How to Grow Marijuana

Best Water Temperature in Hydroponics Marijuana Growing

Best Water Temperature in Hydroponics Marijuana Growing

In Hydroponics Growing Marijuana What is the Best Water to Use?

In an environment that is oftentimes referred to as natural, cannabis does not really survive while being submerged in water. This plant prefers an alternate temperature between wet and dry climates. However, when there is a need to adjust this natural method by transferring the growing of cannabis into an indoor environment. This concept particularly applies in an artificial hydroponic system of growing cannabis. It is very important to make sure that the right water temperature is put into place so as to care for the plant’s root system.

In a regular setting, if you attempt to plat a cannabis seed into a pail of water, you may have to expect that the plant will die after a few days. The reason being is because the plant’s root system will become unable to do the natural method of osmosis. At the same time, submerging in water would mean a deprivation of oxygen. This will result in the incapability of the plant to photosynthesize. Thus, these are the reasons that can lead to the death of the plant. You may wonder why many growers implement hydroponic systems, then? Well, given the appropriate conditions, hydroponics is expected to produce bigger and faster results compared to other types of growing settings.

Techniques and Alternative Solution to Introduce Oxygen in Plant

Oxygen is the problem here. It is crucial to find an alternative solution to oxygenate your plant. For example, you can implement DWC or deep water culture. With this method, an air pump mechanically provides the oxygen as well as air stone situated below the root system. Another way is through Ebb and Flow. To do this, periodically flood the plant tray, submerging the pots filled with pebbles (ceramic). When growers drain the water, they drag all the old oxygen pulling in oxygen enhanced nutrients.

NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) is a system wherein the film of water goes through a tray where the roots are on a mat. When the roots grow, some submerge, while others arch out to reach air and other elements. Make sure that all plants get the same amount of nutrients from natural elements. Add air stones to boost the oxygen content inside the primary reservoir and the film of water.


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