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How to Grow Cannabis in 10 Easy Steps


As the production of cannabis spreads worldwide, it helps a lot in medical situations. This can be a great help in treating some issues and problems in our daily lives. In some countries, cannabis is legally consumed and produced. Developing cannabis can be hard for a beginner but as time goes by, you can adapt and be an expert in this field. Obtaining the best information online can help you grow your own cannabis successfully. In this article, we will help you on how to grow cannabis indoors plants simply and with ease.

 These guidelines will help you on how to grow cannabis indoors and a lot to discover better techniques to cultivate your cannabis. At first, you need a grow space, budget, and desired harvest. You should be very careful in handling your crops for a better harvest.

How to grow cannabis indoors development needs several requirements, these are:

  •         Light
  •         Growing Medium
  •         Air
  •         Humidity
  •         Nutrients

and most especially,

  •         Water

You must meet these required materials for a better harvest. The development of your cannabis plant depends on how you manage to supply their needs. Now let’s proceed to the procedures.

Here are the 10 Easy Ways on how to grow Cannabis indoors

Following this process can help you achieve better and larger yields. Observe each data and take note of some details on how to develop your own.

  1. Decide where to cultivate your plant (Indoor or Outdoor)

–   Indoor Growing is considered a private kind of cultivation. You can control your crop development in this location. This requires fewer budgets in terms of materials and growing area because you can use some materials that can be seen at your house. If you develop your plants in an Outdoor location, sunlight is essential because you don’t have to provide the supply of light for your plants. In an outdoor location, you will have to observe the privacy of your plants, bugs, and other infestation that can occur in this location.

  1. What kind of Grow Light you need

You can choose your own supplier of light. It is very important to provide a better and efficient light needed by your plants.

 It can either be:

  •         The Sun – make sure that your cannabis plants will gain at least 8 hours of sunlight each day for better outcomes.  10 am – 4 pm is the best time to give your plants the sunlight needed. Some types need a lot of sunlight and some do not and you must know the kind of strain you are developing to give applicable sunlight.
  •         Household LED lights- this is the most common medium that producers used for production. Even if the power of this light is lesser than other sources, it can still give you a better harvest.
  •         Fluorescent Lights (T5 or T8)- this is applicable for seedlings that need a little amount of light. High-Output T5 is better than any other fluorescent lights out there. The range of this light should be at least at the top of your crops.
  1. Select your Growing Medium

Every medium has its own unique characteristics and nutrients. Choosing the right medium for your plant can affect the health and stability of your crops.

  •         Soil – it is composed of composted soil and efficient for growing
  •         Soilless Mixture – this includes perlite, vermiculite, and coco coir.
  •         Hydroponics – this is considered as the fastest way to develop your cannabis when it is combined with LED lights.

Perfect soil results in a better yield. Proper cultivation of your soil is essential as a producer because it reflects what good grower you are.

  1. Choose your Nutrients needed
  •         For Soil Users – you should provide the nutrients needed by your plants to produce a better quality harvest. Even if the plant reaches the flowering/blooming stage, still you need to put in some nutrients.
  •         Soilless and Hydroponic Users – choose a nutrient that is reliable for hydroponics. There are specific nutrients just like Canna Coco that is best for growing in hydroponics.
  1. Choose what cannabis to cultivate

–   There are several types of seeds you can start with. Select what’s best for you, a seed, or strains that appeal to you the most. There are many ways on how to purchase your desired strain. Visit any local stores out there or surf your internet for any legitimate store you can purchase strains.

  1. Germinating your Seeds

Place your seeds in its final place so that it will never create any issues for further cultivation because your strains can develop more in a single place. Make your seeds warm and moist to ensure its health. In this manner, you can provide the needs of your crops.

  1. Vegetation Phase

–   When leaves appear, it is considered as the vegetative phase. Cannabis plants can get larger with longer days and begin creating buds when they achieve longer nights. You can make your plant grow faster by maintaining a 70° – 85°F (20-30°C). Make sure that your plant doesn’t get frozen or burning hot, it needs to have a balanced temperature for best production.

  1. Flowering Phase

–   In this stage, your plants start to create buds until harvest. During this time you need to change the schedule of your lighting to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.  Identify the gender of your plant and remove any males for a better harvest.  Numerous strains must have 12 hours of darkness but some autoflowering strains don’t need any lighting changes.

