The Pros and Cons of Buying Only One Marijuana Seed Online

buy single marijuana seeds online

You may have taken some study in getting the best cannabis store to purchase single marijuana seeds online. Seeking the online store that gives the most flexible variety of cannabis seeds from their very own team of growers and breeders will always be the smart selection. We know that it is very difficult to seek for a company that offers the most amazing selection as well as the reasonable pricing, special promotion, as well as extra free kinds of stuff. This article shall elaborate on the pros and cons of buying only one single marijuana seeds online.

What Are the Benefits if you buy Single Marijuana Seeds Online?

There are great cannabis seeds to select from online but what we recommend is to take a look at the expert background for growing, client prescription, personal experience, as well as customer reviews. When you choose to buy feminized seeds, it will be guaranteed that you will be getting 100% female plants. These are worth the amount and lessens your operational costs in sexing your cannabis crops and removing the male cannabis from your production.

One of the most sought stages in the life cycle of a cannabis plant is when the buds shoot. Through the reviews made by EastCoastCreep, you might have to be very careful when you buy single marijuana seeds online. For the juiciest and the most sellable ones are the ones which grew the largest. The buds of the cannabis crops contain the most amount of THC content. The best place to buy quality seeds is at an authentic store where you can select shipping options.

One of the primary ways to gauge if your cannabis seed that will grow into marijuana plants is that if they bear the highest quality and feature is how they look like on the outside. These are very obvious especially if they work out very well when we tell about how they are bought or sold in the markets. The darker colors are the ones that exhibit the superior quality of the seeds since they are healthier through its outer shell. The black and get shades are the ones that mean that it is a good seed to use for your yield and displays an orange-striped color like a tiger’s skin.

Most of the websites will require you to do the purchase via PayPal or your Credit or Debit Card as long as it is Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Take note of the charge breakdown before hitting the payment button to make sure that you are paying the right amount for your preferred purchase. Please be exact and accurate when it comes to your personal information like your address and personal details since these are very crucial to the fulfillment of your order.

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One of the most important factors to see before pushing through with your online order when you buy single marijuana seeds online is that whether the seed bank or cannabis seeds tore handles shipping straight to the US. Also, there must be a clear expectation of what options are there for fulfillment as well as prices and policies. You don’t want your package to be held on the delivery warehouse only to know that you didn’t place the right details on it.

Pros When You Buy Single Marijuana Seeds Online

You can select this if you want to have your cannabis seeds ship to us be on the usual packaging. This is very ideal for the states in the United States where buying or growing cannabis seeds which are legal. Remember that seeds are often being removed from the packaging which is sent in random objects.

Online cannabis stores are very creative when doing a stealth shipping mail order for some states in the United States where buying or growing cannabis seeds which are not legal. You will be receiving your seeds on a pen, or inside the compartment of a CD, a piece of cheap jewelry, or anything that won’t divulge that what you are ordering are marijuana seeds. These are often for free while another cannabis store may charge you for an additional amount for camouflaging when you buy single marijuana seeds online ships to the US.

Some states in the United States do not allow to buy, grow, or sell cannabis seeds as it may be confiscated by the officer from customs. Cannabis stores offer this option for their customers to purchase a guaranteed delivery on the process of checking out the order. There is some sort of insurance that is placed for your order. This is guaranteed in such cases that when buy single marijuana seeds online as they ship to the US is confiscated, the cannabis store will ship your order without any extra cost until such time that you get to receive it door to door.

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You probably already know that one way to make the most of your money is to buy products at a wholesale price and then turn around and sell them for retail. One of the messy aspects of this is dealing with a bunch of inventory, which might turn you off if you don’t have much storage space. It’s also a risk to buy all that product when you’re not sure what will sell.

If you’re just learning how to make the most of your money online, there’s an easier method, and it’s called drop shipping. Dropshipping solves the above problems completely when you buy single marijuana seeds online. You don’t have even to touch the product! Dropshipping is when you buy from your source and ship to the customer only once the customer has paid. In other words, you don’t spend a dime or buy any product unless you already have the money in hand.

There are a couple of ways to do this, but the simplest is to check the prices of different products across many retailers as you buy single marijuana seeds online. If you find a product for an unusually low price on some retailer’s website, then you list it for more than that price, and if a customer bites, then you simply buy it from the retailer and ship it to their address instead of your own.

Cons When You Buy Single Marijuana Seeds Online

One of the things you’ll have to watch out for when buying single marijuana seeds online is the scams. The biggest red flag of all is that last point: if you have to pay when you buy single marijuana seeds online without any confirmation number or reference number as well as an official receipt from their official payment partners, then it’s surely a scam.

Watch out especially for multi-level marketing schemes. These are sometimes known as “network marketing” businesses. Some of these are outright scams, and some are not, but what they almost all have in common is that they don’t work. MLM is just a waste of time for the most part; you could put your efforts towards building your own business or even working for someone else and make more money for the time spent. Worst of all, you usually have to pay upfront for a “startup kit” with these companies, which is the way they primarily make money. Just steer clear.

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Also, be cautious of who you give private information online. To protect yourself, if you are a US citizen and are required to give a tax ID number when signing up to work online, consider registering for an EIN (Employee Identification Number) instead of giving your SSN (Social Security Number). You can get these for free, and it spares you from sharing your SSN. Even if the company is not a scam, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t vulnerable to security issues, and the less you spread around this private information, the better.

Here are some other key red flags when you buy single marijuana seeds online:

  1. The company or organization for the online cannabis store has no history
  2. You can’t find people who vouch for your prospective employer
  3. You find complaints online about the company
  4. The company is a multi-level (“network”) marketing scheme
  5. You are required to pay money without seeing a confirmation page of the products that you are about to buy


The natural growing of cannabis strains is something that can guarantee higher THC content, as one of the premium perks when you buy single marijuana seeds online as they uphold their reputation in growing cannabis strains organically. All stores have their own packages include informational material on how to grow your own cannabis seeds. With their very friendly personnel for shipping, they can guarantee that your order will reach your doors. The good thing about the online cannabis store is that it offers all customers an insured 80 percent rate for germination for all 30 quality strains that you can purchase from their store which yields very nice profit for your cannabis cultivation.

You can also notice that they have a very responsive member in their customer service team with a fast yet discreet mode of shipping towards the United States and other countries. It has built its solid grounds in the industry as they accept all methods of online banking payments. They also had a hard time in perfecting their strains as they offer an enormous variety of cannabis seeds, predominantly for a commercial that strains all of their breeds themselves.

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