Marijuana is best known for providing stoners with a “high” effect that causes them to feel relaxed and somewhat drawn into a couch mood. But contrary to what most people believe, there are actually a lot of best marijuana strains for daytime that provide the opposite effect. Although typically used as a calming drug, marijuana may also be used to provide an energy boost to the users. A lot of strains are known to increase the productivity of people and these strains are usually taken in the morning, right before heading to work or something of that sort. Think of it as a morning cup of coffee but with less caffeine and more THC.

How exactly does marijuana provide an energy boost that gives off a buzzing high? As you probably know, marijuana is primarily distinguished by belonging to strains of indica or sativa. Now, one of the differences between these strains is that indica usually provides a more “sleepy” or lazy high to the user. On the other hand, sativa strains are known to contain high levels of CBD which helps give off an energy boost to users who consume this type of strain. Depending on the CBD levels and terpenes found in the marijuana strains, sativa may lead to more motivational highs compared to indica. 

Here are five of the popular marijuana strains known to provide users with an energetic high that boosts productivity in their everyday lives:

  1. Jack Herer – Usually containing high levels of terpinolene, Jack Herer works great as a strain that gives off an energetic and buzzing high. Because of its focus-oriented effects, it is currently one of the most popular strains of marijuana out there. With a 55% sativa composition and around a 20% THC level, this strain can be used as an alternative to your early morning coffee.
  2. Green Crack Punch – Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? A couple hits of this marijuana strain and you’ll have as much energy as a 10-year-old kid in a toy store. Known for its high percentage of sativa of 60% and a high level of THC of 18%, this is sure to give a solid energy boost to whoever needs it. This strain is known primarily for its ability to boost your motivation and supercharge your energy for the day. 
  3. Chocolope – This chocolate-coffee flavored strain is perfect for complementing your early morning cup of brew. Composed of ninety-percent sativa, this marijuana strain will surely smack you right in the face with loads and loads of energy. Often used by people to help battle fatigue and sleepiness, it has a very pleasant tasting flavor which makes it appropriate for even the most inexperienced cannabis users who also have a hard time staying awake during the day. With a THC level of 19%, Chocolope is one of the few weed strains that is pleasant in both taste and smell.
  4. AK-47Known to be used for treating anxiety, fatigue, and exhaustion, this best marijuana strains for daytime is sure to give you the necessary energy needed to go on with your daily tasks. Rightly named after a gun that is famous for its power, this is something that someone must take in regulation because too much of it may cause its effects to backfire and give the user a feeling of drowsiness.
  5. Durban Poison – Known as the “fatigue killer” by many users, this strain is famous for taking effect immediately after smoking. With a high that makes you feel hyper, inspired, and uplifted, this strain works great for people who tend to spend hours in their workplaces. Composed of 100% sativa, it also has a THC level of 26% which is fairly high compared to other energy-giving strains.
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