Before you get through the excellent buds and flowers of Cannabis plants, there are several levels that these plants undergo before flowering. People across the globe are planting their own seeds to practice gardening and at the same time, help to build a better environment.  A wasted seed is wasted money and so, before planting, here are some cannabis seeds germination guide and methods to plant your Marijuana Seeds.

Factors for cannabis seeds germination guide

Cannabis seeds germination guide, based on Wikipedia, “is the procedure by which an organism develops from a seed or similar body. In a general, germination can be thought of as anything widens into larger being from a small life or germ.” The life of all plants on Earth starts with this crucial and sensitive period.

All of the seeds, including your Marijuana Seeds, bought Online, are subject to the four factors- Water, Light, Oxygen, and Temperature. These factors will dictate whether the seeds will grow healthy and strong or stunting and undernourished.

Water serves as hydration for the seeds while Oxygen is the metabolism fuel of the seeds. Light serves as the triggering cause for growth (used for waking up of the seeds) and temperature affects the speed of growing.

Too much application on any of these four will affect the seeds. Chances are that these will grow with defects. Worse, they will not grow at all and your money spent will lead to nothing.

Water should not flood your planted seeds – they may drown and fail to mature. If exposed in too much light, seeds will dry quickly. If spared from the air and kept closed with air-tight containers, your seeds will suffer from suffocation. If exposed to too much heat or coldness, your seed will break into pieces due to the energy it receives from heat or cold.

However, if you followed this advice, there is a great chance that your seeds will develop their first root (taproot) growing up and sprout their first leaves (cotyledons). Cotyledons break the shells and develop further into a full bloom plant.

As cotyledons grow, the shells of your seeds wear out and break. These will fall and create a wider room for the growth of Marijuana leaves.

Cotyledons will produce greener leaves, thicker stem, and longer roots shooting down. The small plant will evolve and eventually be the Cannabis plant you dream to plant in your backyard.

The Art of Nourishing

Cannabis Germination has been a long practice for many Marijuana Users, especially in the countries where the Cannabis Seeds are legal for retailing and public use, just like in the Netherlands and Uruguay. 

These countries have been role models to the rest of the world in developing a sustainable Marijuana Industry due to the seeds that they sell and offer with different and diverse users from their countries and to the rest of the world.

From these countries emerged users with green thumbs that produced great Cannabis seeds and strains from germination within their homes. Let’s take a look at their conditions.

  • Create a Space
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Whether it will be big or medium or small, the very first consideration in germinating at home is your space. You have to create that room for the plants to grow, just like us humans. When we’re younger, our parents often tell us that to develop, our hearts and minds should have empty rooms for us to grow.

There are specifications with the space needed, however, if you have this limited capacity to give a satisfactory space, then you have to decrease qualities of other considerations. Take note that it is highly recommended for the new growers to start with a smaller scale of planting. 

This is to teach them that when doing Marijuana planting, they should not overestimate everything. Much is bad- the smaller, the simpler. Just follow that simple rule and the rest will fall into places.

  •  Let there be light!

As the chicks needed light for development, the calves and lambs, human babies, and other mammals, so is your Marijuana crop. Choosing the proper lighting for your Marijuana cultivation is somewhat critical because it will decide the pacing of your seed’s germination and growth.

Too much light may burn the seeds and lack of light may lead to the seed’s unexpected sleep and dormancy. Considering your space, this light has to compliment everything.

In choosing the suitable lights, seek for growers who have more experience than the usual. They are the ones who can give you a concrete suggestion on which light to use.

  • Give them air to breathe
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We all know that plants need a tremendous volume of air in order for them to live in a long time. When setting your small garden, make sure that the ventilation is properly set, the air will flow steadily and the exhaust will work properly.

Consider that you are making a big aquarium without water and the pets here are not fishes but the plants themselves. If these creatures lack of Carbon Dioxide, they will surely die. That’s why, each garden should have adequate sources of air, equipped with effective ventilation.

Remember that the air will dictate the room temperature which will affect your plants’ growth.

  • The Monitoring

When a plane is properly inspected, it will gain a clearance to fly, so is your process in growing the seeds. When space is enough, the light is adequate, the air is enough and the temperature is right, you are now ready to go!

Allot at least two days or more to check the condition of your garden before putting the seeds in their launching pads. Check your electrical wiring for some improvements and other connections if they malfunction from time to time.

Remember, this is a matter of growing or wasting your money, time, and effort. If you hate to see everything crumbling down, then commit yourself and strive for the excellence that these seeds require to all of its owners!

Feed and Water Your Plants

Let’s make an employed man be the example here. Every day, before, during, and after working hours, this guy has to eat regularly so that he may have the fuel to use for completing all the tasks needed to give before the deadlines. He has been progressively working and produces quality outputs with the help of his food intake, which is done regularly and efficiently.

The same situation applies to your plant. Your Cannabis Seeds need usual food intake through the contents you will combine with the medium where you will place those for germination. You cannot simply leave your baby alone, without having something to drink and eat.

They need nutrients for germination and development. They cannot simply rely on the air, light, and space that you have already provided. In fact, these things are useless if they cannot generate the energy of their own without the environment providing their food and water for hydration!

Buy your own Cannabis Seeds!

Now that you have been sufficiently informed on how to germinate plants successfully, this is the right time to do it on your own. Your baby steps with gardening will make a big difference in terms of money, nature, and your well-being.

Remember that seeds germination is the most critical part of growing for all the plants in the world. It is here that everything seems to be so delicate, tender, and sensitive. Every less means bad and every much means death. A sudden change can affect the plant’s growth over time.

A single shake can impair a Cannabis growth, as well as simple touching of its new roots, cutting its baby leaves or adjusting its placement on the container where it is previously placed. A change in temperature can freeze or wither the seed, as well as placing the light directly towards the plant in a close distance.

It’s like a baby developing inside a mother’s womb. We know that a pregnant woman needs to be very cautious in everything that she has to do for the next 9 months, most especially, during the first trimester of her pregnancy, where everything must be strictly regulated and monitored- from what she eats, what she feels, what she does and where she goes.

As you practice cultivating, you also do sustainability and love for nature. You even save money because you choose to create your own new seeds out of planting their first seeds. Apart from these, it gives you relaxation to de-stress from the external pressures you experience due to simply keeping in contact with your environment.

At the end of the day, when you achieved successful growth for the seed, everything good will happen for the next few months, just keep yourself focused on nourishing your most prized plants. Their successful growth is your winning trophy for overcoming all the challenges you met with planting Marijuana Strains.

Seize the chance of planting. May this cannabis seeds germination guide can help you through your journey in growing. Help our nature and the industry to grow bigger! Go and purchase your own Cannabis Seeds and start growing!