Are you a seasoned cannabis user? How about a grower? If you are, then why not try a sativa landrace strain? Not only are landrace strains considered as the best sativa seeds for sale but are also the most potent of all strains.

The reason is that a landrace best sativa seeds for sale has the best and the most stable genetics, this is why landraces are used primarily for breeding. Some of the best sativa seeds for sale that you may have grown to love over the years are from the combination of two or three landraces or a hybrid strain and a landrace strain.

Landrace plants are basically the ancestors of the strains we can readily purchase today. And because these best sativa seeds for sale are too incredible, some of these are already quite hard to find. So whether you want to smoke sativa or you want to grow your own supply, check out these five top sativa landrace strains.

The Top Five landrace best sativa seeds for sale


Thai is a general name for landrace strains from the country of Thailand. Thai strain started as a local strain but soon, tourists wanted to smoke one at home and thus, a massive movement of Thai to the US happened during the 70s and 80s.

 The strain was locally called ‘’Thai Sticks’’ because of how the cannabis is sold. Thai plants are dried and shaped into long and thick sticks. These are bundled together, tied and then retailed to eager customers.

Thai Effects

Thai landrace strain has a potent effect. It comes with a fruity aroma which suits the strain’s happy and uplifting effects. Thai will make you feel very relaxed without any inhibitions.

This is why Thai is consumed as a creative strain. After taking a dose, you can engage in creative activities and indulge in different tasks with a positive outlook and a clear mind.

Thai perfect during the mornings and is best used before and during social activities. You’ll be able to talk to new people and even perform impromptu on stage even if you have stage fright when you use Thai.

Thai Medical Effects

Thai’s natural effects will help you relieve stress and depression. You can use this strain as a natural treatment for stress but make sure to consult your doctor before taking this strain.

Thai can reduce physical and mental fatigue. You may be feeling tired and had not slept well but Thai can help you be energetic the next day. Thai also has a natural analgesic effect. You can use this to stop the pain and help you be free even from chronic pain.

It is also effective for headaches, migraines, muscle pains, muscle strains, back pains, and body pains. 

How do you Grow Thai?

Thai has a very long flowering stage. It will flower well as long as you cultivate this strain in the right environment. You must be very patient with this strain because it will grow good yields despite the long wait.

The ideal growing condition for Thai is a greenhouse setting where you can cultivate it under natural conditions and yet protect it from the elements. Remember to have more room for your plants because it grows tall and lanky.  

Thai is the parent of strains as Juicy Fruit, Voodoo and Haze. It has passed on its juicy citrus smell and taste as well as potent relaxing effects to its offspring.

It’s hard to find Thai seeds because it has become quite rare. To get authentic Thai seeds, you must need to visit Thailand or buy from a local supplier. 

Durban Poison

Durban Poison has roots from the city of Durban in South Africa. It has strong sativa effects and very large buds. This strain is known as one of the sweetest strains accompanied by a powerful energetic effect. 

Durban Poison will help you become energized so you can do any kind of activity. You can work on creative tasks and perform anything with enthusiasm despite having a tired day or night. 

This morning strain has big and afloat buds packed with resin. Growers and resin makers will love to grow Durban Poison so they could make priceless concentrates.

Durban Poison may have a dangerous name but we can assure you that it is not dangerous to use this at all. It comes with strong energetic effects that will let you become active and energetic. This strain will get that creative juices for any event or project. Durban Poison will naturally make you focused, euphoric and happy.

Durban Poison’s Medical Effects

Durban Poison has uplifting effects, it can be used for depression and stress because it can improve your mood, banish all negative thoughts to zero in on your work and your life. 

This strain has natural analgesic effects that will let you manage all kinds of pain such as headaches, migraines, muscle pains, and muscle strains. If you feel fatigued both physically and mentally, this strain will help you out of bed and start working on things without any heavy feeling.

How to grow Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a very tall plant and will stretch so high, you need a trellis or some kind of vertical support to handle its growth. You must prune this early so that all the plant’s energy will be focused on making buds. 

Durban Poison blooms in just 8 to 10 weeks and will grow moderate yields. Meanwhile, growers say that this is easy to grow and will withstand any kind of climate as long as it is properly cared for.

