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Can K9 Smell CBD?

Can K9 Smell CBD?

The world has stepped up its resistance and suppressive campaign against Marijuana consumption, to the point that they used animals to trace the underground and discreet transactions of the Cannabis Industry. We all know that dogs have a relatively sensitive sense of hearing and smell- to the point that they can smell and hear their enemies even miles away.

In many Cannabis crackdown campaigns, these animals are the most used in detecting suspicious packages and parcels such as weeds and other substances with an aromatic odor. However, can they smell chemically modified substances? Can they really smell weeds with 0 THC high CBD seeds?

The Shocking Truth!

Despite their keen and sensitive senses, dogs can’t smell Cannabidiol at all. Dogs were greatly trained to smell particular chemicals used in creating Cannabis extracts such as pinene and caryophyllene. These two substances are existing in different weed strains.

Pinene smells like a forest pine tree. This chemical is great for treating Body Pains, Asthma, Ulcer, Anxiety, and Cancer. Surprisingly, this chemical is found in other plants like Pine Needles, Basil, Rosemary, Parsley, and Dill.

On the other hand, Caryophyllene smells like pepper. This terpene can treat different illnesses such as Body Pains, Abdominal Problems, Digestion problems, Seizures, and Alzheimer’s Disease. This terpene is found in other plants like Oregano, Black Pepper, Lavender, Ylang-Ylang and Cloves.

These two different Terpenes are detectable due to their aromatic scent. The good thing with CBD is that the chemical itself is not aromatic at all. Remember that Cannabidiol has no aroma unless terpenes mix with this chemical.


Also known as police dogs, K9 dogs are intentionally trained for law enforcement (for bomb and drug detections, chasing fugitives) and crisis activities such as helping rescue teams during calamities and hunting for search and retrieval operations.

The Ancient nations have used dogs for safekeeping and application of law enforcement in their land, especially during the times that their citizens do not follow the law.  European nations have used them for protecting their security teams. It was in Belgium that the first organized department for dog training created in 1899.

With its creation, the neighboring countries followed their format and have successfully helped other countries in combatting drug trafficking going in and out from different regions. Dogs are effective in chasing the criminals and facing villains, even they guard with live weapons.

To this date, dogs are greatly used in enforcing the law and a nice asset for crime prevention due to their strength and endurance in performing their assigned tasks, thru rain or shine.


What can these Dogs Smell?

All terpenes of Cannabis are aromatic. With this, the chance for a sniffing dog detecting your drugs is great.

If the terpenes contained in your weed strains are not removed, then you will surely face a serious problem with the detection. Cannabidiol extracts are from your Marijuana strains that have lesser traces of terpenes, or no terpenes at all.

As you can remember, there are different types of CBD with terpenes- the isolates, the distillates, and the full spectrum. Isolates are purely CBD in composition and have no terpene traces. Distillates have lesser terpene content than the full spectrum CBD but these two chemicals have terpenes, a red flag for sniffing dogs.

If you want to go undetected at border zones or in airports or ship ports, using Isolates is the most suitable for you. Isolates are scentless and have purely CBD.

If you can’t avoid using distillates or full spectrum CBDs, other users recommend that these be mixed with edibles, specifically chocolates, cookies, candies and other handy foods for traveling.

Apart from Marijuana, dogs can smell the following drugs prohibited by governments of different nations:

  1. Cocaine
  2. Meth or Methamphetamine
  3. LSD
  4. Ecstasy
  5. Opiates

Last Minute Reminder!

When going abroad, we do not urge you to bring your bare 0 THC high CBD Seeds or any rolled strains in your few bags. Drug-sniffing dogs usually detect your Cannabis because of the aroma that they contain. You may not smell it physically due to multiple packs of containers wrapping your strains, but the aroma they have will find its way to go out.

Dogs have a whopping 40 times more effective smelling than us humans. Their noses contain up to 300 million nerves which make their sense of smell effective and sharp.

If you can’t avoid bringing your weeds with you, prefer using the extracts instead. Choose isolates over than anything else. If the user can’t avoid using distillates or full spectrum, these extracts must mix thoroughly with edibles.

Dogs may not work perfectly at times in smelling contrabands, but your chance of being arrested because of their screening versus you deceiving the dog is smaller than a needle’s eye. Better follow the rules and sacrifice a bit, rather than comforting yourself with an aromatic CBD and forever sleep in jail.

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