A mistake during the buds flowering stage can remarkably affect the quality and the size of your soon to be harvested bud. With some simple tricks, although you’ve assured an amazing harvest every time.

The bud will enter its flowering phase when the light cycle of your marijuana plants has much longer of uninterrupted darkness. The plants will just stop growing and rather put their energy into buds flowering. This will just normally happen outdoors when the summer days will get shorter. And indoors, the flowering will just happen once the switching of the light will begin to 10-12 hours of darkness. 

The bud flowering period will last for about 7-9 weeks in most of the marijuana strains, though some of the Sativas required even longer days for their bud to start maturing. 

  • Week 1, 2, AND 3 of Cannabis Flowering Periods

When the flowering stage starts, it’s not really a sudden change in your cannabis plants’ growth. The marijuana will not just suddenly stops its growth and jump into the flowering stage right away. In the first week of the flowering stage, a lot of marijuana strains may actually undergo a substantial growth stretch. It is an important thing to know when feel talking about feeding your marijuana plants properly, although you want to let them have enough space to grow. 

In the first weeks of the flowering stage, your cannabis plants will be in the transformation stage. Considering that winter is fast approaching and the marijuana plants will soon carry a heavy load of buds, and your marijuana plants will likely grow quickly. Some of the marijuana strain will almost double its height during the transition time. Because of the quick growth of your marijuana plants is going through now, this early flowering stage is also called the stretch phase. 

While your marijuana plant is taking some overtime increasing height and size, she will add a number of leaves mostly at the top of the main colas. Your marijuana plants are busy developing green stuff, like leaves and stem so it will make it stronger and solid.

Things You Need to Know in Early Stage of Cannabis Buds Flowering 

Though your cannabis plant has entered the flowering stage, it will need an increase in growing nutrients. And you should not change the nutrient so suddenly and use flowering nutrients from one day to the next day. It is advisable for growers to continue giving growing nutrients for at least another week once the flowering stage starts. 

With the growing of marijuana in an early flowering stage, you could maybe think about training methods such as low-stress training also known as LST. It is where the growers bend the stems down all the way from the middle of the plant so you can get an equal canopy for more important use of them to grow lights. Later on, it can help get a greater yield. 

  • WEEK 2

In the second week of the flowering stage, you will see the first white pistil that is growing on your female marijuana plants. These smooth and wispy white hair will frow at the specific location where the big leaves meet the main stem. This smooth fine hair will, later on, develop as buds. 

The male plant won’t grow hairs, instead, it will grow pollen sacs, You should grow regular plants, a non-feminized plan where the gender is not identified, and that’s the time that you should “sex” your regular plants so you can identify the male from the female plants. The male plant won’t grow hair but can pollinate the female plant, resulting it to grow seeds. This one thing that growers don’t want to happen. 

To correctly feed your marijuana plant once they starting to flower and show the first sign of buds growing, the growers should always check the nutrients producer schedule. It is usually around 2 weeks where you’ll have to increase the flowering nutrients for the plant to aim the maximum yields. 

  • WEEK 3

Your marijuana plant will not fully stop growing and will be 50% bigger than just 3 weeks earlier. Although it’s still developing a bit, the stretching phase will just slow down and will soon completely stop. You ‘ll now notice the first sign of developing buds, where the location of the other plant that has some hair. The trichomes and resin glands won’t still be seen on your plant, that only means that the smell won’t be so strong either. 

This flowering stage where the plants spend most of the time increasing more energy on developing flowers is extremely critical. Always make sure that the nutrients you’re giving are correct and always check the label for the right advisable dosage. 

As the plants became pickier, the growers should check for a possible defect that could manifest in numerous ways, such as yellowing leaves, discolored, or falling leaves entirely. During this time the growers should also check the plants for overfeeding or nutrient burn, which could show around this kind of time. The nutrient burns will naturally show in the point of the leaves discolored. You need to cut down feeding if that happens. 

  • WEEK 4

Week 4 of the bud flowering phase, your marijuana plants will eventually stop growing and will only focus its energy on developing the buds. Though the white hairs will still be visible from the buds, and eventually the buds itself will be growing fatter and bigger each day. The marijuana plants will produce more trichome if there’s a lot of buds that are all big, which makes the smell more noticeable. 

You won’t be spending a lot of time training your marijuana plants since it stopped growing. Where the growers always bend down the stems before, but this time you can now consider just holding them up for the structural support. 

  • WEEK 5

Week 5 of buds flowering stage, you’ll now notice that the buds of your plants are becoming fatter. And you’ll see growing new buds in some new places along with the main cola. With abundant buds, your marijuana plants will get thicker every day. This is the sign where your plants are in the full flowering stage. At this phase, the plants will start to get a very intense odor.  Always make sure that you’re prepared with a good condition ventilations system indoors or any places where it’s not allowed to grow or cultivate marijuana plants. 

The old white pistils will be turning darker and brownish or amber color. At the same time, you may spot in your marijuana plants that some of your trichomes are becoming cloudy. The trichomes are turning to milky white and the hair is becoming darker, which means that the plants are not far from the harvest time. 

  • WEEKS 6, 7 AND 8 Before Harvest Time
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Not all of the marijuana strains requires the same amount of flowering time, but a lot of varieties are ready to be harvest in three weeks. Though, some of the strains are not ready to harvest before 8 weeks.

Flushing Your Marijuana Plants

Regarding the time flowering of your various strain, normally the time of your marijuana flushing is 2 weeks before the day of harvest. When you do flush, you should stop giving nutrients and just give the plant a plain, pH balance H2o on the final weeks. This will flush out the minerals and salts in the soil which makes it better and great pure-savoring buds. If not, when you smoke this strain it will be a bit harsh and have a bad taste.