The growing cannabis plant is a whole lot of process for the growers. In a vegetative phase of marijuana plants, the leave, and stem grow an inch a day; and have the capability to recover from any damage. Although the growers encounter a big problem on different stages of flowering (which is the first stage of life for marijuana) it simply heals itself from nearly dying if you give more TLC to your plant. 

Although the cannabis flowering stage isn’t so rosy.  The cannabis plant is more sensitive to problems and grows differently in the flowering stage. The risky thing about the cannabis flowering stage is that you don’t have much room for big mistakes that can lower your yields and errors. 

To maximize your yields, you need to focus during each part of the flowering stage. It’s also important to know what to anticipate so you’ll know when something is going wrong with your plant. Know the different stages of flowering marijuana.

The Flowering Cycle

These different stages of flowering will describe exactly what to expect week-by-week while your plants are making buds.

Transition to Flowering: Week 1-3

In growing your cannabis indoors, the different stages of flowering start when you change, your growing lights to half-half light cycle ( 12hrs lights on, 12hrs darkness). To get those 12hrs of uninterrupted darkness each day, give your cannabis plant the sign that it is flowering time. The plant will think that it is summer because days are getting shorter. 

The days are getting shorter in outdoor growing because the cannabis plants will start making buds in the summer, although the outdoor buds mature on different schedules depending on the environmental climate. 

The autoflowering strain of marijuana doesn’t need special lights to start its flowering stage, although the marijuana flowering starts in a vegetative stage which lasts for about 3-4 weeks from seed where they start on getting their pistils. 

 Your plant will grow faster and rapidly gaining weight in the first few weeks of switching the growing light schedule in the 12/12 phase. Also, your cannabis plants will almost double height after 12/12, which sometimes called the “flowering stretch.” 

Budlets Form: Week 3-4

The rapid stretching of your plant will slow down in weeks 3-4, but your marijuana plant will be growing upward. Instead of just hair, you will start seeing real buds, and pistils will be white and showing almost straight out. 

White pistil will strick straight out together with “budlets”.

In week 3-4 your plant will start being picky with the nutrients and environment, so always keep an eye on your garden. Make sure that your plants are healthy until the flowering stage ends, although you still have months to think about the major health problem in the future. 

Always be aware of the leaf symptoms, for example, yellow leaves/discolored, or if your pants start to lose leaves rapidly. At this stage, it is normal to lose leaves, especially that the leaves aren’t getting light. Although you don’t need to worry about it because it is normal for this flowering stage and the plants are putting energy to the peak of the plants and plants. 

Buds Start Fettening: Week  4-6

Your buds will start to have substance and the budlets will also start fattening. Though you still be able to see pistils sticking out in every direction, and the bud will be getting fat each day. 

The stretching is almost over by week 4-6, and you won’t longer need to pay attention to preparing your plant. You have to consider the last-resort solution like super cropping if your plant has grown to light, which you should never do this late in the flowering stage.

You need to pay attention to your remaining leaves as a shield since you have lesser leaves to ensure against any leaf problem or any nutrient problems.

Although you don’t want any other unnecessary leafy plant and planned defoliation, it can be helpful to reveal the bud sites. It is important to let your plant leaf safe and will be covered with the ability to grow buds. 

Buds Ripen, Pistil Darken: Week 6-8

By the week 6-8, your plant will stop growing new leaves or stem. It is completely done with the flowering stage and will now focus on growing the buds from now on until the harvest time. 

Though it is typical that some of the bottom leaves will turn yellow as the plants continue to place its energy in the buds and leaves. Although the plants should still be green from the top even in weeks 6-8. 

At this point in phase, your cannabis plant will start to get sensitive to the nutrient problem and picky,  as well as caused by the wrong pH at the roots. 

Flowering Final Flush, Ends, Harvest Time: Week 8+

Harvest time is close! Make sure that everything is going smoothly until the harvest time, treat your cannabis plant as a baby, and always attend to its needs. We are at the time where small marijuana strains are being close to being harvest, although some of the strains are ready to harvest before 8 weeks. 

A lot of growers do the last flush, which also involves giving plain water to your cannabis plant before harvest time. Once the plants reached their peak at week 8, the buds are fattening quickly. Pistils and trichomes are getting mature though some new pistils may continue to grow on the buds. 

Harvest time of Marijuana Plants

Sometimes you need to harvest your plant early expected to its life circumstances because the plants are unhealthy and the buds are starting to look glow or discolored. If you see the leaf symptoms are getting worse and are completely done, it needs to harvest a little early to make sure the best possible quality given to the situation. 

When your plants start to get affected by nutrients or other issues, you can need to get your bud harvested early. Cutting the losses is better than letting your buds get hurt again! Harvest your plants early so that you can cure them and improve the unwanted thing.

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