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Benefits of Growing Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Benefits of Growing Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The auto-flowering strains are a gold mark when it comes to cultivating marijuana and starting afresh weed farm. It is quite famous for a lot of weed farmers for its capability to enter the flowering stage without further providing proper lighting like what usual marijuana strain needs. Although it already made a name for itself in the world of marijuana, some people are still not convinced on the wonders that this type can give them.

A little do people know that auto-flowering strains come with tons of benefits that everyone can duly enjoy. It is actually a top pick for newbies who want to start their very own farm. It helped them in achieving and learning the right procedures in taking care of marijuana through the cultivation of this type of strain.

To provide you with credible information on why you should go on and try the auto-flowering strain, here are some advantages that you can get from venturing to such underdog strain.

The Basics of Auto-flowering Marijuana Strains

What are auto-flowering marijuana strains? Basically speaking, auto-flowering strains are those marijuana plants that originated from the special ruderalis strain that is not dependent on light or is not under the photoperiod classification. This just means that it produces flowers when it reaches the right age even with the lack of proper lighting system.

Other than that, people who have tried this strain were really satisfied and happy with the results that it provides. The most wonderful benefit that it can provide you is the great amount of harvest in just a shorter duration of time compared to the usual marijuana strains. It is also much more manageable and convenient to plant since it doesn’t require much attention.

Let’s look further on the benefits that this type of marijuana gives to those who are willing to handle it.

Benefits of Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

There are a lot of advantages that auto-flowering marijuana strains can provide each weed farmer. Listed below are just some of the things you can expect from having this one available on your indoor or backyard farm.

It provides a harvest that is sooner than expected.

This is probably one of the things that set this strain apart from other marijuana plants. It has a really shorter period before reaching the flowering stage. It takes about  4 or more months for photoperiod marijuana to approach maturity which is longer compared to the 8 to 10 weeks that auto-flowering strains have before harvest.

This is truly beneficial for those farmers who have a short patience when it comes to waiting for the right harvest period. It also has a shorter life cycle which is quite good especially if you’re into sativa strains.

As people may know, sativas that are photoperiodic in nature requires about 5 months for it to reach the most wanted harvest time. But with an auto-flowering sativa, you can expect a lesser waiting time before gathering that lovely produce from the plant.

Auto-flowering plants provide higher yields.

Who doesn’t want a higher yield for their marijuana plant right? In correlation with the shorter life cycle that this one has, it also means it can serve up to multiple harvests per season. People who live in colder regions will be happy to have this strain on hand.

If you are one of those weed farmers who are accustomed to chilly climates then you are quite aware that certain strains produce flowers during Septembers or late Octobers. But with the auto-flowering type, you can expect a good harvest as early as the middle of Julys.

Moreover, you can work on having a room that is full of auto-flowering plants for better and more harvest periods per year. All you have to do is to provide an ample space and let a few plants approach the flowering stage. After which, you can freely add more of the plants in the same area once harvest is ready from the previously planted marijuana. In this way, you can achieve a bountiful harvest of at most 6 times per year.

No sweat cultivation.

As stated before, the auto-flowering type of strain is rather an easy peasy one to grow, manage, and cultivate. It works well for those beginner growers that want to try out growing marijuana in the benefit of their homes. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t require a complicated lighting schedule since this kind of plant will automatically let their beauty rise above even with the lack of light.

It is also considered as a very resilient plant which means that it can completely adapt to even the harshest environment and still produce a whopping amount of yield. Diseases are no match with its immune capacity which blocks out the occurrence of threats to your plant.

In this way, newbie growers can gain the right amount of knowledge and skill needed to help them make it through even for those strains that are hard to handle. Basically, it can act as a training ground for future expert growers.

The biggest approval that you can get from raising an auto-flowering strain is the less hassle of coming up with the right lighting cycle for the plant. With this, you can readily forget about tracking the time when to turn on and off the lights for your plants’ consumption.

Shorter plants for convenient growing.

Another great thing about auto-flowering strains is that it doesn’t grow too tall which makes it convenient for rooms that don’t have a high ceiling. The maximum height that it can grow to is between 1 to 1.2 meters which is a good advantage for people who don’t have that much space for an indoor weed farm. Its small size makes it easier for you to transport or place and grow even on cupboards or in small areas.

A shorter plant means a safer way of starting up a weed plantation inside or outside your house. It doesn’t get much attention since it doesn’t scream out its existence in your garden with its height. This prevents you from getting busted by authorities who are lurking around your neighborhood searching for weed farms to infiltrate.

The Future of Marijuana Farms

With its innovative status and the easy management that it requires, there’s no doubt that this strain will make it through a lot of weed farmers’ heads in no time. What’s another thing that is worth mentioning is that the quality of the harvest improves with every flowering period that has occurred.

With every benefit of growing autoflowering marijuana seeds that are listed above, it will definitely be the future of the marijuana industry. For this to be fully achieved, people should go on and try some auto-flowering strains of their own and watch how it can relieve the usual hard task of taking care of marijuana plants.

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