There are different Cannabis oils intended for different methods of usage, but primarily, in mixing for concoctions, liquors, and other edibles available. Primarily, there are two kinds of oils that we can use today- CBD Oil and Hemp Oil.

Both came from extractions and a series of processes that perfected upon years of many research and clinical trials. With this historic discovery, the demand for high CBD strain seeds for sale skyrocketed for years.

Now that we are aware of their existence, it is useful to check and study their properties and features that differentiate them from one another.


Cannabidiol Oil or simply CBD Oil is the result of extraction from Marijuana plants with CBD contents. Though not all plants contain CBD, some of them are abundant that you can produce bottles of it from a single strain. Moreover, this is the counterpart of THC Oil due to their opposing reactions and benefits.

This oil extracts through CO2 Method, wherein Carbon Dioxide is completely used for the disintegration of the seeds and filtering its oil from the shell and husk.

This oil is for people seeking relaxation and peaceful sleep at night. Also, CBD Oils can make people feel euphoric, spirited, and inspired after usage. It is mixed with different edibles and liquors and fused with vape liquids for smoking. Apart from that, people see CBD Oil’s ability to cure joint pains through sprays and ointments.

If the user complied with an allowed volume of dosage, CBD Oil can quickly heal any kind of a pain in the shortest possible time due to its liquid form. This property has been proven during the clinical trials of trying CBD Oil to people diagnosed with Cancer, Neurological Conditions such as Epilepsy, the powerful Dravet Syndrome, Brain Tumor, Multiple Sclerosis, and even Consistent Headaches.

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Apart from these, CBD Oils can only be sold exclusively to Medical Cannabis and Recreational Marijuana users. It is not for public consumption, especially to children and other minor ages.


Also known as Hempseed Oil, this extraction is a product of refining hemp plants with no significant THC Content. Though all plants have THC, the hemp plants (still a member of Marijuana Family) contain considerably small amounts of this chemical, which in turn makes the hempseeds beneficial.

This oil extracts through the Pressing Method. The seeds are repeatedly pressed after deshelling and filtration follows.

It has no vitamins and minerals at all and is good for industrial purposes. Hempseed oils are known to produce different body care products and industrial items such as plastics, lubricants, and paints.

Half of the hemp oil is for nutritional intake. Studies show that 49% of the oil has healthy fatty acids, making it good for the heart. It is also used for food preparation and dietary supplement but not ideal for cooking.

Like CBD Oil, Hempseed Oil is not allowed for public consumption and exclusive for Cannabis users. Nations who consider Marijuana as illegal included Hemp Plants in the list of dangerous plants, including the products they can do.


Their primary difference is the proper way of their extraction. CBD Oil uses CO2 Extraction while Hempseed Oil is through the Pressing Method.

CBD Oil can have traces of THC content upon extraction, Hempseed Oils don’t have at all. CBD Oil is widely used at night, while a Hempseed Oil is applicable thru night and day.

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One of their biggest difference is the intended product usage. CBD Oils are for medical and recreational purposes, while the Hempseed Oils are primarily, for the Industrial field. CBD can mix well with food, Hempseed Oil is good for cooking but not for direct consuming, especially its variant intended for Industrial usages such as packaging and ink creation.

Due to its Industrial properties, Hempseed Oil is an effective asset in the beauty world. This oil is not only good for factories and industries but for body and skincare purposes as well. CBD Oils can help in selected skin conditions but the results are not as impressive as what can Hempseed Oils do.

They have small differences and this is possibly attributed to their association as a family under the Marijuana system.


CBD and Hempseed Oils are cousins yet differ in small ways. They may have grown and developed differently from one another, but they are of relatives to each other, and both of them are helping the nations around the world.

Their seeds dignify similar characters- High CBD not THC Seeds and Hemp seeds are both round and covered with nutty shells.

However, one should not mistake using Hempseed Oil for Medical Treatment because nothing may happen and one should not use CBD Oil for cooking or the chemical it has and may react or create unnecessary results.

This wraps up the idea that CBD Oil is for Medical and Recreational Purposes while Hempseed Oil is good for Industrial Use.

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