  1. Harvest time!

–   You should be precise on what time to harvest. Wait until the bud stops from developing new ones. The growing area should be filled with cannabis scent that is the best time until harvest. When the white hairs reach 40% and have darkened or started to curl, the harvest is fast approaching. Harvest your weeds if it reaches 80-90% of its hair gets darkened, it contains the best potency and massive effect for consumers.

  1. Dry your harvested Cannabis

–   After the harvest, place your cannabis plants upside down in a cool and dry place with maximized ventilation so that it will dry. Do not overdry your plants because it may lose some nutrients.

Benefits When Growing Cannabis

If you cultivated your own cannabis plant, it can help you gain experience in the business. Some will start purchasing marijuana from you and you will gain profit by this. Not only money can be gained in cannabis production, but medicinal benefits can also be achieved upon consumption. Some people use marijuana as a means of medication and treatment for some issues like muscle pain and even depression.

Ensuring the Quality of your Plant

Make sure that the quality of your cannabis plant is efficient and effective. Some producers failed to ensure their crops to be the best. Prepare each material and site a perfect location for the cultivation of your own cannabis crops. Start developing your own now! Do not waste time, because now is the best time to grow yours!

Advantages of Growing Marijuana in a Hydroponic System


As a producer you are starting to think about how to elevate your harvest, right? Now is the time to learn new things and enhance your knowledge about cultivating your cannabis plants in a Hydroponic System. Cultivation needs a lot of work but stops worrying about exerting effort because each effort you offer leads to an excellent outcome. The advantages and benefits of cultivation are very important as a grower. There are things that you as a grower needed to turn your yield into a larger one. Several experts preferred different kinds of techniques to cultivate their own crops, and the Hydroponic System is one of their best choices. Here in this article, we will discuss the edge of growing marijuana hydroponic system on your own cannabis crops.

Benefits of Growing Marijuana Hydroponic System on Cultivation and Harvest

There are several benefits that a hydroponic system offers. This includes some things that help not only the beginners but also the experts in growing cannabis.

  •         Soilless Cultivation when you cultivate your cannabis in a hydroponic system there is no need for soil. In some instances, soil usage can cause infestations because of different bacteria that occur within the soil. As a cultivator, this could be a hard time for you to keep your plants healthy.
  •         Can be placed anywhere A hydroponic system is so flexible that anywhere in your house it can be placed. Not like in other methods, you need to specify an area to keep your plants maintaining their structure and quality.
  •         Climate-Friendly when we say climate-friendly, you can cultivate it whatever season you’re in.  The hydroponic system has aeration, humidity, and light control that can supply the needs of your plant.
  •         Reducing Water Consumption cannabis that’s being cultivated in a hydroponic system can literally save up to 90% of water compared to field-grown plants. The hydroponic system circulates the water and avoids too much water consumption. Water loss can be caused by evaporation and leaks but an excellent built hydroponic system will minimize the leaks.
  •         Effective Nutrient Content – in this type of cultivation, you can control the flow and content of your nutrients. Nutrients are mixed in with the water, so there is no possibility that your plants cannot acquire and obtain these nutrients.

Positive Results to Producers

As you have read the advantages that a hydroponic can offer, you can now expect that you can have a bountiful harvest! Your plants that are being cared for perfectly can give you an outcome better than you wish. This Hydroponic System is one of the most efficient methods in growing your cannabis. After a long day at work, once you get home you can no longer endure the struggle of scratching some soil or getting rid of infestation that occurs in soil growing. Hydroponic System offers you a complete package of relaxation when cultivating your own cannabis plants. If you are looking for the best way to grow, the best way to benefit, the best way to gain success, now is the time to build your own setup.

Be a Productive Cultivator Today!

Do not waste time! Get your phones and surf the internet to find a store that can provide you the perfect materials to build a hydroponic system. Your seed can no longer be wasted because with a proper caring and perfect setup, you can have a bountiful harvest. There are stores that provide a complete package to build a hydroponic setup but if you are curious about how things work, you can buy the things needed and build on your own! Do not exert too much effort in some soil production, try the hydroponic system and you won’t regret it.

How To Grow an AK47 Autoflower Strain


This kind of strain was created in 1992, AK47 strain autoflower is a combination of an Afghan Indica with a Thai, South American, and Mexican Sativa. A hybrid strain that offers a powerful high. It has won several trophies and has been consumed by breeders for the development of many other famous strains. It blooms quickly and gives high yields that radiate with sweet, pungent scents.

