Buying Weed Online in Canada – Limit Your Expectations

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Buying your marijuana strains online is not a new issue for the users at all. This has gone since the new millennium and retail companies deliver the packages to its customers discreetly- far from police and government regulations.

Canada has passed its historical legislation of the Cannabis Act in October 2018. Due to this strong move by the government, the rule of law surely protects the people who will consume Cannabis for different purposes they may do. With this, Online transactions will be smoother and better than before.

Changes in the Policies

In order to keep up legal transactions, they require their customers to present valid Identification Cards for verification and continuity of their requests. For the companies’ side, the shipping is their dilemma as they have to dodge law firms just to successfully bring their products to the customers’ doorsteps.

Now that the legislation is in effect, everything changed. Shipping can now be done visibly, without the worry of road chase of the police. More people will select Online Shops to buy weeds and their sales will surely increase for the next few decades.

  1. Before: You need a license to purchase Marijuana seeds and strains online.

Now: You can purchase Marijuana strains online even without license

Canada has practiced this regulation before October 2018. Anyone caught purchasing Cannabis without a proper license or medication from legitimate Medical Clinics faced stiff fines of a thousand or more money, even imprisonment for life.

If you hate seeing yourself or can’t imagine holding cold, thick, and strong bars of detention cells, you have to follow the law.

  1. Before: Companies deliver their packages away from police

Now: They have to deliver packages with policemen’s knowledge

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During the past few years, the companies and law enforcers were like chasing cats and rats. Rats hide away from cats, in fear of being caught and killed. Now that the law takes effect, Online Shops can deliver without the fear of police cars chasing them because of discreet transactions.

The law includes the protection of legitimate online dealers with the condition that they have to declare all of their transactions with the concerned government agencies. However, the government prohibits their packages appealing to children such as packages with animated designs. Also, pictures or endorsements that relate Marijuana to an exquisite lifestyle are illegal under the law.

  1. Before: You can only order strains not higher than a regulated gram

Now: You can order strains as many as you want but differs in provinces

Canada lifts the limit of Cannabis you can purchase online. This is to give way for the Winter Season where Cannabis plants are near to none because of that snowy spell which lasts for months. Other great factors considered include people with medical issues, private practice, and suppressed public consumption.

With this, you can now purchase bulk orders without having fear of possible arrest by the law!

If you think that this is all good like a rainbow with a pot of gold, think of it again. There are bad effects with this law.

The Regulations

Cannabis Act regulates everything, though it is highly favorable to the Marijuana Industry- its supporters, advocates, and users. However, there are strict regulations with this law that Canadians need to comply with.

  1. People who purchase Marijuana items Online are not allowed to smoke everywhere

This is in connection to the Smoke-Free Act in different Cities and Provinces of Canada. They regulate smokers to do smoking in public and not affect people around them who don’t consume these weeds.

  1. People may use Products from the Online Cannabis Shops in the public

Do not be surprised if you see a group of men sniffing their weeds or smoke those in a public place. With this law, they can do it attentively, but they should only bring weeds up to 30 grams when consuming in the public. In the event that a user brings higher than 30 grams, law enforcers may arrest that person.

  1. Online Shops are now monitored by the Government

Cannabis items are quite luxurious, we all knew it. It’s worse when Online Shops charge their shipping fees to us. Worst is, they really don’t come in time because of the delivery issues.

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Upon implementation of the new rules, your Marijuana items may go more luxurious than ever. With legalization, they are now recognized by the law and this recognition means increased taxation.

After all, it’s better to have your items more expensive and legal than those people buying their weeds from illegal online shops, which may bring danger to them, to the delivery staff and the online shop itself.

What is the Future of Marijuana Online Transactions in Canada?

In the end, the shops will definitely thrive because of the framework of the law- a pro-cannabis one which aims to protect the welfare of their citizens, to aid them in usage, to check their sources, and to boost the economy as well.

However, Online Shops may not smoothly sail for the upcoming months because of the following concerns:

  1. Taxation- the proposed tax will affect the sales with the possibility of forcing the people to choose Black Market again, rather than those protected by the government
  2. The Monopoly of Shops- the government regulates licensing of shops to certain groups which may cause harm in the economic aspect of the Marijuana Industry. They even find it hard to liberalize Online Shopping to Private Sectors
  3. Provincial Regulations– they differ from one another and this is confusing. You cannot simply deliver from one province to another, without considering their rules for the users. National Law may exist but the Provincial Regulations, just like in the US States, is easier to enforce.

Online Shops in Canada faces two-sided results and you will feel these upon doing transactions with them, paying what you purchase with new prices and waiting for your items to arrive in time.

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