Difference Between Sativa and Indica High: What You Need to Know

Majority of the users around the world are simply using Marijuana Strains for medical and recreational purposes. They are after the treatment and experience, even though the strains are quite expensive.

Despite the price they have to pay, people are still craving for the high effects of these two strains that continuously dominate the industry throughout the years. Some prefer Sativa while some are in love with Indica.

When we have no idea with what is happening, we simply ask for the pieces of advice of the other people and in terms of asking for ‘high’ experience, it may pressure you in return as they will ultimately convince you to have some puffs with their strains, which can make you feel embarrassed and shy to try.

With this, let’s check on how and what’s with getting high with Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa.

Comparing the Strains

Basically, a Cannabis Indica can make you feel high and sleepy at the same time. Your nirvana is in bed and your awakening will be hours away from your situation. As soon as your high hits you, your body repairs as you fall asleep.

With Cannabis Sativa, your high experience will be raging and exploding, like the Holi festival in India- full of colors and happiness, active and engaging! As soon as your high hits you, your body transforms into a machine working at its best.

The contrast of these two strains is the center of attraction of all Marijuana users around the world.

Cannabis Indica

As we all know, Cannabis Indica is the primary source of the terpene chemical, Cannabidiol and is beneficial to the rest of the world. CBD gives a soothing and relaxing effect on the users, encouraging them to sleep while their body receives a herbal treatment.

Cannabidiol or CBD is now globally known due to its almost magical effects which can cure almost every pain, a person may feel. Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD gives off a relaxing, soothing and euphoric sensation to everyone who will use this chemical. 

The effect of CBD on our body traces down to the genetic structure of this chemical, aiming to target our endocannabinoid system and reacts with the receptors of this system. As the reaction takes place, the chemical starts to activate the receptors that promote releasing of hormones involved for sedation, relaxation, and sleepiness in our body.

As soon as the hormones are widely released, the user will now feel sleepy and relaxed, leading to bed rest and the treatment for the illnesses take place. 

Usually, Cannabidiol is found with hemp plants and seeds of low THC content with high CBD volume. From pimples to cancer, to heart problems, even epilepsy, and other seizures, CBD can treat the illnesses that other powerful drugs cannot cure.

In the Medical field, Cannabidiol has effectively made its own name- with a miraculous image yet simple herb ready for innovation and be more effective for human consumption. With the effects that low THC high CBD hemp seeds produce; these plants proved their worth in helping millions of lives.

To date, there is still no drug developed to suppress the powerful seizures of epilepsy and the most violent forms of it, other than CBD. 

Cannabis Sativa

On the other hand, Cannabis Sativa is the primary source of the terpene Tetrahydrocannabinol in the world of the Marijuana Industry. THC gives a colorful, active and optimistic effect on its users, inhibiting them to rest and keep on moving all throughout the day.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the chemical that produces exploding effects which can ignite a person’s mind with happiness, positive thoughts, and encouragement to continue working and living, especially those who experience deep emotional struggles.

The same process of reaction from CBD applies with THC. The only difference here is that CBD encourages the hormones to sleep, while the THC encourages the receptors and hormones to go active and keep on moving.

Due to its high THC Content, Sativa strains can uplift the spirits of its users, making them happy, energetic, relaxed yet euphoric. Remember that THC-rich plants are suitable for people who want to go active and make other people happy. Also, this is suitable for people who work actively at day and required to keep up the user’s general working quality as the sun shines.

Patients with Emotional and Mental Illnesses are the main targeted audience of this train growers, together with the other patients who suffer from different minor and pressing health concerns. Because THC is an active chemical, it is more enjoyed by people who want to have friends yet they struggle with their emotional problems, especially the depressed.

The Medical Field raised their regulations with this chemical as THC can kill a person. Substance abuse may lead to a heart attack and possibly kill the person right after its overdosage. Because of this possible situation to be done with the unregulated and recreational users, many government agencies suppress the public selling of seeds with relatively high THC content.

Comparing Sativa and Indica High

Cannabidiol is the key Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main chemical
Produces Hormones for sleepy relaxation Produces Hormones for proactive relaxation
Causes you to sleep Causes you to be more active
Good for nighttime Good for daytime
Treats Body Pains, Sleeping Disorders Treats Body Pains, Emotional Illnesses
Perfect for sedation of many sicknesses such as Epilepsy Perfect for treating Depression 
Makes you happy, relaxed but sleepy Makes you happy, relaxed but sociable
Sleepiness and Impaired judgment are the primary side effect Anxiousness and Dry Eyes and Mouth are the primary side effect


Finding what Suits for You

Both of these high effects are definitely a ‘must try’. However, you have to consider some pieces of advice from the experienced users, most especially to the physicians.

The two has different and somewhat contrasting effects that trigger different high effects as well. Moreover, the substance that you will use- either of the two- will definitely affect your daily routines, the moment you regularize its usage.

So before feeding yourself with Cannabis Indica at night, check your daily activities, routines, even your sickness that is possibly treated with this strain. You might be surprised at what may happen with your body as soon as it reacts with the chemical you have purposely consumed.

In the event, you will choose Cannabis Sativa, do the same measures too. It is better to have precautionary steps than embracing the unprecedented impacts included when a user gets higher and higher for every Marijuana, he or she puffs smoke from a rolled weed.

Enjoy your usage, do it responsibly and happy smoking!

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