Tips on Developing AK47

When we talk about growing your favorite strain, it is important to understand that there are essential tips and guides for each specific type of weed. For example, AK47 is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which means it’s likely to develop short and stout rather than tall and thin. As an outcome, it is an excellent option for an indoor grow. Develop this strain in either hydroponic or soil mediums to achieve the best outcome. A better strain for SOG results in an even canopy and pruning of your crops. Be mindful that AK-47 is popular to be especially strong. Ensure your air filtration system is running properly and efficiently.

Growing Guide for Producing AK47

Secure your location

If you want to develop AK-47 at home, make sure you observe your local marijuana regulations and follow them. Otherwise, you could be convicted and spend time in prison.

Humidity Observation Developing

AK-47 indoors makes it easier to regulate humidity. AK-47 is a plant that works well at lower than average humidity conditions. If you let moisture fill the atmosphere, your plants may result in bud rot. This creates AK-47 a little unusual because sativa-dominant hybrids usually don’t mind the atmosphere.

Getting Rid of Infestations

If you spot bud rot, you have no choice but to remove the infected buds. Observe your plants regularly from this time on and ruthlessly get rid of any infections. You may need to remove and destroy the whole plant.

Keep Phosphorus Level High

When developing cannabis, you’ll need to make sure that your crops get plenty of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. There is also a need for secondary substances such as Magnesium, Calcium, Sulfur, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Chlorine, and Cobalt, among others.

Observe Air Circulation

Plants need oxygen when they develop, but they also consume it from the environment in a method known as respiration. Therefore, your AK-47 crops need a constant supply to oxygen-rich air. Typically, fresh air has approximately 400 parts per million (ppm) of CO2. Your crops work in an atmosphere with a CO2 level of between 1,000 and 1,400 ppm. Flush with water before the harvest period.

Importance of AK47 Hybrid

Marijuana Strain AK-47 is a Hybrid marijuana strain with several beneficial uses. Often used for treatment. This strain tends to cure anxiety and depression. This will leave marijuana users feeling relaxed, calm, and happy. The effect towards the end does not make this strain the best selection for morning usage. However, it acts as a better sidekick for the happy hour stage. In general, AK-47 offers a lifted high with a little sensation of body ease.

How To Create Cannabutter With Male Plants


Male cannabis crops are considered as not the best name in the cannabis community. What most producers learn prior to is to see it and toss them out to avoid multiplying their ladies. The deal is, male strains do not deserve their role. Before you get rid of them, learn first the importance of making cannabutter with male plants.

Learn What is a Cannabutter Method

Cannabis-filled butter (Cannabutter) is used to make cannabis foods. Cannabutter can be homemade or bought at medical or recreational marijuana stores. The cannabutter stores well for up to 6 months. Other people use this as a substitute for regular butter. It contains only CBD, which is not psychoactive, or both CBD and THC, which offers it mind-altering properties. Making cannabutter with male plants can be taken into account this time!

Recipe in Making Cannabutter

If you’re inviting friends over and want to make special brownies or cakes, this fast and simple cannabutter recipe is what you need.
Ingredients include:
– 1/4 ounce grounded cannabis buds (depending on your favorite strain)
– 1/2 cup unsalted butter (one stick)

There are several quick and simple ways to create cannabutter. This fast Cannabutter method is one of the best for beginner cannabis chefs.

1. Transform you are grounded and decarboxylated herb into a finely ground medium using a blender.
2. The butter must be melted on minimal heat in a saucepan.
3. Add the fine buds to the butter while stirring.
4. Cook on a minimum heat (45 minutes). Stir frequently to properly mix the ingredients. While cooking, you should start to see little bubbles forming on the surface.
5. After cooking, put the butter in the container with a metal strainer to filter the buds.
And finally…
6. Push the spoon against the bud in the strainer to compress all the cannabutter.
With this method, you can create your own Cannabutter in just a moment!

The Effects of Cannabutter

Though cannabutter is safe to consume, you should consider some side effects. With edibles, it can take from 30 up to 90 minutes to notice effects. Common side-effects of edible cannabis include sleepiness, dry mouth, paranoia, and altered senses. Abusive consumption may lead to hallucinations or delusions. Using cannabutter doesn’t come without side effects. These may also help relieve cancer-related issues and improve sleep.

