If you are wondering how to find legit marijuana stores near me, you’ll be glad to know it is now more accessible for recreational and medical cannabis users to purchase cannabis. If you live in Canada where adult-use and medical marijuana is legal, the best marijuana dispensaries are just a stone’s throw away. You just have to learn a few simple tips and tricks to find them.

Physical marijuana stores vs. online dispensaries

Physical marijuana stores or dispensaries are actual establishments with physical settings. In Canada, physical stores are found in populous cities where locals and visitors converge. It is through these stores that the federal government is able to regulate the sale of cannabis. Regulation is important to make sure that marijuana is sold only to people 19 years old and above and to those requiring medical cannabis. This also ensures that cannabis prices are controlled and are kept cheaper. Also, rules make sure that cannabis items are of high quality and prevent people from buying marijuana from the black market.

Meanwhile, online cannabis dispensaries are online sites used to sell marijuana products. In Canada, physical establishments may or may not have an online store. It is also possible for some legit online sites that do not have corresponding physical dispensaries. Usually, online stores sell all products sold in local shops.

Most consumers that live remotely prefer to buy from online dispensaries because it is more convenient and is easier to find exactly what you need. These online dispensaries also allow you to buy all kinds of cannabis products and to spend ample time to decide on what to purchase. You may also be able to use different payment systems compared to actual marijuana dispensaries that only accept cash and credit card payments.

How to find physical marijuana stores near me

You may find physical cannabis stores located near you by going online and searching for “legit cannabis dispensaries in YOUR CITY. For instance, you are located in Ontario and you want to find out where to get legal cannabis near your home, simply search for cannabis dispensaries in Ontario or use your zip code or postal code.

You may ask around from people who have purchased legal cannabis in your area and also from social media sites. Ask up to three companies and compare these before you visit.

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A cool way to find the best cannabis store is to use the following apps

  • Leafly

This is an app that will provide you everything there is to know about weed. Leafly will easily find the nearest dispensary and will even provide you with a map with driving or walking directions. Aside from this, Leafly also has the latest information regarding different strains, the latest high CBD strains, and the most popular high THC strains. Leafly also has marijuana growing information so you will be able to grow weed confidently.

Leafly is available in iOS and Android and may be downloaded for free.

  • Weedmaps

The app is like Google Maps for weed. Weedmaps will help you find nearby cannabis dispensaries in your area. This app even classifies dispensaries according to the type of strain that they offer. And aside from just telling you where to buy or where the nearest dispensary is, this app will also give you photos and photos and the prices of the strain you wish to purchase.

Weedmaps will also give you Groupon-like discount offers and deals. These special offers are only available for a limited time so be sure to read the fine print. Weedmaps is a free app available on Android and on iOS.

  • Best Buds

If you need to know the nearest dispensary in your area then you should try Best Buds. This app is free for iOS and Android. Aside from searching the nearest marijuana store, Best Buds also offers you the closest price for a certain cannabis item. Best Buds also has a digital rewards program that will give you points when you buy anything from a local dispensary. You can get free marijuana if you get enough points. You won’t find a better deal than this!


After taking cannabis, you will eventually be in a state where everything seems to be tasty. Before surrendering to deep and peaceful sleep, usually, you will be thinking of eating

And what way to help you find the nearest fast food restaurant than with an app?

Seamless is similar to GrubHub in such a way that you can buy just about any type of food or snack and have these shipped to your doorstep. You can order pizza, sweets, ice cream and so on. Seamless is downloadable on Android and iOS and free too.

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Now that you have a number of legit marijuana establishments, check each one online. Look for reviews and any other relevant information about the company. Look for information about each site online such as the different products that they offer the price of these products, their payment methods, and more. Only when you have checked all these out will you be able to find the dispensary that’s perfect for your needs.

How to look for cannabis dispensaries online

When it comes to purchasing cannabis, you may now purchase the strain you want online. As much as possible, purchase only from legit sites. Legit cannabis sites are regulated by the government or are an online type of physical website.

Now the best producer may vary from one consumer to another considering that cannabis users have different tastes, needs, and individual preferences.

So how to find legit sites? Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Consider the appearance of the online marijuana store

The appearance of the online store will give you a clue if the site is legit or not. Legal marijuana stores have a straightforward appearance. The main page has the name of the company as well as its contact details (phone, chat, email, or physical address). The main page usually displays the store’s products including its specials and any discounts or deals offered. Legit sites have different pages or parts to help customers shop for the marijuana they want. There is a page where all their products are listed, a contacts page, a terms, and conditions page and an about us page as well.

The overall appearance of the website also tells a lot about the company. The page should have a straightforward theme, no dangerous or threatening pictures or designs that are not related to cannabis. If you find these images on the site then you should order elsewhere.

  • Check out the payment options offered by the online dispensary

When you buy from physical store payments are made using cash or credit card but when you purchase online, you have a number of options to choose from.  You can pay using bank transfer, money transfers, Western Union, or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Litecoin).

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So make sure that the payment methods honored by the online dispensary are acceptable and are safe. You should never use a payment option that you are not comfortable with. You must never order from an online marijuana store that asks for bank transfers only or cryptocurrency payments only. And always check reviews of the online store to find out if the company has problems with payments as well.

  • About the shipping and delivery options available

A good marijuana store gives safe, fast, and efficient shipment options. Look for online sites that offer different payment options so you’ll be able to find one that fits your situation.

Legit sites give a standard delivery option which is the most affordable but could take time.

Another option is using a special courier service which is more expensive than basic delivery. Meanwhile, legit marijuana establishments also offer stealth delivery alternatives which are a way to safely deliver your package to your home. Stealth shipment is putting your cannabis inside unmarked packaging or inside products that are totally unrelated to marijuana. This method will also ensure that your package will pass custom checks and will get to you no matter where you are.

  • Consider contact information of the online cannabis store

Legit cannabis sites will have numerous ways to contact their representative. Consider a business with a phone number, chat service, email, and customer contact information. Having all these will help you find the marijuana store that’s safe and efficient.

  • Consider online cannabis shops with good reviews

Another effective way to find the best marijuana store is to check reviews for the site. Look for positive reviews but at the same time be mindful of negative ones. When you spot negative reviews, find out if the issue has been resolved as well.

If you can, look for people who can vouch for the safety and efficiency of the marijuana store. Talk to friends, family, or peers that have ordered from the marijuana stores near me and find out about their experience. With these tips, you will surely find the best cannabis store to order from.