dispensaries are always open for 24 hours a day. You do not have to brave the traffic after your workday ends. Online dispensaries let you buy your seeds at any time of the day or week. In addition, you do not even need to reach home just to visit a dispensary shop. You can do your seeds shopping on the phone while on a bus or at a public space.  

Customer support 

Nearly every budtenders in a dispensary store are willing to help you with your purchase. However, others have a hard time working up the nerve to talk or ask questions to one. This understandable for anyone new to the cannabis industry.  

Customer support lines give you a certain degree of anonymity. If you do not feel like letting a staff know who you are, you can always use a secondary email account or provide a different name.  This allows anyone to ask any questions about seeds without fear of criticism.  


Online dispensaries make it easy for you to buy your seeds at any time. There are no traffic to wrestle with or parking spot to fight over. You also get a wide selection of strains to pick from and have a good chance of finding rare seeds through dispensary sites.  

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