Create your own Cannabutter today! And indulge yourself in euphoria. Do you still want more marijuana recipes procedure checks this out: Marijuana Seeds Recipe

Indica Vs Sativa: Pros and Cons


There are two main types of cannabis strain, Indica, and Sativa. Each type has its own unique purpose whether in the recreational or medicinal situation. Numerous strains of cannabis have been mixed during the past decades. There is the cannabis that is appropriate for certain diseases. Choosing the right strain is essential for patients to receive the best therapy possible. In this matter, we will discuss what is Indica and Sativa as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Cannabis Sativa

Sativas are popular for their “head high” effect. An effect that can help reduce depression or stress and increase creativity and precision. Sativa crops tend to be higher and thinner and may even be lanky in structure, with leaves that are thin and pointed. Unfortunately, sativa plants need longer to develop and yield less medicine (flowers). Sativas are uplifting and enhancing cerebral productivity. When it comes to aroma sativas smell sweet, tasty, or spicy.

Cannabis Indica

Indicas are typically in line with full-body outcomes, such as elevating deep calmness and reducing insomnia. Indica crops are short and stocky, with leaves that are broad and “solid.”Indica plants also develop more quickly than sativa crops. Indicas most likely lessen the power and are best for use in the night time, after the end of the task and activities. When it comes to scent, indica strains tend to be musty, earthy, and skunky smell.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking

These are the Advantages of Smoking Cannabis
– Relief of chronic pain
– Improves lung capacity
– Help lose weight
– Regulate and prevent diabetes
– Fight cancer
– Helps treat depression
– Regulate seizures
– Helps with ADHD/ADD
– Reduces anxiety
– Treatment for arthritis

These are the Disadvantages of Smoking Cannabis
– dry mouth
– dry eyes
– dizziness
– anxiety
– paranoia
– lethargy
– increase heart rate
– decreased blood pressure

Cannabis has CBD, a substance that affects the brain. Functions better without giving it a high along with THC which contain pain treatment nutrients. These nutrients can be obtained and developed for use through phase purification. Consumers should use these strains properly and follow each guideline for a better result!

Complete Autoflower Soil Guide for Producers


There are some things to consider for a single day, waking up and do your job, cleaning cars, building houses, and a lot more. There are also some activities and duties to take care of if you are a developer or most likely a cannabis producer. As the world turns into a modern era, there are several things that you should obtain in terms of cultivating cannabis. Being a novice for mass production of cannabis crops requires effort and patience through time. Not only having a great deal of cannabis is essential but also a perfect kind of autoflower soil. There are excellent strains and seeds, but how could you even produce a better crop if your soil doesn’t have the right soil. The essence of having wonderful soil affects not only your production but also the assurance and trust of your customers. Here’s the complete autoflower soil guide for producers you can give a chance.

Autoflower Grow Guide for an Effective Soil

This is much like growing fruits and cultivating your own garden. If you want to Auto flowering soil affects the growth and development of your cannabis plant in any situation. A good auto flowering soil is usually light and airy soil that allows the plant to develop freely within the container. Allowing the plant to move freely and expanding its range for comfort. Making your plant comfortable is very important in developing strains. A delicate approach for fertilizing your soil is a must. A perfect harvest depends on how you manage and develop your soil. Each producer has different methods and techniques on how to develop an efficient kind of autoflowering soil. A technique that builds up through multiple failures until such time success achieved.

Effective Autoflower Soil mixture for your Cannabis

In this article, we’ll be discussing the autoflowering soil guide for an excellent future harvest. Being a novice or even a trained producer can produce and cultivate their own recipe for excellent soil. Instead of purchasing soil from the market, you can now make your own beneficial soil for your own crops at your home. Here are some tips to cultivate and create your own autoflower soil. There are methods and processes on how to create something. Even on how to create soil. Yes, you heard me right. Enhancing and developing your soil is a must in terms of strain production. This simple recipe of an autoflowering soil mixture that contains perfect nutrients, also it offers materials that can help aeration to elevate during production. A simple way but can lead you to an excellent production.

Here are the ingredients to develop and enhance your soil. Pleasure your crops by giving them the perfect container that has great soil. Loving them and caress them because, in the end, you are the one that will gain profit.

The ingredients for a mixture that leads to development are:
3 measures of peat moss
3 measures of fertilizers
2 measures pre-wet perlite
1 measure pre-wet vermiculate

Follow these guidelines, be an expert upon cultivating and developing your soil. With this autoflower, soil guide and adequate ingredients can elevate the production and development of your cannabis. Effective enhancement of your methods can gain your consumer’s loyalty and trust. There are many alternative ways, a perfect combination is a substance that came from a decomposed moss. Another useful substance is compost, a substance or material that can be made at your home by composting waste organically. For example, leftovers from your foods, sliced ingredients, and other kitchen scraps.

Now that you have obtained these sets of data, you are no longer curious about how to cultivate better soil. Practice more and develop more soil so that in the future, it will help you a lot. This benefits not only you but also your consumers if you ever wanted to disseminate your products. Cultivating marijuana and enhancing the content of your soil can lead to a bountiful harvest. Enjoy cultivating your soil with these guidelines!

3 Ways You Can Do in Buying Marijuana Seeds in Canada


Auto-flowering marijuana seeds start flowering within 2-4 weeks of development. Classic types, both Indica and Sativa dominant, are photoperiodic crops. Therefore, they are normally exposed to 12 hours of light in order to achieve the phase of flowering indoors but might not have a lot of time to finish outdoors before the days get shorter. Ruderalis finishes blooming automatically in 6 weeks.
.Autoflowering seed needs a process for perfect development. Cannabis auto-flowering types are from the breeds of cannabis Ruderalis. This set of seeds is known as a species of cannabis sativa or indica. The origin of this marijuana genes comes from the Himalayas.

Purchasing Weeds in Canada is Legal

Marijuana was banned in 1923 when it entered the Narcotics Drug Act’s Confidential Restricted List. People in Canada will be able to buy cannabis seeds from local stores or online after the 2018 bill. It’s important that they select a trustworthy producer that will offer the best weed seeds.
The original law that allowed for medical marijuana was called the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations. Patients can have cannabis buds with a government-issued license approved by a physician. Remember that not every online site is a legitimate producer. We give you these data for having cannabis seeds if you are in Canada. Here is one of the most reliable sources to purchase your own seeds.

Buying Marijuana Seeds In Canada

Reliable seed producers just like Crop King Seeds has developed a reputation as one of the best producers of all time. They contain high-content strains and famous as a priority in the industry. When you plan on buying marijuana seeds in Canada, Crop King is the best fit for your needs. Your item ships directly to your location from the headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Crop King accepts US/Canadian dollars, Visa/Mastercard, or Bitcoin for payment.

Cultivating Marijuana Seeds in Canada Legally

Medical and Recreational Marijuana has been considered in Canada as legal. Canada made history as the first country throughout the world to legalize cannabis for medical use. If you are planning for buying cannabis seeds in Canada. There are legitimate establishments to get your cannabis seeds legally. There are also seed banks that deliver globally. This means that no matter where you are, you can be able to purchase quality items. It is only a matter of choice whether an actual location or purchase online.

Know The Top 10 Best Seeds to Grow Hydroponic Indoors


Just like in any other discussion, ranking always occurs. The best food, the better accessories to obtain, the perfect car to purchase, and a lot more. Also, ranking appears in terms of perfect cannabis. But somehow each strain has a unique effect. Developing your strain in any type of location may contain an original taste that varies. This time, there are several best strains to grow indoors, crops that can perfectly develop in an indoor area.

Here are the Best Marijuana Seeds to Grow Hydroponics Indoors

One of the most known indica strains we offer is ICE or Indica Crystal Extreme. These plants are coated in an icy layer once harvest time in 8 – 10 weeks with a THC content of 18%. ICE has its plenty, glowing buds in as fast as 8 weeks of bloom, but many producers prescribe to extend the process to 10 weeks. ICE is a mixture of Afghan, Northern Lights, and Skunk. A combination that contains a spicy, earthy, and herbaceous scent alongside an excellent high.

Northern Light is a priority among consumers and producers throughout the realm. Though the correct genetics of the unique Northern Lights remains questionable, professionals believe that the crop is an outcome of combining 11 types. This blooms within 7 – 8 weeks with a THC level of 18%. Our Northern Light remains strongly indica-dominant, with a blow-up high and a silky, distinct taste.

#8 – Super Skunk
Super Skunk really stands out for its name. 23% THC level contained and approximately 58-67 days to bloom. It has an efficiently sweet scent and taste, with many consumers, conclude a smoke laced with sparks of candy. You will surely feel some of the sativa results of this crop. Normally, calmness, productivity, and smooth feelings of euphoric essence are indicated.

#7 – Strawberry Kush
Strawberry Kush destroys the record in terms of conventional indica effects. She offers a powerful body high and stimulates cerebral ooze, resulting in a well-covered high. This is an 85% indica strain and has a 19% THC level. This strain contains genetics from the famous OG Kush that you can predict a structured sweet and earthy taste and scent.

The Bubble Kush is an indica-dominant mixture with a sparkle of sativa. A strain that has a 19% THC level. This magical recipe of OG Kush and Bubble Gum offers a calming, unique experience as you discover the corners of your imagination. Bubble Kush develops up to 140cm indoors.

This essential indica-dominant mixture was produced by crossbreeding the popular Original Cheese (UK Cheese) with Oregon Blueberry. Cheese crops have a beautiful distinct flavor and aroma. Blue Cheese does have a little touch of sweetness from the Blueberry. Aside from its wonderful flavor, it also contains some very strong results.

#4 – OG KUSH
OG KUSH is a strain with famous potency and taste. It has a dank scent that has helped the taste faces of other indica hybrids, with an aftershock that stays on the tongue. As you’re pleasured of the taste, you’ll enjoy a balanced intense body and head euphoria. A powerful and easy to cultivate specimen. This strain contains 19% THC level and developed in just 7 – 9 weeks of growth.

#3 – Big Bud
The has a sweet taste of banana is attractive to cannabis consumers.  This adhesive flowering since it produce bigger buds, got it’s named “BIG BUD” for a reason. When grown indoor it can yield from 350 – 400 grams per square meter. The result is a dense, generous specimen with a 25% THC level in its yellow-carved buds. Enjoy an exclusive sting only the best indica can offer.

#2 – Amnezia Haze
Amnezia Haze isn’t only perfect outside but they also contain some serious heat in their wonderful buds. Amnezia Haze offers powerful outcomes on both mind and physique. The THC level of 21% with a full-armored Haze flavor and a twist of lemon. This is a perfect strain to use after a long day of tasks. At the peak of that, the strong-yielder will leave you in astonishment of her glittering violet buds.


Chocolope stands out in the field of any strain. It typically creates a scent of baked treats. The sweet taste of the smoke the senses and a THC level reaching up to 21%. Its high is a mixture of full-body calmness offered by an uplifting cerebral pace. Pleasure yourself with this wonderful strain from our site!

Growing Marijuana Strains Indoor

The best strains to grow indoors varies. When it comes to developing cannabis indoors, there are 2 kinds of photoperiod plants that are grown for their buds. Indica and Sativa strains. While Indica crops tend to stay little and predictable for indoor growing marijuana. Sativa plants are most likely a little tougher to cultivate indoors.

The importance of developing your cannabis plants in an indoor location is making things easier. For instance, you wake up in the morning and you first see your crop in front of you and it makes you feel blessed every day. Enjoy cropping your plants and be pleasured with their effects!

The Pros and Cons of Cannabis Autoflower Defoliation


Is defoliating autoflowers the best maintenance option for your autoflowering cannabis seeds in the USA?

Autoflowering marijuana strains have become the go-to cannabis type for novice growers and impatient farmers. These variations are well-loved for their quick growing and easy maintenance sprouts. If you’re one of the enthusiasts who shopped for defoliating autoflowers cannabis seeds in the USA or Canada, here are some details that can help you in taking care of your cannabis seedlings.

What is Cannabis Defoliation?

Utilized by many marijuana farmers as a growth technique base, defoliation basically means removing leaves from a plant to help its growth. This method has also been used in growing potatoes, cotton, tomatoes, and in the art of bonsai. With cannabis growing, it has been of great use because planters usually seek to have high-yield in very confined spaces or a limited amount of seeds. It is high risk and aggressive growth technique, which is why it is controversial in the community, with many supporters, as well as detractors.

All about the Controversy

Many experienced growers encourage fellow aficionados to use this method, but there is still quite a number who wants people to stay away. This is mainly because of the extreme care and gentleness needed to make sure that the defoliation would work. Defoliation can slow down the flowering stages of a plant, if not done in the right way. An autoflowering shrub whose time is spent in recovery and healing will not have enough time to grow, therefore, resulting in a lower yield.

Positive Results of Autoflower Defoliation

If done successfully, you will be getting these positive results after defoliating your autoflowering cannabis seeds in the USA:

1. Address any light exposure issues, as the light will be spread evenly to the buds.

2. Increasing your leads even without planting extra seeds.

3. Reduce the expenses used for lighting equipment.

4. Efficiently manage the growth, height, and shape of the cannabis plant.

5. Develop uniformity of the flower buds.

6. Avoid any issues with humidity or housing any household pests.

7. Improve overall plant health and strength.

Risks and Cons of Autoflower Defoliation

This technique, like all maintenance methods, poses threats against proper plant growth. Here are some statements against this practice.

  1. Detractors believe that removing leaves can be harmful to the plant, as a plant needs its leaves for photosynthesis and other internal processes like storing energy for later use.
  2. Other anti-defoliators also believe that it is always better to let plants grow in their natural way, and allow nature to take its course.
  3. Defoliation can actually go wrong in an instant. You rely on timing and the plant’s current condition.
  4. If you practice defoliating when your plant is not doing well will surely slow down plant growth.
  5. When defoliating, you should also do make sure the plant is strong and stable enough to survive the process.
  6. Also, defoliation is a trial-and-error process. We do not know which strains will respond well unless we try and see their behavior after defoliation.

How to Defoliate Your Autoflowers

Before you begin, make sure you are using sterile scissors that are easy to hold and operate. The general idea of defoliation is making your plant feel cared for and loved, so you have to be extremely gentle when handling them.

First, you can start by removing the shabby and rugged-looking leaves. Then, you can proceed with removing the leaves that you deem to hinder the growth of the buds. You can remove upper leaves, but defoliation is usually done at the bottom of the plant. You can get carried away with cutting, so watch that you only remove about 10 to 20 percent of the total number of leaves. Too much removal with exploit the growth and obstruct photosynthesis.

Defoliating Tips for Beginners

  1. Don’t be trigger happy. Relax, take your time, and be precise when cutting. If it is your first time, only focus on chopping the big fan-shaped leaves. Look at this as a technique practice. Remember, you can always decide to trim more, later on, but if you exceed trimming, there will be no going back.
  2. Defoliation is different from pruning. Pruning involves cutting off branches but defoliating focuses only on leaves.
  3. Never defoliate your plants when they are sick or unhealthy. Find other ways to help them recover.
  4. Defoliation in the vegetative stage is only done once. Make sure the plant is at least 25 cm in height, and only remove the largest leaves. This serves as training the plant and letting them know that this can happen again to them.
  5. In the flowering stage, defoliation can be done twice. Once in the first week of flowering, then around the third week, when your plant has already recovered.
  6. Practice makes perfect. This is a technique that can be modified and corrected through repeated application. Other factors affect your plant health, so make sure to give them the most comprehensive care they deserve.

How about Extreme Defoliation? Try Schwazzing and Back-Building.

Aside from basic defoliation, there are two noticeable trends in extreme defoliation, Schwazzing, and Back-Building.

  1. Schwazzing – Named by its founder Joshua Haupt published in his book Three A Light, this practice involves removing the entire canopy at the start of the flowering stage and then in the third week. Haupt named the process from the sound produced by the scissors when the leaves are cut. According to his book, if implemented successfully, schwazzing can boost your plant’s yield. But many people note a high risk of failure for this extreme method, as your plant has an equivalently high risk of death under this type of stress.
  2. Back-Building – This process is aiming to build a thicker bud structure so that the final product will look more aesthetically pleasing. This technique is also known as bud pinching or bud swelling because you will be clipping the tips out of flowering colas so there will be more growth. The idea to do this is for the distribution of the natural growth hormones to vital areas of the bud. Back-building is generally done around 3 to 5 weeks of the flowering process, and the final output usually makes an increase in bag appeal. Unfortunately, for some strains, there is a tendency for fox-tailing, especially when you make a mistake in the process. Others also think that is quite a time-consuming process to do.

In the End, It’s All Up to You

Defoliation is something you can do for a better plant yield, but the power still lies in your hands. You can give it a chance, or you can go for other styles. You can also try cloning, lollipopping, Low-Stress Training, Screen of Green, or other techniques if you want. Our advice is to do research, take chances, and enjoy your overall gardening journey, so you can make the most of your defoliating autoflowers cannabis seeds in the USA.

Transplanting Germinated Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – All Info You Should Know


Buy Autoflowering Seeds and What’s Next?

Have you buy autoflowering seeds and querying about the next process? I’m here to suggest more valuable resources that show you everything you require to understand about rootbound autoflower seeds. Let’s begin with transplanting germinated autoflowering seeds.

Most experts suggest against transplanting your rootbound autoflower seedlings. Standard plants are commonly re-potted to block them from maturing rootbound, and this method is frequently initiated shortly in the vegetative phase when the root system is growing and may even be crawling through the base of the container.

But resetting rootbound autoflower plants is a little complicated, and that’s why producers are frequently encouraged to settle their seeds in the container they intend to use for the span of the maturity period. If not made very precisely, transplanting can damage the growth of the plant for a week. With standard plants you change on your schedule this isn’t much of a dilemma, but autoflowering plants do their thing, so you don’t need to keep them back for any point of time.

Genetically, autoflowering seeds are seeds that need merely weeks to develop and 8 weeks to collect approximately. These plants exert all their energy in producing fast technically. These plants don’t have time for tension and certainly transplanting can provide them so much pressure that it leaves about 1 to 7 days from their developing stage.

When to Transplant Autoflowering Seeds

Various producers will advise you with several replies but ideally, it ought to be the moment when your plant has already acquired firm roots, and when the sets of real leaves of the seedling have reached out to cover the edge of the container.

If you believe that your plants are able then, don’t wait too long to transplant. Rootbound autoflower plants will need time to heal and may be permanently damaged. You must also transpose your plants in the very soil or soilless medium that it originated with so you won’t agitate your plants.

Based on Heather Rhoades, a root-bound is when a plant lingers too long in a small container, and this can seriously bring tension on your plant, and can influence its product. You must have an estimation on the size of your plant, for you to provide the appropriate size of the container. Also, when it proceeds to autoflowering plants, you require considering the dimension of the plant, and how large you desire it to be. Keeping in a little container will only make your cannabis plant to become root bound, and ultimately damage its growth.

How to Transplant your Seeds

Transplanting should be accomplished quickly but in a rather precise way. Make sure everything you require is within range to avoid abandoning your plants and causing errors.

If you want to transplant your autoflowering plants, take these instructions:

Select the plant that you want to transplant and accurately set it on a table. Make sure that wherever you are acting on, it needs to have sufficient light to lessen pressure on the plant.

If you have just sprayed your plant, set for the soil to dry out a little, so it would be simpler to separate it from the container holder.

While setting for the soil to dry, ready the new and larger container. Load with soil identical to the plant’s medium.

Either form a hole to size in a vaster block or burrow a dent into the soil with your fingers and inject for a snug stroke. Potting up needs a little more ability. Make sure to load it just partially. Give room so you can water accurately later.
If you fill the container almost to the lid, water will mostly flow and not spread to the roots.

It is best to avoid watering your plants for about an hour so you don’t ought to set too long to drain out the plant. Wet soil can drop in lumps as you mishandle with the dripping mud.

When the soil from the smaller pot is dry, thoroughly massage the sides of the container to loosen the dirt from the cup. Push your fingers in a circular pattern to completely release the soil.

Coat the dirt from the container with your palm with the main trunk of the plant within your fingers. Gently turn the cup upside down and separate it from the soil. Do not extract the stem and do not reach the roots.

Lastly, smoothly slip the plant, roots first, into the large pot. Close the hole with the remaining soil and make sure that there is sufficient soil to secure the main stem of the plant about midway from the prime level of leaves.

Water gradually after you are finished. Every bit of your current developing medium should be humid so that the roots can easily seep.

Observe as the water gently flows from the container. After there’s no more water flowing from the pot, bring the plant back to its developing space.

Make your plant recover. Nurture it, water it and put it under sufficient amounts of light.

Now you have an idea on one of the processes that are happening when you buy autoflowering seeds and decide to cultivate.

The pressure is the opponent of autoflowering plants. So to lessen tension and to allow your plant to grow and provide you good yields is to begin setting it in a specific large vessel from day one. Providing the fittest environment for your plant to develop healthily should be made during the preparation stage.


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