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Can Indoor Cannabis Seeds Grow Outside

Can Indoor Cannabis Seeds Grow Outside

There have been a lot of users that are now growing cannabis in the comfort of their own homes and properties. And what is usually among these growers is that they grow cannabis indoor seeds because of how they might not want to arouse the suspicion of neighbors and stay discreet.

Because of that, there are more indoor cannabis seeds available on the market than the outdoor ones. But not everyone wants to cultivate their plants indoors as they might not have enough space for such an operation. Instead, they might want to prefer to grow the seeds outdoors where there is enough space, sunlight, and soil for them to grow properly. In that case, can indoor cannabis seeds grow outside?

Differences between indoor and outdoor growing

  1. Climate

When growing indoors, you have control over the climate conditions that are required for the strain of cannabis plant to grow properly. That is because different types of strains require different types of climates. In that sense, an indoor operation can simulate the required conditions for a type of strain to properly cultivate.

Meanwhile, outdoor growing tends to rely only on the natural climate. As you already know, you can’t control the climate. You are a slave to the climate of your area as you can only cultivate cannabis strains that thrive well in that type of a natural climate. On the bright side, you might be able to save more money in the long run because you wouldn’t have to spend a lot on special equipment and on electricity bills.

  1. Price

Indoor operations can be quite expensive because of how climate control systems tend to cost a fortune, which you might not be able to immediately shell out. You will also notice how much your electricity bill will spike up because of how indoor climate control systems need to be operational 24/7. You also have to factor in labor expenses.

However, if you are cultivating outdoors, you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on climate control systems. Your electricity bill also will not be as expensive. However, you still have to factor in labor expenses. That said, outdoor operations tend to be less expensive than indoor systems.

  1. Quality

Indoor cannabis tends to be of higher quality because of how you can easily control the climate to fit the ideal conditions needed by the strain to properly cultivate and grow as a happy plant. You also don’t have to deal with adverse outdoor conditions such as rain, pests, and other naturally occurring things that might harm your plants. That said, indoor cultivation keeps your cannabis plants in great shape and condition.

On the other hand, your outdoor plants tend to depend on the environmental conditions. The quality might not be bad but it still depends on the things that happened while the cannabis plants were still growing. They are also prone to naturally occurring environmental elements (such as rain, pests, inclement weather) that might damage your plants or cause changes in the way they grow.

Which is better?

Well, it depends on a lot of factors. Indoor cannabis seeds that are grown indoor are much more preferred nowadays because of how they are easier to grow and how they are of a higher quality. But that does not mean that indoor growing is still better in all aspects than outdoor cultivation.

Meanwhile, in outdoor cultivation, you get to save more money because you don’t have to shell out on expensive systems that spike your electricity bills up. And, if you are lucky to live in a place with the right climate, your cannabis plants might just grow up to be as good as those grown indoors.

Moving indoor plants outdoors

If you are asking if your indoor cannabis seeds can thrive just as well outside, the answer is yes. Cannabis plants have retained the genetic makeup that allows them to thrive well outdoors just as their landrace ancestors have done so for thousands of years. That said, there are still things you first need to consider before growing your indoor seeds outside.

First off, strains that are not autoflowering need the right amount of sunlight and dark hours for them to start flowering from the vegetative state. That said, if you are planning to grow your indoor strains outside, you must be prepared to monitor the number of light hours they have received and balance them out with the proper dark hours as well.

Second, you might want to start the indoor plants inside. This is because seeds need to be in a safe and controlled environment for them to thrive well at the start. Cannabis plants are most vulnerable when they are young and would need to be taken care off well at the start. However, after they have matured well enough are about to flower, that is the right time for you to move them outside.

And third, location is important. You need to put the plants in a location where they can take in as much sunlight as possible and where they can be safe from harmful adverse environmental conditions. If the winds in your area tend to be strong, make sure there is a wall high enough to protect your cannabis plants. The temperature in the location is also just as important as any other factor.

The most common reason why others prefer moving their indoor cannabis plants outdoors is so that they can take in as much sunlight as they possibly can while they are flowering. This ensures that your plants will have a yield as maximum a harvest as they can.

If you want to learn more about cannabis growing in depth, you may want to read books and expert advice from leaders in the industry such as Jorge Cervantes. You can actually learn a lot about indoor and outdoor growing if you educate yourself and if you know where to look for the right information that can help you succeed in this endeavor.

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