Growing Cannabis Seeds in the USA: Tips and Tricks

We have different reasons why we buy and grow our own Cannabis Seeds. Some are due to medical reasons; others are for fun while others are for scientific reasons. However, one cannot maximize its Cannabis use because of the implementing laws prevailing in their lands, particularly those who live in the United States.

The United States of America has confusing state and national laws which affect the Marijuana Industry from its mere roots up to the expected benefits that it may present to the National Economy and Health Services. Moreover, it brings conflict with its law enforcing agencies, which ultimately leads to some Marijuana users’ death, due to misinformation on Marijuana ban, and their resistance to what the government authorities call “Legal Policy”.

Things to Remember


  • Be Knowledgeable of the Existing Law


It all boils down to the American States versus National Law.

The American Cannabis Seed growers have been actively campaigning their advocacy of legalizing Marijuana use in the entirety of the United States to avoid bloodbath between the resisting dealers or users and the policemen or military personnel. Apart from it, these people insist on the idea of allowing medical patients to use Cannabis for their treatment, just like what Canada has done for the past few decades.

As soon as you consider planting or even at least buying your own Cannabis Seeds out of curiosity, read comprehensively the existing law of your state and consider the regulations that your local government has imposed for a long time.


  • Ask for some American growers’ Advice


After all, no man is an island. We cannot sustain our own needs without the help of others. The Marijuana Industry illustrates us a bright and clear picture- we cannot exist without one another. One takes the role of a farmer, then a keeper, a buyer, an influencer, and the last, an ordinary user.

Besides, these growers practice the Marijuana Cultivation in the US longer than you. Better seek for their pieces of advice first before barging into your preferred Cannabis Seed Bank.


  • Check the Prices


A wise buyer always compares. What we do in groceries are applicable to the Marijuana Industry. Before buying your chosen seeds, you should compare the prices first with Online to Local Shops, to make sure that your money’s value is enough.

Fortunately, there are Cannabis Shops who offer affordable prices which go lower when promo seasons arrive. These promos happen during the 4-20 Festival, Halloween, and even Christmas Seasons.

As soon as you buy your Cannabis Seeds, do not buy with more than what is enough! Remember, be sensitive and knowledgeable with the existing State and Federal Laws in your area. It’s better to have your seeds inadequate than buying and storing them in your home, with the K9 units sniffing out your doorsteps, heading you to hellish cells.


  • Check your Climate


America has different climates with its regions. The Southwest, where most of the States where Marijuana is Legal, are all hot. In the Northwest, the states have an oceanic climate. In the Northeast, the states are subject to the 4 seasons a year.

With this consideration, you have to choose the seeds which can survive in your area. Do not simply buy a seed which is appealing and tempting for you. