Which one is excellent, cannabis sativa or cannabis Indica? Before you buy sativa seeds for sale Canada or purchase indica seeds at a local seed bank, attain about why indica seeds are better or why sativa crops will bring you more yields with this comparison article.

Cannabis Sativa 

Cannabis sativa plants are more preferred by growers and users because these plants yield more. These plants are tall and lanky and prefer the outdoors where they can stretch and grow wider. These plants have longer flowering times compared to their Indica siblings and can grow moderate to high yields.

Sativa plants are best grown in places where there the climate is warm longer summers. These plants have long and thin leaves to allow the plants to divert most of its energy to create more buds. This is the reason why there’s only one large cola in sativa plants. 

The Effects of Sativa Strains

Sativa strains will energize while indicas will sedate. Sativas will make you feel energetic, positive and focused. If you are looking for strains which can stimulate your senses, enhance your energy and make you want to move, sativas are your best choice.  Most users prefer sativa strains for their recreational effects since these strains have more psychoactive THC.

Medical Benefits of Sativa 

Consumers prefer sativa strains not just for its recreational effects but also for its many impressive medical effects.  Apparently, THC is not just psychoactive but also has superb medical effects. Buy sativa seeds for sale may be used for the relief of the following medical conditions

Sativa Can Stop Chronic Pain

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have conducted research to assess tens of thousands of respondents about the benefits and the side effects of using marijuana. The study revealed that most users consumed cannabis to relieve chronic pain. Marijuana cannabinoids are used to relieve chronic pain. 

Sativa Can Help with Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

A review of the effects of marijuana revealed that it may help patients that are undergoing alcohol or opioid addiction. Marijuana can help fight these addictions and lead patients to a life that is mentally and physically healthy.                           

Sativa is for Depression, PTSD and Social Anxiety

A review featured in Clinical Psychology Review pointed out that cannabis use is not a treatment for psychosis and bipolar disorder but it can alleviate symptoms of conditions such as social anxiety. There is evidence gathered by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine saying that users of cannabis may have enhanced social anxiety.  

Sativa Can Help Fight Cancer

Some studies recommend that cannabis is effective in the relief of nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. Smoked or vaporized cannabis may stop the side effects of chemotherapy. Cannabinoids found in marijuana can slow down the development of cancer cells or may kill cancer cells. There are studies that revealed that although marijuana is effective for the treatment of cancer, it may not be as good as curing or preventing cancer. 

Sativa Can Stop Seizures

The only approved marijuana-based drug was for epilepsy. Epidolex was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Epidolex is made from purified CBD and patients who took the drug had reduced symptoms. 

Still another study published in 2017 revealed that CBD can reduce seizures in children that were affected by Dravet syndrome to taking a placebo.  

Sativa Can Stop Multiple Sclerosis

There are studies that reveal that marijuana products that are taken orally may improve the symptoms related to MS or multiple sclerosis. Studies showed that there was an improvement in the symptoms of spasticity however, the positive effects were quite modest when the effects were compared from different respondents. 

Side Effects of Sativa

Sativa strains also have some disadvantages. Read before you decide to use or buy sativa seeds for sale:

Sativa has a Link to Mental Health Conditions

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have reported that regular use of sativas can exacerbate the symptoms of bipolar disorder in patients diagnosed with this mental health condition. On the other hand, patients with no history of bipolar disorder are not affected. 

There is also evidence that says regular users will have negative emotions and thoughts just like suicidal thoughts. There may be an increased risk of depression in cannabis sativa users as well. 

Smoking Sativa can Lead to Respiratory Problems

Smoking cannabis sativa may be associated with chronic cough. However, despite this, it is not yet proven whether smoking cannabis can reduce lung function or increase the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as well as asthma. 

There is a certain study made in 2014 which revealed the relationship between lung disease and marijuana. The study revealed that smoking marijuana may lead to the development of lung cancer. 

Medical sativa may not be harmful to the respiratory system when taken in low doses. However, the amount or limit should be defined so that patients will know what they need to do. The study also stated that recreational use is different from therapeutic use and should never be encouraged. 

Cannabis Indica

Indica strains are relaxing. These can calm your nerves and thus allows you to conquer stress and anxiety.  There are impressive effects and negative effects of this type of cannabis. Read all about these before deciding to try.

Advantages of Cannabis Indica Strains

Indica Users Report a more Pleasing Effect

Would you want a “relaxing indica” or “stimulating sativas?” The relaxing effect of indicas is due to its prominent terpenes and other cannabinoids not available in most sativa strains. This relaxing effect can range from calm and cool to a mind-blowing experience that can knock you out. 

And this pleasing, relaxing effect allow users to deal with a number of physical and mental conditions like stress, anxiety, pain, and poor appetite.

There are indica users that consume indica strains to enhance self-confidence so they can function during events.  With a moderate indica dose, you can enjoy engaging in public events.   

Indica Plants are Great for Stealth Growing

Cannabis indica is smaller and more compact. The shape and size of indicas make these plants perfect for growing in secret. Whether you are growing indicas for recreational or medicinal use, you can grow two or more plants indoors without anyone suspecting. 

Stealth growing is for people who live in countries or states where cannabis growing is illegal. It is a preferred growing method if you are cultivating in a structure (condo or apartment building) where cannabis is prohibited.

Indicas are more Relaxing Compared to Sativa Strains

Not everyone can handle the stimulating effects of sativas and this is why they turn to relax and less intimidating indicas. Sativas are stimulating making users very energetic and euphoric. Sativas also have unwanted side effects like restlessness, headaches, and episodes of.  On the other hand, indicas can be used for therapeutic purposes but will never lead to anxiety or restlessness.

Disadvantages of Indica Strains

Take note of the disadvantages of indica strains before you try or grow indica cannabis on your own

Indica may be too Sedating

Some people may not handle the strong stimulation that is common in sativa strains, some users are not too keen on being too relaxed. A totally relaxing strain can lead to a couch-locked effect which is too scary for someone new to using strong cannabis indica. The reason for this is the presence of increased CBN and CBD in the strain compared to THC. 

Indicas are too sedating therefore users are unable to focus or do anything because they are too sleepy. There are people want a strain that will energize them and help them indulge in creative works. Sativas will do all these while indicas won’t. 

The Smoky Dankness of Indica Strains is a Turn-Off

Some people are just not into the smoky dankness of some indicas. Some users would rather consume a spicy and sweet flavor of sativa and stay away from dank indicas which bring about a mind hazy effect.

Some Indica Plants Will Grow Small Yields

Indica plants are small and compact therefore will only grow smaller buds which often has smaller yields.  This is why some growers use different training techniques to enhance the growth of buds and increase yields. One of the most common techniques for strains is pruning wherein large fan leaves located at the bottom of the plant are removed. This method makes the smaller, underdeveloped buds become bigger and denser.

One training method used to enhance yields in indica weed strains is the screen of green method. Also called SCROG, plants are grown through a screen made of string or metal which won’t harm but support delicate cannabis plants. The screen only allows the plants up to a certain height and permits the buds through. This technique guarantees that all the buds get equal lighting. 

So which one do you pick? Whether you need a treatment strain or recreational strain, you can buy sativa seeds for sale Canada online or from local dispensaries.

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