How do you grow cannabis? Do you cultivate it indoors or outdoors? When it comes to cheap indoor marijuana seed USA, you don’t need to worry about the growing environment of your cannabis plants. You can be in a cold, winter climate country but still, cultivate high-yielding tropical strains when you grow your plants indoors. What is cheap indoor marijuana set up?

Growing cheap indoor marijuana set up

If you want to grow only a small number of cannabis plants, simple indoor marijuana seeds set up would suffice. A simple set up consists of the following components:

Two or three small cannabis plants in a pot. These must be strains that can grow cheap indoor marijuana set up
An LED grow lamp
2 small USB fans
Power strip
Digital thermometer and hygrometer
Tents, curtains, reflectors
Plant food, water, supplements


1. Get to know the growing requirements of the strain you wish to cultivate indoors.

Identify its lighting, humidity, water, and nutritional requirements. Most cannabis strains are very easy to grow and do not have strict requirements when it comes to food and water but it pays to know what you need to do before you grow anything.

2. Choose your Grow Area Indoors

Like people, cannabis plants need a safe, quiet place to grow well and it’s your duty to find the ideal growing area inside your home where your plants can stay safe and sound.

Growers prefer a spare room, the attic, or the basement, wherever the growing needs of your plants are met. Some grow a pot of weed on a kitchen window, in a terrace, or in a small section in the patio. No matter where you want to grow, take note of
The safety of your plants. The area must not be visible from the outdoors and should be safe for your children and pets.

The moisture in the area. Cannabis plants mostly need low humidity to prevent the growth of molds and mildew.
The amount of natural light in the area. You can save on electricity when there is an open window or doorway where your plants can get natural light for cheap indoor marijuana set up.

3. Install curtains or tents to secure your plants.

Usually, growers prefer using reflectorized material so that light may reflect back to your plants. The most common are white sheets, white cardboard, mylar sheets, and white paint.

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4. Install lighting and fans

Your plants should be at least a few inches from your lamps. This will allow your plants to get the best amount of lighting and at the same time avoid getting burned.

Although there are a number of good marijuana lighting systems, the best has to be LED lamps. LEDs are convenient, will last longer, burn brighter, and are available almost everywhere. LED lamps are costly or are more expensive but since these will last longer, you’ll save money in the long run. LEDs also consume less power and won’t make the room warm for your plants.

When it comes to the USB fans install one fan on top of the growing tent or closet to remove warm air. The other fan is at the bottom, the intake fan, to bring cool, fresh air into the growing area.

Plug these electric components to the power strip. This should be a safe and reliable power strip.

5. Clean and disinfect the area

Use soap and water to clean the area completely before you install your plants. This makes sure that the area is free from molds, microbes, and pests which can ruin your plants.

6. Place your plants in

The area is ready and now you may add your plants. The next things you need to deal with are feeding and watering your plants.

Feeding your cannabis plants depend on what growing phase your plants are in. Cannabis plants have two phases of development: the growing phase and the flowering phase. There are nutrients that suit plants during the flowering as well as the growing phase. You’ll find these from cannabis growing shops online and from local garden stores.

When it comes to watering your plants, you must do so only when the soil is high and dry and not when the soil is wet or moist. This ensures that your plants are able to drink well and prevent conditions such as mold or mildew that grow on moist or wet roots.

Growing Indoors Inside Grow Boxes

You can also grow your plants inside a grow box. If you are cultivating only one or two plants, a small grow box would do nicely. And you can also buy cheap, easy to install grow boxes online. Here are a few ones to check out.

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Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0

The Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 lets you grow your plants safely. It is a grow box that is made from durable materials and is designed to give you the best yields. On the exterior, it looks like a small refrigerator but inside you have an efficient, well-designed growing cabinet with all the things your plants need.

It has 160-watts of LED grow lights, reflective walls, fans, and enough space to grow two large plants and seven small autos or ruderalis strains. The door is secured with a locking system so you can protect your plants from prying eyes when you’re not home.

The Stanley Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box

The Stanley Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box is smaller than other grow boxes here but it comes with complete things that you need to grow your cannabis stealthily. It comes with a 150-watt LED light, a hydroponics system, 2 USB fans, CO2, and a water cooler.

It is fully automatic therefore you can install it and check up your plants after two weeks. This grow box is quiet making it the perfect for growing weed secretly in a home, condo, or apartment building. It also comes a number of extras like a 1.5-gallon tank, bubbler stones, rock wool plugs and so many more.

Yield Machine Max 4-Foot LED Grow Box

Introducing one of the most popular and affordable grow boxes online; the Yield Machine Grow Box. This is a ready-made grow box that you can use right away. It will guarantee high yields because it has all your plants need as these grow and flower.

This grow box has low heat loss because of the LED lighting system and reflectorized grow box inner walls. It has three fans which will remove stale air from inside the box and take fresh air in.
The grow space is perfect for two adult plants. It is taller than most grow boxes too so you can grow taller and high-yielding sativas as well. With this grow box, you can get up to 5 ounces and you can still improve this with training methods.

Super Locker 8 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box

Disguised as a locker, the Super Locker vertical hydroponic grow box is a professional marijuana growing equipment that will let you cultivate more plants in a single space. The Super Locker 8 comes with efficient LED lighting which will let you grow up to six seedlings or two mature plants.

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It has a dual growing section so you can harvest your plants and grow another set at the bottom. This has a well-designed ventilation system to prevent the accumulation of hot and humid air inside the box.

The Super Locker has supplementary wall lighting (vertical and horizontal lighting) and is a closed system so you can securely grow your plants inside. And to control odor, this grow box also has efficient carbon-activated odor control.

GROWNEER Mylar 4’ x 4’ 600D Grow Tent

This is easy to use and maintain a grow tent that you can set up almost anywhere you want to grow cannabis. The GROWNEER Mylar is a grow tent with completely adjustable features. You can adjust its venting system to improve temperature and humidity levels.

The walls are made from 600D canvas material which will block light and keep the light inside. This has a convenient observation window so you don’t need to open the grow box doors and affect the temperature and humidity inside. And if y you have questions about using this grow tent you can call GROWNEER’s efficient customer service for help.

Topolife 48” x 48” x 80” Grow Tend Hydroponic Complete Package

Topolife is a grow kit that has all you need to grow your plants starting from seedlings to mature plants that are ready for harvest time. This is made from 600D Oxford cloth and 96% reflective and waterproof Mylar sheets.
Mylar is one of the best reflector materials and it can reflect light back to your plants to boost growth and to improve yields. It comes with a Super Lumen option feature that will let you use sodium and halide lighting power to light your growing space.

There are some users who complain about water leakage because of the design of the box’s floor tray. It has a steel frame and a durable lining. If you want to cultivate small plants without the fuss then an affordable and complete kit is the right grow box for you.