Top 5 Indoor Cannabis Strain for New Growers

There are several things that one should consider when starting a cannabis growing space, nonetheless of the space and resources you have. These top 5 indoor cannabis strains listed below will be your best options when growing cannabis indoors. What is Indoor Growing? Indoor growing is the shorthand for cultivating…

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0 thc high cbd seeds

Can K9 Smell CBD?

The world has stepped up its resistance and suppressive campaign against Marijuana consumption, to the point that they used animals to trace the underground and discreet transactions of the Cannabis Industry. We all know that dogs have a relatively sensitive sense of hearing and smell- to the point that they…

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high cbd strain seeds canada

What to Know About CBD Isolate

As marijuana continues to surge in terms of popularity these days, many are now beginning to use cannabis in Canada and in the United States. Though weed has always been the world’s most popular plant, it has only grown exponentially in terms of popularity because of how Canada and certain…

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marijuana stores near me

Finding the Best Marijuana Stores: Tips and Tricks

If you are wondering how to find legit marijuana stores near me, you’ll be glad to know it is now more accessible for recreational and medical cannabis users to purchase cannabis. If you live in Canada where adult-use and medical marijuana is legal, the best marijuana dispensaries are just a…

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hybrid cannabis for sale

Is Hybrid Cannabis Good For Treating Sickle Cell?

Cannabis is a famous medicine for pain. In fact, it can help if you experience some painful signs of sickle cell anemia. You can buy hybrid cannabis for sale via prescription for those patients in a few parts of the globe. Cannabis and Its Role in Treating Sickle Cell Anemia…

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