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Benefits of Buying Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Benefits of Buying Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Whether you live in Canada or you are just visiting, and you want to grow your own marijuana then you might be looking for cannabis seeds Canada –made seeds. These are seeds grown and cultivated in the rich soils of Canada and are known for their amazing quality. You can bet that these seeds are very potent and can guarantee high yields. And another thing about buying seeds in Canada is you will be able to choose from a wide variety of seeds strains.

Why buy cannabis seeds Canada?

One of the main reasons why you should come to Canada and buy cannabis seeds is that cannabis is now legal in the country. You can now purchase cannabis, seeds, concentrates and other forms from local dispensaries found in every province. And since you can buy seeds, you can now grow plants but there are restrictions. Only a number of plants are allowed per household while there is also an allowable amount of cannabis that you can take with you.
Because of this new freedom in using cannabis and growing seeds, people are now open to its use for recreation or medical purposes. Here are more benefits to buying cannabis seeds in Canada.

The many benefits of buying cannabis seeds Canada

  • Canada has some of the most experienced growers

There are a number of experienced growers in the country and you can tell from the many seedbanks and dispensaries that carry Canada-grown strains. They say that the soil found in the country is very much conducive to growing some strains of weed and of course the climate also contributes to the success of cannabis plants.

Just some of the most popular growers and breeders found in Canada are Dr. Seeds, Crop King Seeds, Quebec Gold and more.  So if you are looking for good quality cannabis seeds, check these names out.

  • Cannabis consumption, purchase, and growing is legal in Canada

Cannabis use was legalized on October 17, 2018, and this means cannabis use, growing and sale will be regulated by the government. Different provinces have different rules but all have one goal and that is to strengthen the regulation of marijuana and how it is used for recreation and medicine.

Because of this freedom, Canadians now enjoy growing their own cannabis plants at home. However, there are some rules which may vary from state to state. Only people 18 and above are allowed to buy, use and grow cannabis. If you have a medical condition and you would like to grow cannabis then you can apply for a marijuana growing card from the government. You can grow cannabis indoors or outdoors provided you ensure the safety of your plants and of the people around you. Your plants should be placed in a locked gate if grown outdoors and in a secure area when grown indoors. Make sure to remove plant odor and to follow the allowed number of plants per household.

Seeds are sold in most cannabis dispensaries found in different provinces. These dispensaries have their corresponding online sites and you may order from these as well. You can buy from the store or have your purchases delivered to your home but make sure that you or a person older than 18 years old is at home to receive this.

  • You can also buy cannabis accessories for a good price here

Aside from buying cannabis seeds, you may also purchase cannabis smoking accessories, growing accessories and merchandise. Just among the most creative items that you can purchase here are glass bongs, pipes, and bubblers. You can find these in different designs and colors and some of these are even too precious to use. Some people come over just to buy bongs and bubblers as souvenirs and nothing more.

  • You can also purchase medical cannabis strains

Aside from recreational cannabis strains, you may also purchase medicinal cannabis here. A lot of patients journey to Canada to find good quality strains for their medical condition. Breeders here are keen on developing good quality, effective and pure strains which can be used without any side effect or psychoactive effect.

Cannabis is known to be effective for a variety of medical conditions including pain, anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, migraines, muscular pains, arthritis, seizures, loss of appetite, insomnia and more.

And people who want to buy medical cannabis are also looking for cannabis seeds so that they can grow their own plants. There are special regulations about growing cannabis plants in Canada. If you plan to buy seeds from seedbanks here and take it home, make sure to review all the regulations before you travel with cannabis seeds.

  • There are legal seedbanks where you can purchase cannabis easily and safely

Compared to other countries, there are legal seedbanks in the country where you can purchase cannabis easily and most of all, safely. Seedbanks are regulated by their respective provinces. These are legal and will serve customers who need recreational cannabis and medical cannabis.

The setting is just like any other store. There is a lobby where customers may sit and view the seeds that they would like to buy. They can also purchase cannabis, concentrates, and accessories from these seedbanks. After they have made their choice, they may already indicate their orders and pay for it. Seeds may be sold according to their breeder’s packaging. Usually, breeders sell their seeds in five, ten or more per pack.

One way to take your purchases home is to order from websites of corresponding seedbanks per province. You can conveniently order seeds from your home and these will be delivered via Canada Post and you need to be there when your order arrives. But if you are unable to be at your home then you must have someone older than 18 to sign your order.

Why buy cannabis when you can grow your own?

Cannabis seeds Canada-made marijuana seeds are available for sale anytime online and from seedbanks found locally however why buy when you can grow your own seeds. You only need a male cannabis plant and a female plant to make seeds. If you are successful, you will be able to have an endless supply of seeds to grow new plants year after year.

How to tell if your seeds are viable?

Since you will be able to check and hold the seeds you are buying, you may be able to inspect these even before you take this home. One way to check if you are buying viable seeds is their color. Viable cannabis seeds should be dark, brown or black. Seeds that are green or white are immature and will never germinate.

Cannabis seeds that are viable are tough and will never break even when you press it in between your finger and thumb. Seeds that have markings like spots, stripes and other marks on its seed coat are mature seeds and will definitely germinate.

Some cannabis seeds Canada seedbanks have a 100% guarantee for their customers and therefore you can trust that you will be able to get seeds that will germinate. But if you are still in doubt or you are unsure about any guarantees, consult a representative to find out.

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