Cloning autoflowers is a process of creating a copy of a cannabis plant that quickly grows into a flowering crop. This process lets you multiply your bud yield for every cloned crop.

The cloning autoflowers procedure works with the regular crops, but is this possible with marijuana seeds that are feminized autoflowering? Let us find out by taking a close look at how the cloning process works and if you can apply it to auto fem plants.

Understanding the cloning method

The cloning of cannabis plants has taking a small piece of a regular cannabis crop. This little piece is your clone, which you will plant to a developing medium. The clone will form its own root system, which will eventually develop into a copy of the original plant.

For the cloning method to be successful, you need a healthy mother plant that is around two months into its vegetative stage. A healthy plant will give you a healthy clone, which is strong enough to develop its rooting system.

Reason for cloning cannabis plants

There are more benefits of cloning to any cannabis plant breeders. The most common of which is the ability to create one or more plants with a single seed. You do not have to purchase additional seeds to cultivate your favorite strain.

Another advantage of clones is how you can make new plants while bypassing the seedling stage. Clones crops have the same age as their mother, which already forms them mature than seedlings. Your clone can develop quickly because it is still within the vegetative stage of the mothers. Because you are bypassing the seedling stage, there is no need to trouble yourself with germinating a new seed or wait for young crops to mature.

The most important thing for cloning plants is to make a near-exact copy of a healthy cannabis crop. You have no guarantee that a seed can grow into a robust plant when it enters the vegetative phase. As stated above, cloned crops will be as healthy as their parents will. Cloning autoflowers can instantly give you a set of plants that can produce high-quality buds.

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In addition, certain breeders can preserve a strain’s genetics through cloning. Clones and its original mothers will create buds that have the same taste, scent, and effect that you want.

Cloning autoflowering plants

The usual belief that it is not possible to clone plants from autoflowering marijuana crops is not true. You can get a part of a healthy mature auto crop during the vegetative phase and plant it. Its clone will soon grow its own roots and continue to develop into a plant. However, this will likely result in an underdeveloped clone and damaged mother plant. This also applies to feminized auto plants.

Auto cannabis plants do not rely on the amount of lighting schedule as usual or photoperiodic plants. This is because of the ruderalis plant’s genetics. The plants thrive in parts of the world where there is less sunlight or shorter days. Because of its genetics, auto crop scan flower regardless of the light phase. It also allows the plants to complete their growth cycle within just two months, which is half the time of the typical growth cycle of most regular plants.

Using the cloning method on autoflowering is difficult because of the plant’s rapid development. Remember that a clone will be as old as its mother. The cutting will continue the timeline of its mother in entering the blooming phase. This will not give the clone more time to flourish and grow into a healthy crop before exiting the vegetative state. Because of this, the clones may die before reaching the end of the vegetative phase or it will give a disappointing yield. Meanwhile, the mother crop may not recover to full health to create a decent bud.

Increasing the survivability of feminized autoflowering clones

The main challenge that some developers see in creating a healthy clone from a mother auto-crop is time. By taking the clone from the mother at the early stage, the clone will have enough time to spring back into a healthy crop as its mother.

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One breeder claimed in solving the time problem by cutting a clone on the same day or near the time when the mother will show its gender. They also took the lower branches of the plant, which will be their clone. According to the breeder, the aim is to take away a part of the plant that has yet to get the signal of which sex the mother will turn to. This will give you a clone with the right hormone level that will make it stable.

After taking the piece from the mother plant, the developer exposed the clone under 1 day of lighting that has a full spectrum before placing it in a medium. This method let him create a clone that grew to nearly the same size as its mother that offers the same quality bud.

The uniqueness of the breeder’s claim came under careful scrutiny among forum groups because there are no images or video evidence of a successful clone. Some believe the breeder created a healthy clone because it was a usual indica plant and not an autoflowering one.

Another reported of a healthy auto clone said that the cuttings are under severe stress when removing it from the mother plant. Based on a cannabis community member, the 1-day lighting regime of the previous breeder somehow helped revitalize the clone and keep them from blooming. Unfortunately, this part indicates that the member did not clone an autoflowering crop. Auto plants will bloom no matter the lighting condition you subject it to.

Boosting yields with feminized autoflowering seeds

While some developers report of a successful creation of a healthy autoflowering clone, others who tried to do the same thing ended up with disappointing effects. Cloning autoflowers is not worth trying with autoflowering plants if you are wanting to increase the yield of your garden.

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Fortunately, you can elevate your yields by producing feminized seeds from autoflowering plants. Regular autoflowering seeds have a 50/50 chance of turning male or female. Many breeders discard their male crops because they do not create the same high inducing buds as the female. Growing a handful of auto seeds is nearly the same as rolling a dice. You might get lucky to have most of your seeds turn female or be unlucky enough that more than half of them turn male. Feminized seeds discard the dice roll by ensuring that most seeds will become bud-producing plants.

To develop your own marijuana seeds with a feminized autoflowering property, you will need two female auto crops and colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a solution that contains incredibly small silver particles. You can find this solution through local pharmacies or online retail shops.

Spraying the flowering site of a female plant during its flowering period will force it to create a male pollen sac. Take note that you need to keep applying the colloidal silver solution to the plant even after it produces a sac. You will know that the plant has produced pollen when the sac appears inflated and there are signs of tearing around it.

Harvest the sac and use the pollen to pollinate another female plant. Over time, the plant will produce seeds that have a high rate of turning into females.


It is possible to cloning autoflowers crops, but it is very hard to produce a stable and healthy one. Developing your own auto-feminized seeds is a feasible way of enhancing your yields than creating clones. You can further maximize the quality of your yields by cultivating your feminized autoflowering crops outdoors. Mark Spear, CEO and founder of Burns Town Farms, said: “If you oppose developing cannabis outdoors you oppose nature.”. By letting your autoflowering cannabis crops develop outdoors, you allow them to thrive in their natural surroundings.