There are several phases when cultivating your cannabis plant. One process that is present in plant development is Germination. This process is very important to plant life, especially in the cultivation of marijuana plants. It is the process wherein you make your seeds to sprout. Sprouting is an instance where a little tendril comes out from the seed. That tendril will serve as the first root of your cannabis plant. These taproots will get longer until the cotyledons emerge from the seed. The cotyledons are present within the plant body not produced by any substance. Germination also needs requirements to make this process, it involves; moisture, isolation, warmth, and care. Just like in any other process, plants need these things to germinate. There are different methods when germinating marijuana for producers. In this article, we will discuss at least 3 methods on How to Germinate your Seeds.

  1. Plant Cannabis Seeds directly in growing medium

One of the easiest ways to germinate your seeds is with the help of nature. Marijuana seeds can sprout naturally in soil and will grow its taproots. Some developers plant their seeds in their final growing locations. Don’t worry about any issues because this works in any medium available. Having your plant free from stress during transfer is helpful and benefits you as a producer. One of the reasons is that your plant does not need to adapt to a new location because it is already in its final resting place.

Things to remember are seeds should be planted 0.5-1 inch or 1.3cm – 2.5cm in moist soil. Use light or some heating materials to keep your plants warm. As a beginner, this is considered as the simplest way to germinate your seed. 

  1. Station for Germination

Another option on how to germinate your seeds is to use a tool that is made to offer germination conditions for example a germination station with heat mat which is available online. But if you’re a wise type of producer, you can make your own germination station by placing a plastic dome over a plate on a heating mat. Germination can work very well and is very cheap to buy for beginners. Seeds in the germination station are usually germinated in a starter seedling cube. You can easily transfer your seeds in any growing location when you germinated them in starter cubes.  There are available starting cubes online that are applicable in any kind of medium. (soil, hydroponics, etc.) When your plants start to sprout, just make a tiny hole in your medium and place one inside. Remember that your medium should not be too moist or too dry.

  1. Soaking Your Seeds in Water Overnight for Germination

The last method that we can recommend for beginners is to germinate the seeds by soaking them in warm water overnight; you can use a drinking glass if you like. Seeds that contain hard shells or old types of seeds should be germinating marijuana for producers with this process. The purpose of the warm water is to excite the older seeds and make them active. At first, the seeds will float on the water and eventually sink to the bottom after a few hours of germination. You can observe little white roots when you use a clear drinking glass as a container for soaking. There are seeds that take time to sprout, especially seeds that are older. Remember that do not leave your seeds soaked in water for 24-32 hours because some of them can drown. When you observed that there are still seeds that do not germinate, place them in a warm and moist place to continue and finish their germination.  

These are the three methods of germinating marijuana for producers. There are several methods and these processes are considered as the simplest ways of germination.

The Essence of Germinating Your Seeds

The importance of undergoing this process is to let your plant enjoy the process. Each cannabis plant goes through this process and the only thing to mind is to supply your cannabis seeds their needed materials for successful germination. Problems may occur through the process but applying the perfect techniques and doing a great job in taking care of your plant can help you gain a better harvest.

Start your Germination Today!

Start your germination by purchasing your cannabis seeds. As a beginner, experimentation is normal and you can be a better producer if you abide by this set of information. You can select your materials located at your location or purchase any medium in any store to start your production. Cannabis seeds are available in any local marijuana store or surf the internet for sites that are selling cannabis seeds.  Start now and experience the greatness in cultivation!

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