Your Durban Poison plants should be grown outdoors because this plant will stretch tall and wide.  Outdoor growing will allow you to make the most out of your plant’s growth. And a word of caution, when applying fertilizer to Durban Poison plants, watch out for nitrogen toxicity which is characterized by yellowing of the leaves. Plant this strain in silica-rich soil to improve strength. 

Durban Poison seeds and buds are not readily available from online marijuana seedbanks and dispensaries. You can find this strain from local suppliers and specialized online stores. The price of buds or seeds can be very expensive so be sure to shop around. 

Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread is Lamb’s Breath is a widely popular pure sativa strain good for resin production. It is also a strain with energetic effects that can cause positive retrospection. People believe that Lamb’s Bread is a strain that Bob Marley consumed in Jamaica. 

Lamb’s Bread Effects

Lamb’s Bread is a powerful strain which will make you happy, uplifted and euphoric. It is preferred as a morning strain because it works as a stimulating strain giving you more focus and energy. Had less sleep last night? Lamb’s Bread will give you that boost of energy to help you deal with your daily tasks and work all day.

Lamb’s Bread Medical Effects

Lamb’s Bread is the best strain to relieve stress and depression. This strain can help you conquer unwanted thoughts and worries so you can focus on your work and family.  

You can use Lamb’s Breath to boost appetite and improve vomiting and nausea which are common side effects of chemotherapy as well as other medical conditions. 

Lamb’s Breath effects can stimulate relaxation and sleep. You will be able to deal with insomnia and sleeplessness with no need to use sleeping aids and chemical-based drugs. 

You can try this strain to stop the pain because of its natural analgesic effects. You can use this for headaches, muscle pain and strain, backaches and hard to remove chronic pains.

How to grow Lamb’s Bread

One of the disadvantages of using Lamb’s Breath is that it’s hard to find seeds and clones. The best way is to look for people who have a healthy, mature plant where you can get seeds or cuttings. 

Your plants will grow a medium height but will still stretch wider and taller and thus will be best cultivated outdoors. This will give you moderate yields per plant but you may still improve this by using training techniques like SCRogging and topping. 

Lamb’s Breath will flower from 7 to 9 weeks which is quick for a landrace strain.  These plants will stretch twice its size so must give it room to grow.

When it comes to supplying your Durban Poison plants, do so with organic intake. You must use the right nutrients that are appropriate for your plant’s needs.


Nepalese could be any of the sativa strains and their phenotypes coming from the historic country of Nepal. This strain is pure sativa with a tall, thin and elongated body structure and will produce thick amounts of resin. 

Nepalese has a hash aroma with dense buds growing from a plant with sparse branches. But despite being a sativa in structure and appearance, Nepalese will have effects similar to Indica strains.

Natural Effects of Nepalese

Nepalese will make you feel happy, energetic and uplifted. You will also feel a burst of energy but it won’t be too long that a relaxed feeling will overcome you. You will also experience that euphoric feeling which will last for hours. 

Medical Effects of Nepalese

This best sativa seeds for sale is best for the relief of depression. You can kick all negative thoughts so you can get back on track. Nepalese can also reduce pain because of its natural analgesic effects. You can stop headaches, muscle pains, muscle spasms, back pains, and chronic pains.

It’s rare for a sativa to relieve insomnia. This strain will help you cope with insomnia and sleeplessness without the need to use synthetic medications or drugs.  


This is a landrace strain from Cambodia. The plant will grow tall with long and thin leaves that spiral outside the stems.  Cambodia is very potent, with steep levels of THC. It has a signature floral but skunk smell. 

Cambodian Effects

Cambodian can boost your energy, motivation, and creativity. You can talk to strangers and give a speech when you’re with this strain. You will feel focused, energetic but at the same time relaxed. And as the effects slowly wear off, you will feel very relaxed and sleepy.

Medical Effects of Cambodian

Cambodian is effective in the relief of increased eye pressure. Patients with glaucoma can slow the disease’s progression and can even prevent blindness. This can help stop mental and physical fatigue.

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