Science has already proven how effective smoking cannabis Sativa when it comes to treating certain ailments such as pain, depression, anxiety, stress, and even obesity. Although the legalization of marijuana is continuously progressing, there are still numbers of people, countries, and institutions who are a bit skeptical of what it does and how beneficial it is to the body. 

Due to the countless medical benefits it provides, marijuana has become one of the most popular drugs that you can buy and consume today. Compared to heroin, cocaine, and other illegal drugs, cannabis Sativa is not life-threatening. But just like any other drugs that you’ll find in the market today, forming an addiction to marijuana can happen. 

The result of smoking marijuana offers many health benefits. It provides great relaxation to anyone who consumes it and some strains can give the user that sought-after euphoric high. And this is due to its property called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. If you notice, both highly-experienced cannabis growers and buyers are looking for cannabis seeds or strains that contain high-level of THC and other cannabinoids. And these compounds make the plant more addictive. 

Smoking Cannabis Sativa 

Cannabis sativa addiction happens when an individual cannot prevent using the item. This addiction interferes with many aspects of one’s life. Although there are no clear studies yet about the number of people addicted to marijuana, one thing is for sure, any individual can be addicted to it. 

According to a study, 9 percent of people who use cannabis will become addicted to it and there’s a rise of this percentage for those who start in their teenage years. Back in 2015, 4 million individuals in the US met the diagnostic criteria for cannabis use disorder. A total of 138,000 people voluntarily sought treatment for their cannabis use. 

Is it Really Addictive?

The truth is, yes it is addictive. Research and studies have shown that of all individuals who smoke or consume marijuana, about one in eleven will become addicted. And as mentioned earlier, these numbers tend to rise if someone begins smoking it in his or her teens – the percentage becomes one in six chance of becoming addicted. 

But as you might notice, the majority of cannabis Sativa smokers do not develop addiction – although some will. Most cannabis Sativa users never come close to being addicted to marijuana. Experienced smokers know the right amount they want to smoke and when they want to smoke it. The fact that most smokers never develop cannabis addiction doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Some users develop all the symptoms of an actual addiction after chronic cannabis use.

What is the Classic Addictive Behavior?

It’s necessary that we define what a classic addictive behavior is. We don’t just assume that an individual is addicted through mere observation. Let’s find out the classic behavioral symptoms of cannabis Sativa addiction. 

One of the most common behaviors that you’ll notice is that the addicted individual will begin to lose control and he or she feels the need to increase of larger amounts of weed. The individual wants to smoke more and more. Another thing that you’ll notice is that the smoker will spend more time thinking about smoking cannabis Sativa. This loses his or her focus in life. The individual’s goals in life are blurred. 

Another common addictive behavior that you’ll notice is that he or she will deny claims that he or she has already changed. The activity of smoking marijuana begins to take a central role in his or her life. Instead of working, going to school, doing physical activities or sports, the individual will spend more of his time and money buying marijuana

It’s also typical for the addicted individual to feel more irritable and agitated, especially if they run out of supplies. They will do everything they can in order to obtain fresh supplies. And this will definitely affect his or her relationship with the family, friends, and loved ones.

Withdrawal Symptoms

You can also observe some withdrawal symptoms from people who were addicted to smoking marijuana but choose to improve the quality of their life by breaking the habit. One of the most common withdrawal symptoms is the loss of appetite, decreased pulse, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and excessive salivation. Increased mood swings and an increase in aggressive behavior are also quite common. 

Treatment Options

Regardless of whether the cannabis Sativa has become more addictive or not, it’s important that you know how to seek the right treatment. Just like any other thing in this world, too much of something can be very dangerous. Getting addicted to cannabis Sativa is not healthy. It’s true that marijuana can be a great herb for staying healthy and treating several sicknesses or disease, however, too much of it is no longer beneficial. 

If you think that you’ve been addicted to smoking cannabis Sativa, then it’s necessary that you seek help. It’s recommended that you undergo treatment or therapy in order to bring back the normal function of your body. Take note that addiction does not only affect your life but it also impacts the lives around you. Staying healthy while smoking marijuana should be your goal and this means that you know when to smoke and when not to. Control is very important when it comes to marijuana consumption. 

Fortunately, you can find numerous professionals or therapists today who can help you or your loved one with cannabis Sativa addiction. If you want to make sure that your addiction goes away, then it’s best that you seek help from licensed professionals. They know what to do and have studied several remedies and treatments for addiction. 

And before you start choosing a therapist, it’s advisable that you try to check their background history first. You need to be 100% sure first that the professional is indeed an expert when it comes to treating marijuana addiction. Trust those who have great experience in helping many marijuana addicts. Call them and don’t hesitate to ask relevant questions and raise your concerns. The best therapists out there will not judge you but will rather help you get back to your normal healthy state.

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