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Eliminating Smell in Growing Marijuana Hydroponically

Eliminating Smell in Growing Marijuana Hydroponically

How to Eliminate the Smell in Growing Marijuana Hydroponically?

If you are a beginner in the field of growing marijuana in a hydroponics setting, you may not be aware that during the entire period, you might have to endure with the fact that there might be some smell along the way. These smells are produced when smoking, as well as growing marijuana. It is quite strong, enough to attract attention, which may eventually lead to the discovery of your growing activity.

Since marijuana growing is highly regulated, you would not want this situation to happen. Therefore, it is very important to understand the methods and procedures in order to eliminate the smell.

Methods to Eliminate Smell in Growing Marijuana

Handheld sprays

One effective, yet affordable method is by using handheld sprays. These sprays are generally available in many stores. However, you may need bigger measures if your plan is to remove the smell and prevent it as well. An automatic spray dispenser may be used to spray at certain intervals.

Gel smell neutralizers

Gel smell neutralizers are also available to evaporate the smell in the air. They are also typically available in local stores.


Among the best ways to prevent smell is by using filters. Carbon is the most effective filter that can be placed in the growing area in order to avoid unwanted smell from escaping. However, these filters may only be used in smaller areas. However, for larger ones, drastic methods need to be used. The smell may be more during harvest time.


The unlikely smell may also be prevented by using a fan. This is perfect for an indoor environment. What needs to be done is to divert the smell to the corridor, or pumping it to a window, or perhaps filtered to a different area where the smell may go unnoticed anymore. This may serve two purposes: One, it can fan out smelly odor, while it also fans in the fresh air.

Ozone generators

There are ozone generators that you can purchase from marijuana growing stores, though they might be quite expensive.


Another thing that you can use is potpourri in a pot. Scented beads, oils, spices, as well as potpourri may be used, and it is up to you to decide on the strength of the smell.

Dryer sheet

A dryer sheet may also be used. The scent of the sheet will filter the air and removes the smell and the unlikely odor.

ONA liquid gel

This is an easy procedure because you only need to open it and allow it to stand in the room. This will help reduce the smell.


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