How to Grow Marijuana

Common Problems in Growing Marijuana Using The Hydroponics Method

Common Problems in Growing Marijuana Using The Hydroponics Method

Disadvantages of Hydroponics in Growing Marijuana

When talking about cannabis growing in a hydroponics setup, it is very important to keep your mind open to the fact that at some point, you may eventually encounter problems. Keep this point in mind, however, that your reaction to the problems at hand can determine the output of your plants. Selecting the best reaction out of a given problem may save your plant, even with the possibility of expecting a good yield. At the same time, making the wrong move might lead you to kill your plants. Therefore, whatever the problem may be, it is better to stay calm and figure out the solution accordingly.

The Presence of Algae Growth Under Hydroponics Set Up

One of the most common problems in growing under hydroponics setup is the presence of algae growth. Each system uses plant nutrients and water. However,  if you have water, you can also expect a growth in algae. This can cause a problem later on because algae may attract gnats, which will damage your plant roots. In order to prevent the growth of algae, your hydroponic system should be able to limit the exposure of your solution to light if all possible. The reservoir should be made of an opaque or dark material and should come with a lid.

The Encounter Part of Leaks Through Drip/Spray Emitters

Another problem that you may encounter when growing marijuana through the hydroponics method is leaks. One of the most common reasons for these leaks is drip/spray emitters and stab fittings that usually slip out of place. Sometimes, root growth may also cause these leaks. As a result, water will spill out. This can be prevented by making use of a nutrient reservoir that is big enough to hold water in your system. It is also vital to use pipes that are large enough to handle the water flow even right after root growth.

Clogs Presence Under Hydroponic Set Up

Clogs are also one of the most common problems in a hydroponics setup. This is because drip/spray systems often use pumps of high pressure in forcing the nutrient solution through tiny openings. In order to at least help out in minimizing these clogs, you may place nutrient filters, as well as pre-filters. Though these filters may help, they are not really a guarantee that the clogging will be completely eliminated. In choosing any of the systems, it is important to spend time every day in checking the nozzle drip head and replacing the ones that are no longer working.


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