The black indica strain got its name from its appearance. It has been known in the cannabis industry during the 1980s and it got recognition as one of the top strains last 2008. It’s 90% Indica and 10% Sativa making it a strain for balanced effects of both mental and physical functioning.

The most stunning feature about this strain is its physical appearance, on the early phase of the vegetable stage, it starts out to show off dark purple leaves and when it enters the flowering stage, it will immediately turn color into the completely dark black shade. Its trichomes appeared to have a tiny colored orange pistil. It is a small and bushy plant that tends to grow outwards. This is best for night time use due to its sedative effects that will.

Potency, Aroma, and Flavor

A little hint of this strain goes a long way with its 18-20% THC content making it a top choice for strength and potency. It won’t initiate any irritations on the lungs that may cause coughing and difficulty in breathing when exhaled because of its smooth puff. It would only take 20 minutes for the body high to take effect.

This strain is perfect for those who just want to relax the whole day without doing any task because it gives serenity and peace. If you want to use this strain for medical strain, there is a specified dosage to be followed because if taken does is incorrect, or may worsen your illness through its side effects. If taken in large doses, it may cause couchlock, munchies, nausea, and vomiting.

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An indication of its strength and potency is its strong emitting aromas of mixed fruits such as grapes and strawberries with notes of spiciness. Its flavors give a tingling sensation of pepper and herbs. This is best for night time use due to its sedative effects that will give you a total relaxation that will let you forget your problems throughout the day.

Growing Medium

This strain can be cultivated in an outdoor/indoor environment but cannabis experts wouldn’t recommend this strain for growth and cultivation because it requires extra love and care. Since it is a small and bushy plant that grows outwards you don’t have any space constraints especially if decided to grow indoors. Within 7-8 weeks, expect that the buds are fully formed. An ideal growing condition for it to thrive in is in a sunny and warm environment.

Tips in Growing and Utilization of Black Indica

  • It is advisable to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the usage of this strain to lessen the possible side effects such as dry mouth, dizziness, and some discomforts.
  • At first use because of the THC level, your body may react differently so it is recommended to start in low dosage.
  • You can control the size of your buds during the vegetative phase by following the 12/12 schedule for the flowers to stimulate and stretch out to reach its maximum potential.
  • This strain is fast growing to have high good yields, it is advisable to grow fast in your grow area by planting additional cannabis trees to maximize the space.
  • The use of Low-Stress Training is the right growing method during the life span of this strain since it just grows small and bushy.
  • This strain responds well in a light-fertilizer method you’ll just need to ensure that it is always moist through your watering techniques.
  • It is advisable to use opt into organic growing especially that this strain is widely used in the medical cannabis field.
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Things to consider in Growing this strain

  • Growing space and equipment

To grow black indica strain without difficulties, make sure the proper lighting and growth set-up because it will determine how your cannabis plant will react to every growth phase of your strain. Each set-up plays an important role in maintaining the health of your plant.

  • Growing Techniques

The use of different techniques on how to enhance the growth of your cannabis plant will help you have a hands-on experience to learn your plant’s way of growth. Through proper growing techniques, you are able to enhance the beauty and vigor of your cannabis plant that will affect its growth and harvest.

  • Feeding of Nutrients

Each cannabis strain requires a specific ratio of nutrients in each growing phase but not all cannabis seeds respond the same to some nutrients that is why it is important to observe how your cannabis plant responds on your feeding pattern for you to know if there is a need to increase or decrease the amount of that nutrients.


  • Gives a strong body high
  • Great for nighttime strain because of its relaxing properties
  • Consist of strong medicinal properties
  • It is tried and tested strain for both recreational and medical strain


  • The high is relatively short
  • The feeling of tiredness and burnout may be felt after the high

Final Thoughts

Black Indica strain surprisingly gives out good qualities when proper care and guidance is given. The strains potency, rich flavors, and excellent characteristics depend on how you have nurtured it until the last phase of growth.

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