Getting Hired in Legal Cannabis Industry – Job Recruiting Process

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Now that you can get marijuana seeds to buy online safe and secure ways, the cannabis industry has boomed and is now offering thousands of jobs. If you look at things closely, opportunities in the industry are extensive and diverse, ranging from sales representatives to chemists to software developers. If you think working in the cannabis trade is like a dream come true, you’re in the right place. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Begin Your Journey with Self-Awareness

Though there are many positions available, you need to consider a few questions: What do you enjoy? What are you talented at? What kind of environments do you thrive in? What are your goals? What inspires you? You should give time for brainstorming using techniques like mind mapping and journalism so you can decide where you would rather want to go. Dig deep so you can find where your talents can be used. What unique perspectives or contributions can you bring to this industry?

 2. Research and Do Your Homework

The cannabis industry can be classified into many subcategories. Is there any right subcategory that you want to process for? Is there a specific company that you are interested to join? If so, research on the company. See what you can find on Google and explore as much as you can. Learn about the principles and philosophies of the company, their mission, and vision, and see if they align with yours. The more you know about a company’s needs, goals, and challenges, the more you can understand how much you can contribute to overall growth.

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 3. Look at the Legalities

Everyone knows that the current legal situation is still rocky in many territories. However, depending on the extent of your role, fewer restrictions may apply to you. There are many ancillary roles that you can apply for like web and content design, marketing, graphic design, writing, consulting, accounting, and legal. If you are in a place where cannabis is totally free, then go ahead and work in companies working directly with cannabis.

4. Network and Attend Industry Events

Cannabis thrives in a tight-knit community because it is an industry born out of activism. People in the space have banded together to combat local, state, federal and international restrictions. Their hard work has laid the foundation of this industry. However, does not necessarily mean that the community is closed for newcomers. There is an extensive number of cannabis-based businesses that are searching for raw talent and new skills. Even a passion for the plant and sense of originality can come a long way. Remember, joining the community is about making a difference, and not just finding a job.

5. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering is an amazing way to put your talents to work. It also shows potential employers and colleagues your commitment and passion for the industry. You will be able to exhibit your skills and talents, therefore, showing that you are someone who surely adds value to businesses. Investing your time as a volunteer will certainly build trust. After all, even if you do not have experience working in a cannabis brand, volunteering for a non-profit or an advocacy group can push you to get your foot in the door. Just a few hours can make a massive impact. Study on cannabis organizations in your location and don’t be shy about reaching out.

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6. Search Online Job Search Sites

Even cannabis-related job positions are posted in online job search platforms like Monster, Indeed, or LinkedIn. Though not all roles are available online, there are more than a person might initially think. Some common job roles that you can find are:

a. Sales Account Executives
b. Cannabis Consultant
c. Cultivation Technician
d. Laboratory Technician
e. Cannabis Trimmer
f. Dispensary Patient Consultant
g. Budtender
h. Cannabis Supervising Planner
i. Cannabis Order Packer
j. Production Manager
k. Herbologist
h. Medical Cannabis Epidemiologist
i. Cannabis Distribution Driver

These are only a small fraction of the active job listings. When searching, just leave the location blank so that you can find opportunities nationwide. In addition, never forget to research your target potential employer. If the offers seem too good to be true, it might actually be. Look for seemingly red flags, and go with your gut feeling.

7. Use a Cannabis Staffing Agency

Another great start point option is good if you are considering entering the cannabis industry are cannabis staffing agencies. Solely catering to cannabis businesses, using a manpower agency can help you identify relevant and currently active opportunities. These agencies are also experienced in matching the right applicants to the right employers, which will confidently save your time in your job search. So, is it the right move for you? Ultimately, it is your call to make.

 8. Leverage Virtual Networks

Are you worried that your location will limit your job search? Although you have a stronger advantage if cannabis is legal in your area, don’t forget that cannabis is a global industry. Virtual networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram is a fantastic option for making connections. A simple hello or a well-thought message can lead to a long-term beneficial relationship over time. The more you immerse yourself in the community, the better you will understand how to find your niche.

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  9. Frame Your Experience

The future of cannabis relies on many important skill sets. Every person has something unique and beneficial to offer. Instead of focusing on what you do not have, focus on things that you can do. Whatever the passions you have, you just have to find a way to incorporate them to the cannabis business.

 10. Take Action

If you want to create a career in cannabis, start now. Let go of your fear of failure and begin taking action. Everyone can make mistakes, so just take risks, ask questions, and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Try figuring out how you can use the available tools and resources available to create meaningful actions.

We are all learning and growing similarly to the cannabis plant. As marijuana seeds buy online safe, more innovations are being introduced to the market. Excellent opportunities in the cannabis community are here for the taking. It is up to you to commit on them.

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