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Can You Get Seeds from Autoflowering Cannabis Plants?

Can You Get Seeds from Autoflowering Cannabis Plants?

Cannabis seeds are available in different forms: feminized, regular, and autoflowering seeds. If you are new to cultivating cannabis, then people who have been doing this for a while will tell you to start with autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering seeds pertain to the naturally-produced seeds by means of normal germination. That is the best answer to the question “can I get seeds from autoflowering cannabis?”

Why are Autoflowering Seeds Better than Regular and Feminized Seeds?

This type of cannabis seeds is much better than feminized and regular seeds for some reasons. First, they don’t need much care and attention, so they can produce a bountiful yield in the end. Autoflowering seeds grow as short and bushy plants that can resist harsh weather conditions. These seeds will grow well even when you plant them in a limited space.

How Can I Get Seeds from Autoflowering Cannabis?

Autoflowering marijuana strains have become more popular. In fact, there are now several communities of cannabis growers who specialize in cultivating autoflowering strains.

Creating authentic autoflowering seeds from two healthy, genuine autoflowering parent strains is easy for many. But, breeding new autoflowering cannabis strains becomes a big challenge when you try crossing a hybrid with a non-autoflowering plant.

The very first thing that you need to know about producing autoflowering seeds on your own is how to produce the best ones. You need to generate autoflowering seeds that can reduce your upfront expenses for every individual grow.

In producing autoflowering seeds, each female plant can produce more than one hundred sees. It can also produce more than 1,000 seeds under good growing conditions. Thus, you get a supply of seeds that will last for many years.

If you try producing autoflowering seeds through natural and simple pollination, your seeds will be regular. It means they may become female or male. Regular seeds may not be good if you need to grow more plants and remove the male plants before they can fertilize the females.

You can produce feminized seeds when you use advanced growing techniques and colloidal silver. But, these growing methods are ideal for experienced growers.

How to Produce Seeds from Autoflowering Plants?

Autoflowering plants can be male and female. But, only the females can produce flowers, THC, and CBD. Many cannabis growers keep their farm full of female plants, especially those who want to gather more during the harvesting period.

If you want to produce your own autoflowering seeds, you should have both male and female plants. Male plants play a big part in the pollination, which is the process of producing genuine autoflowering seeds. This natural process occurs when the male pollens get out of their sacks. They will blend with the air to reach the female plants.

The process of pollination will occur on its own when you grow your plants outdoors. In indoor growing, you need to take all things in your hands. You can choose the best plants to use in producing seeds for best results. You need to apply the pollens to your female plants using your bare hands.

You must be extra careful to gain the best possible results. If you do, expect to see matured seeds within your autoflowering plants in two weeks only. You may collect and store them for future use.

With general photo-sensitive cannabis plants, the process often ends here. You can cross two strains and collect seeds that will have both the genetic qualities of their parents.

But, this process is not simple when you cross autoflowering plants. It is because autoflowering is a recessive attribute. Thus, you should learn more about breeding cannabis and gene inheritance so that you can produce good autoflowering seeds.

Autoflower Breeding

Plant breeding is manipulating and altering different plant characteristics and traits to achieve better results. In the simplest form, this process becomes a careful plant cross-breeding procedure with an aim to get the seeds that have those desirable traits from the parents.

This process may occur through many generations with cross-breeding, in-breeding, and backcrossing several offspring to keep those attributes. Since autoflowering is a recessive attribute, you should learn how the process of plant breeding takes place.

It is important because autoflowering plants may either pass on their attributes to their offspring or not. Thus, you really need to understand how autoflowering plants can pass their genes and how to produce a marijuana strain that has this recessive trait.

The Mendel’s first law of genetics will show you how gene inheritance happens. Also, you can draw and use a Punnett square illustration which expresses one, two, or more genotype expression proportions.

Breeding Two Autoflowering Plants

In creating seeds, the best method is to cross two healthy autoflowering plants that are from similar species. This way, your seeds will be as stable as their parents.

Crossing two autoflowering plants from similar species means the seeds will be autoflowering and there is no any new attribute introduced to the seeds. Also, those characteristics will be stable or homozygous. You will never have to worry about multi cross-breeding sequences.

If you are new to cultivating cannabis, you should buy regular autoflowering seeds today and grow them. When your plants are already mature, you can start pollinating the female plants with male pollens and get hundreds of cannabis autoflowering seeds.

Autoflowering seeds normally take less than 10 weeks to produce flowers. Thus, you can start cultivating your next group of home-grown seeds two months after you bought your first seeds.

Since you can get 1,000 seeds or more from just one autoflowering plant, you can have a large inventory of seeds. This way, you can expand your farm with both male and female autoflowering plants. Then, you can pollinate the new plants to have a continuous supply of seeds.

At first, this process feels like a little difficult. Just continue to save money because autoflowering seeds are quite expensive, especially the feminized seeds. But, when making your own cannabis seeds, you will just end up paying for the electricity, nutrients you gave to the plants, and the growing medium you used.

Breeding an Autoflowering and a Photo-sensitive Plants

Producing cannabis seeds by crossing your autoflowering plant with a photo-sensitive marijuana strain is more difficult. You need to make several generations for stabilizing your new strains. This process may be extremely time-consuming and expensive. If you have enough time and money for this, you may proceed by following these steps:

  • 1st Breeding Cycle – when crossing an autoflowering cannabis plant and a photo-sensitive strain, you will get a strain with photo-sensitive-dominant and autoflower recessive traits. This will mean that the first-generation heterozygous offspring will be photo-sensitive cannabis strains. Thus, they don’t have the autoflowering ability. You will need to give more time for them to ensure success when they enter the flowering phase.
  • 2nd Breeding Cycle – in this phase, your new strains are mature and ready for reproduction. This time, you can start crossing the best male plants with the best female plants to produce more seeds. The second-generation strains are different from their parents. They have a more diverse inherited make-up. In the second breeding cycle, 25 percent of the produced seeds will be totally photo-sensitive dominant strains. The other 50 percent will be like the hybrid strains you got from the first breeding cycle. The remaining 25 percent will be the homozygous or totally autoflowering plants.
  • 3rd Breeding Cycle – this breeding cycle involves the 2nd generation strains with autoflowering traits. You will cross the best males and the best female plants to produce more seeds. For this breeding cycle, the plants will be totally autoflowering plants and the offspring will also have the same attributes as their parents.

As you can see, breeding autoflowering strains is not a simple task. Here, you need to carry out more experiments. Also, you should create several plant generations to keep those traits that you want.

Fortunately, autoflowering cannabis plants grow faster than the ordinary photo-sensitive plants. This will mean you can get up to six generations of marijuana strains within a year. A few years later, you will have a stable strain that you can use repetitively to produce more cannabis seeds and have new more stable strains that can yield in huge amounts.

Ideally, you can have a strain with a strong autoflowering trait in the 3 to 4 generations. But, you typically need to create 5 up to 7 generations to stabilize the genetics of your plants. That can be the reason behind the unexpected arrival of different autoflowering cannabis strains to the market. These strains were unstable and created different phenotypes.

For that reason, it is safer to buy an older strain because it is more stable. Thanks to breeders who spent their time to master their growing techniques and produce more stable hybrid strains. Do your homework and start searching for those autoflowering strains that have been in the market for several years. Stop wondering about the question “can I get seeds from autoflowering cannabis?” The answer is yes and there are ways to make it happen.

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