There is a lot of reasons why you find your cannabis leaves curling down on your grow-up. We will tell you why this problem appears, and can you possibly do to prevent this from damaging your end product.

The marijuana plants can’t shout-out load or call for help, yet they can give you signals to let you know that something is wrong with the plants. You will either see leaves that are curling or clawing, it is probably wrong with the trees

Cause of Cannabis Leaves Curling Down: OVERWATERING

Overwatering your cannabis plant will surely drown your plant root. Unwanted water won’t only rinse out most of the benefits of the microbes from its medium, and a soaking substrate will become colonized by the nasty fungi and algae. Constant overwatering can invite the parasitic Pythium, also known as the root rot. The marijuana plant with droopy, claw-like leaves could be telling you that they’re waterlogged. 

How to Cure Them:

The first you should do to cure then is to reduce the water volume that you’re feeding you marijuana plants.  Continue the wet-dry cycle to your plants. You can tell that they needed water because of their weight. 

If you cannot lift the pot, then consider the condensation and carefully examine your post-watering plant’s actions. And try to lessen the water volume. On the one hand, make sure to take a long interval on watering the plants. Another step is to check if your marijuana plants need water, you have to push or press the soil to see if it is wet or dry. If the marijuana plants are dry then water them with just the right amount, and if its too wet, then just water it the next day.

Cause of Cannabis Leaves Curling Down: TEMPERATURES ARE TOO HOT

The heat-stress can happen in both outdoors and indoors. If you have seen a nasty-looking and curling hem, your marijuana leaves are giving you signs of feeling distress. The marijuana plants photosynthesis successfully at average temperature reaching 28°C. If it will go above 30°C then your marijuana plants are probably in a danger zone. Blend this with a low RH and you will encounter a real problem. The new leaves will develop gnarly and the old leaves will turn to curl yellow and might burn to brown, rusty crips. 

How to Cure Them:

The indoor cultivator and growers should continuously maintain the best environmental conditions. This begins with the right light distance. The only way to stay the marijuana plant sunblind in the best space is to adjust and measure until the marijuana plants will peak in height while in the mid-late bloom, depending on the marijuana strain. Besides, indoor cultivators and growers can use air conditioners and fans to stay the grow-up chill.

For the outdoor growers and cultivators with the heat-waves and dry spell, conditions have small control that the indoor growers. Establish an easy screen shade that can keep the marijuana plants slightly chill and can prevent the leaves from curling and fraying further. Though you can’t totally resuscitate scorched marijuana leaves and it will remove old leaves beyond savings. Also when planting in a white pot beside the black pots can keep the root zone cooler. 

Cause of Cannabis Leaves Curling Down: OVERFERTILISATION

A hard-handed process to the nutrient is not advisable. Overuse of the nitrogen-rich vegetative growing base nutrients can be a cause of cannabis leaves curling down. Though sometimes they can even canoe. Overdoing it with the potassium and phosphorus while flowering can cause the cannabis leaves curling down and burn the tips. Chlorosis is a usual symptom in both cases.

How to Cure Them:

Turn-in feeding, easy to say than done right? Nope! Mostly of brands of famous marijuana fertilizer provides a chart to download free from their websites. Allowing, not all of the marijuana varieties will answer the same ways to the fertilizers. 

It is better to begin low and slow. You can gradually add doses without noticing the leaves clawing or curling. But if you dive right in at maximum strength, you can expect plenty of curly marijuana leaves which are likely to get killed and drop off eventually. 

It should go without saying, but for goodness sake, we should say it again; ensure the nutrient solution is the right pH. That’s about 6.0 pH of soils and a more accurate 5.8pH for coco / hydroponic systems.

Cause of Cannabis Leaves Curling Down: TEMPERATURES ARE TOO COLD

The freezing weather also can cause curly leaves of marijuana. All types of leaf discoloration will eventually develop. Sure, cooler late-night flowering will add a splash of purple charm to flowers but sustained temperature exposure under 10 ° C can ruin your plants. If crops can make it to harvest, flowers should be loose and leafy. In combination with the high RH, buds will become moist and vulnerable botrytis, also known as bud rot.

How to Cure Them:

Indoors, you could always add more grow lights if the period is too small and turn a negative into a positive. Outdoor growers may consider moving crops indoors at night to be harvested early, or even where possible. Cannabis is a hardy plant species but leaves can curl or scratch below the optimum temperature range of 20–28 ° C.

Conclusion on Curly Cannabis Leaves

Genetics are the cause of deformities and mutations in cannabis leaves of all kinds. Some strains often tend to curly leaves or other unusual characteristics. Some farmers are going to thin those plants out. The shrewd cultivator will do nothing but write it off as poor luck.

Sativa strains and other types of autoflowering are prone to large doses of fertilizers and pesticides. It is a characteristic that can cause problems for growers starting out. The alternative is to get your reefer investigated. Just find out about a strain ‘s genetics as much as you can before you decide to grow it. Cannabis curly leaves can be avoided absolutely by learning how to keep your plants clean.

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