Grow Marijuana Without Soil for Bigger and Better Weed Buds

Grow Marijuana Without Soil for Bigger and Better Weed Buds

In Hydroponics Set up its Possible to Grow Marijuana without Soil

Is it really possible to grow marijuana without having to use soil? This question has boggled the minds of many potential marijuana growers. While the generally known method of planting is the one that uses soil, technology has definitely made it possible to grow marijuana without soil by means of a technique called hydroponics.  Hydroponics, as suggested by the etymology of the name, works with the help of water. With this process, you can actually predict to grow bigger and better weed buds.  However, how does this system works?

Some Basics Information on How Hydroponic System Works

A germinated plant typically sprouts a root or a clone. It is then placed in a hydroponic setup and cared for with the use of nutrients, light, and food. Afterward, the plant will start to develop its own stable root system and leaves. Every day, these plants are given around 16018 hours during the growing stage. After the root system and the leaves develop, the next stage is the vegetative phase, which means 18 to 24 hours of light in a day. In a hydroponic setting, both the growing and the vegetative phase generally last around 4 to 8 weeks, before entering the flowering phase.

Now that you have at least the basic information as to how the hydroponic system works, you also need to understand that there are different types of systems that you can grow under the hydroponic category. Among the most popular types are Ebb & Flow, DWC (deep water culture), Drip System, NFT (nutrient film technique), and aeroponics.  Wondering which type would suit you best? Think back on basic factors which include your budget as well as your growing area. Make sure that your garden has enough space to sustain the number of your plants.

Unless you want to develop small plants, you need a large area to grow plants together with its whole roots. You also need to consider giving space allowance so that it can accommodate the marijuana plant, as well as the necessary space interval between the plants. Generally, a hydroponics system may be a little costly especially when we are talking about initial investments. With its high-content yield and a better chance of having bigger and perfect weed buds, all your efforts, time, and of course, cash, will surely pay off as soon as you see the output of your labor.

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