Best Soil in Growing Early Miss Strain

Early Miss is an autoflowering cannabis strain that will grow quickly and will start to flower in just 9 weeks. You can purchase Early Miss seeds from reputable seedbanks online and also from local seedbanks as well.   

Autoflowering strains like Early Miss don’t need a lighting schedule to bloom compared to regular cannabis strains. If you are looking for a strain that will give you improved appetite and relieve pain, Early Miss might be the best one for you. And if you want to grow Early Miss strain, find out what type of soil is best to grow this lovely autoflowering strain.   

What is the best soil for cultivating this strain?

There are commercially-prepared soils available for people who want to be sure when growing autos like Early Miss. These commercially-prepared mixes are composed of healthy soil, organic material as well as important nutrients and supplements.

And if you don’t want to use this type of mix, the best soil is still sandy-clayey soil. What makes sandy-clayey soil better?

  • This type of soil has the ability to absorb more water and nutrients.
  • It can drain excess water and nutrients to prevent root rot and mold.
  • This will allow oxygen to move from the air to the roots.
  • This is easy to use and is rich in nutrients to benefit plants
  • This is available in most gardening shops
  • This type of soil is affordable even for the first-time grower

Choose the best soil for growing cannabis

For your Early Miss plants to take advantage of the supplements and fertilizer mixes that you are feeding it, you must grow this in healthy soil. According to a large number of growers, sandy-clayey soil is very popular because it can absorb more water and liquid fertilizer. This soil is porous so it can effectively drain excess water and nutrients.

Sandy clayey soil comes with good aerating qualities, therefore, oxygen can easily move from the air to the roots. All these characteristics will greatly improve the plant’s overall health and the development of buds.

Sandy clayey soil is available in garden supplies shops locally or online. There is also specialized marijuana soil which is comparable to sandy-clayey soil when it comes with absorbing more water and nutrients and to drain the excess water and nutrients.

On the other hand, there is commercially-made soil. This soil is supplemented with nutrients needed by plants during the vegetative stage. Also, these soils contain organic ingredients which can improve the quality of any type of soil. Check for organic ingredients such as bat guano, animal bones, worm castings, fish bones, insect chitin, and shellfish are very common in soil mixes like this.

Amending soil for growing Early Miss strain

Not all growers have access to sandy-clayey soil or commercially-prepared soil. There are ways to amend ordinary garden soil to make sustain the growth of automatic strains like Early Miss. You need to improve your soil, even Super Soil so that this will continue to fortify the good microorganisms found in soil.

Amending your soil will help protect your plants from pests and diseases. Amending your soil is very important if you want to cultivate an organic cannabis garden.

Amend your Soil by Mulching

You may be using mulching in your backyard garden; this method may also be used in maintaining the health of your soil for growing cannabis.

Mulching is spreading organic matter all over the ground soil. Good microorganisms love to eat this organic matter and therefore are attracted to this layer.

Mulching encourages anaerobic decomposition which provides nutrition for the soil food web. Mulch also covers the soil to protect it from the elements. It keeps the soil moist especially during warm and dry climates plus protects the soil and roots from pests and weed. You don’t need to water more during hot days since mulching keeps water within the soil.

The ideal organic material that you can use on your garden varies. The most common are wood chips or straw but you may also use compost layers, food peelings, and processed marijuana parts.

If you are growing weed inside containers, leave a few inches from the top part of the soil and the edge of the container so you can continuously place mulch. Use only a few inches of new compost per month or every two months.

Use compost teas

When you spot any problem with your plants usually it’s a problem with the soil. And to liven up your plants, use compost tea.

Compost teas help add new microorganisms in the soil. Soils have an important role in breaking raw materials into simpler components that a plant will be able to consume through the roots.  

Compost teas will provide nutrients to benefit the soil and plants. Making compost teas is simple. You can use this to amend your cannabis plants as well as other plants in your garden.

When it comes the ideal time when to give compost teas, there’s no specific answer. Some cannabis growers use a dose of compost tea during the vegetative phase and then another dose during the flowering phase. You may also do this weekly.

Administering compost teas is easy. You can do this by mixing it with the water and applying it on the soil. You may also place the tea in a spray bottle or a foliar spray and just apply it liberally on soil and all over your plants.

If your plants are flowering, do not spray the tea on the buds. Spray only on the soil as well as on the plant parts.   

Use Mycorrhizal Inoculants

Every cannabis grower fears fungus like molds and mildew. But do you know that there are types of fungi that can help fortify soil? Good fungi are important in the maintenance of the relationship between the roots of plants and the soil.

If you overlook the importance of these microorganisms, your plants won’t be able to absorb important nutrients that they need to thrive. To enhance this relationship, expert growers use mycorrhizae.

Mycorrhizae are fungi that help the soil deliver the nutrients to the roots. Your garden soil may have all the nutrients that your plants need but these are unable to penetrate the root zone, therefore, these will become useless.

This type of fungi also protect the roots from dangerous elements and allows the safe movement of water from the soil to the roots as well. Adding mycorrhizae to the soil will enhance the health of the soil food web which in turn benefits your plants and improves yields.

Where to get a mycorrhizal inoculant? Most popular products are available from local garden shops. You may also purchase these products online.

Mycorrhizal inoculant products are usually in powder form and the best time to add this is during the time when you are transplanting your seedlings to a larger container or pot. With this kind of product, only a small amount will do. Follow instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Make sure to apply this all over the root zone. You may also plan ahead and expect where the tips of the roots will reach the container. Sprinkle a small amount on the area. The roots will reach the mycorrhizal inoculate as they stretch and grow.

Using Super Soil

You may have also encountered a product known as Super Soil. This is a commercially-prepared product available in most garden shops. Super Soil makers boast that it is the best type of soil for almost all plants, the number of nutrients in this soil can easily be used up.

Keep in mind that cannabis plants will eventually grow and will need more nutrients to support its development. Autoflowering cannabis strains just like the Early Miss strain require a lot of nutrients to help it reach its full growth at an early stage. This plant will flower very early so it needs good fully-amended soil.

So even if you use Super Soil to grow your plants, you may need to amend your soil at some point in time. And this is also true if you are cultivating cannabis in pots or containers, indoors or outdoors.

Important Growing Information for Early Miss

Aside from goods soil, keep in mind the following when growing Early Miss strain:

  • Indica/Sativa – 60% India, 30% Sativa, 10% ruderalis
  • Effects – creative. relaxed, euphoric and talkative
  • Negative effects – dizziness, headaches, dry eyes, dry mouth, and slight paranoia
  • Flavors – ammonia, chemical, herbal, pepper, spicy
  • Medical effects – pain relief, appetite boost, stop stress and depression
  • Flowering times – 7 weeks indoors, 7 weeks outdoors
  • THC content – 15% to 21%
  • CBD content – 0.8%
  • Yield – will give up to 7 ounces per square meter indoors, up to 4 ounces per plant outdoors
  • Climate – this auto-flowering strain needs a warm climate to grow well
  • Growing – easy to moderate

Growing auto-flowering cannabis strains like Early Miss is easy if you have the right materials, the know-how, and the best soil. And whether you’re cultivating this strain for medical or recreational use, you are one step closer to success with the right kind of soil.

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