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How to buy marijuana? In buying marijuana, there are factors that you need to know and understrand. There are quality indicators for you to identify high-quality seeds. First is its smell, there is a lot of term for a kind of scent high-quality cannabis has like piney, diesel, and skunky. But the common trait here is good smelling marijuana is like unmistakable, and pungent; the stronger the aroma, the better. The second distinctive high-quality marijuana is its looks or appearance, good marijuana must be visually attractive, a top-shelf cannabis strain could easily show its lively colors. Good-quality cannabis is sometimes has a deep and lime green with red or orange hair. They could also show colors from a deep purple to a bright blue, but must never show any brown shades. Follow by its feel,  the top-shelf flower must be slightly spongy and sticky once you touch it or squeeze it between your fingers. Its stems must snap and buds must be normally easy to separate or break apart, but it must not entirely dry or crumble once you touch it. Then lastly it flowers structure, the marijuana flowers are likely to be fluffy and light in composition and shape. These are the factors and indicators you must consider when you’re buying marijuana, especially when you’re a newbie.