In cultivating your own cannabis you should also be mindful about the materials or the nutrients you are giving to your plants. As a beginner, try to observe the different types of nutrients and each nutrient available can be confusing. Some companies that produce cannabis nutrients created different types of nutrients that are perfect for the kind of seed you contain. Each nutrient has its purpose in developing marijuana plants so you need to obtain information to know what cannabis nutrient is best for your plant. The right amount of nutrients given at the right time is essential in growing your cannabis plant. Your cannabis plant has different phases, and each phase needs the right nutrient.

Cannabis Nutrients that available out there differed in some specific aspects just like in:

  • Content Ratios – the contents ratios must be reliable for the phase you are into. The right content ratio is required for a certain stage in cultivation.
  • Ingredients – there are several methods in making the perfect cannabis nutrient. Chemical and Organic compounds are present in the nutrient and it differs in combination. You can have 2 bottles but they differ in the level of nutrients you need for your plant.
  • Soil or Hydroponic Medium – it is also important to know what kind of medium you are using in cultivating your plant because nutrients can be used to a specific type of medium.

After obtaining some data about the Cannabis Nutrients, let’s see the different types of it.

What are Cannabis Nutrients?

The best cannabis nutrients are just the same with most of the flowering plant, that makes things very easy. All of the cannabis fertilizer has three numbers at the back of the package that read as 2-10-2.

Those numbers represent  Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus. These three are vital to any plant, but this is not the only nutrients that the growers should be aware of.

  • Phosphorus (P)

The phosphorus is the one that regulates the protein synthesis between the compound nucleic acid structures. This method works to created new tissue and important in the cell division. The phosphorus helps to move the energy to where the plants need it the most. The plants start to enter the flowering stage then it is the time you start to put phosphorus. 

It gives energy to the buds, makes an additional flower, and makes the rot have a healthy system. Always monitor any signs of blue-green leaves, more importantly on the bottom part of the plant or the older leaves. The lower leave may turn brown and yellow, and the stems will turn purple. You will then start to notice inhibit growth. 

  • Nitrogen (N)

Nitrogen is the middle number and a major component of chlorophyll that is made to absorb energy from the light. It also plays a big role in the amino acid that assists to create protein. 

To grow healthy and big cannabis plants, they need nitrogen. The nitrogen helps to make healthy leaves and the driving force that makes the plants grow. As the marijuana plants need a high level of nitrogen while on the vegetative state. 

  • Potassium (K)

The Potassium help to control the CO2 absorbs with opening and closing the stomata while in a photosynthesis stage. That also operates the growth enzymes and plays a big role in taking nutrients, water, and carbohydrates. Being a catalyst for carbohydrate metabolism, the potassium helps guide the thick buds. 

Different types of Cannabis Nutrients

In this sequence, you can observe the different nutrient brands that are available out there. These nutrients have been tested by the experts and considered efficient in production.

  1.   General Hydroponics Flora Trio
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This type of nutrient is applicable to Coco Coir and Hydroponics. Consumers can adjust the combination to fit in any plant. It enhances the taste, content, scent, and oil of your crops.

  1.   General Organic GO Box

This brand of the nutrient is also the maker of General Hydroponics but the nutrients are mostly organic and made specifically for a soil medium. This provides complete and premium plant foods and supplements.

  1.   Fox Farm Nutrient Trio

This is a known nutrient for producers because it contains too much organic matter for hydro, which organic matter is best for plant roots in an environment that is watered manually because it enhances the aroma and taste of your harvest. This is best for Soil and Coco Coir mediums.

  1.   Botanicare

Applicable for soil and hydroponic medium. This type of nutrient is essential in preventing root rot in a hydroponic setup. This is one of the best nutrients today because it helps to produce vigorous green vegetation and excellent fruits, and flowers.

  1.   House and Garden

This is suitable for Soil, Coco Coir, and Hydroponics type of medium. This contains high-value minerals and fulvic acids which give the plant the best nutrient absorption.

  1.   Dyna-Gro

This was made for any growing medium. Soil, Coco, or hydro, this nutrient fits perfectly. Contains a high-nitrogen formula that has essential minerals that a plant needs for better growth.

The Importance of Cannabis Nutrient in Cultivation

The essence of having nutrients for your plants is providing them their needed food and supplements. When you offer them these kinds of nutrients you can expect a bountiful harvest and a plant that is strong enough to fight infestations. Also, these nutrients can elevate the growth of your plants. With a perfect technique partnered with the best nutrient is a perfect way to cultivate your plants successfully.

How to Obtain these Nutrients?

Contact your local cannabis stores to find these types of nutrients. You can also visit any sites that contain this information to purchase your cannabis nutrients. Purchase now and experience the excellent outcome that these nutrients provide. Not only your plants will gain growth and development but also you as a producer! Purchase one now and experience the great effects!  


The nutrients for marijuana plant development are obviously available on the environment. although to help your cannabis plants to grow faster and to produce a better product, you need to feed them with the right cannabis nutrients. Above are the things you need to know about the nutrients you will need when growing your marijuana plants.