Growing good marijuana plants begins with selecting the right seeds for a grower to use. Buying seeds in Dispensaries can prove to be a difficult task especially for first time growers who won’t have the experience to know which seeds are best.

There are some key factors to consider when one wants to buy Indica seeds and observing these will have an impact on the quality of the crop one produces. The following are some of the factors one should consider when they are buying seeds.

  1. Source

Make sure that you purchase your seeds from a reputable seed bank or from a hobby grower who is known for providing good seeds. Reputable sources have a reputation to protect for their business to flourish and they are likely to provide you with good quality Indica seeds.

One should also make use of seed banks that are known for their Indica strain development because seeds banks that specialize are likely to carry the best of a particular seed group. 

  1. Do Your Research

As a grower, you have to research on your desired strains and see if they meet the criteria of the crop you are trying to produce. One should find as many details as they can about the strains they want before they purchase the seeds.

The research will also help a grower to know if the desired strain fits the purpose for which they want to grow. Some Indica strains are good for medicinal purposes while some are more recreational. 

  1. Appearance and Feel

Healthy and viable seeds have a firm shell and one can test this firmness by squeezing the seeds between their fingers. If a seed cracks under moderate pressure, it is of poor quality and unlikely to give a grower a worthy crop. 

A dark outer shell shows that the seeds are well matured and healthy. The dark shell on Indica seeds normally carries a striped pattern and they are a bit larger than Sativa seeds. They also have a sheen like finish when they are helping to bright light.

Immature seeds have a green and white appearance and they should be avoided as they elongate the growth cycle of the marijuana. 

  1. Feminized Seeds

The female cannabis plant is the one that produces buds and leaves that are used for weed. They carry the cannabinoids which give weed its effects and the male plants do not have these cannabinoids. 

When one is buying seeds, they must ensure that they get feminized seeds which will give them a crop. Unless one is developing for breeding, they have no value for male seeds. 

  1. Consider Environment You Are Growing In

Different strains find different environments more suitable for their ultimate vitality. A grower should consider where they are growing their marijuana and pair the right strain with the correct growing environment. 

Some strains fair better outdoors while a number of strains developed in recent times are more suited for indoor growing as they have been developed by growers who utilize indoor spaces. 

  1. Price Factor

The price of the seeds available in a dispensary is crucial in deciding the seeds a grower will go for. Most top-shelf seeds will be highly priced and the prices might be too steep for a grower. 

Top shelf seeds are also usually more sophisticated and require experience to grow successfully. For first time growers, they might prove to be an unworthy investment due to the risk they carry. 

  1. Yield Size 

A key consideration one should make before buying seeds is how much of a yield they want to have from their plants. This will help pick the right amount and strain of seeds for the yield size they want.

Yield could be determined by the purpose of growth, the amount of growth space available to a grower and the amount of money they are willing to invest. 

The yield size affects other things such as lighting needed, water supply, ventilation and amount of soil needed, among other things. It is therefore important to consider the yield size. 

  1. Autoflower Seeds

Some Indica strains have been developed so that they can autoflower while some need to have the flowering stage induced by the use of lighting. 

For first time growers, autoflower strains may be the best to start with because they are easier to raise. They are more resilient and they are feminized. 

Experienced growers may opt for seeds that do not autoflower because they grow bigger and hence, they produce a better harvest. Autoflower seeds do not produce plants that grow as big and hence the yield from them would be less. 

  1. Float Test 

Although this test is unlikely to help before purchasing the seeds, it will assist a grower in making their future decision on buying seeds. Knowing which Indica seeds are perfect to buy for a grower may take a few attempts to get right. 

The float test involves putting marijuana seeds in a container with water. The seeds should be left for about two hours. Seeds that sink to the bottom are good seeds and are likely to give a grower a good crop. 

The seeds that float are of poor quality and should be discarded. One should only conduct the test when they are ready to plant because the seeds involved in the test soak water during it and are then ready to germinate. 

The Bottom Line

The seeds one chooses are a big determining factor of their overall success in growing marijuana. Knowing the factors to consider when one wants to buy Indica seeds is of great importance. 

The appearance of the seeds, potential yield size and the environment in which the seeds will be grown are some of the factors one has to consider. Paying attention to these factors will assist one in making the correct decision when buying Indica seeds in dispensaries.

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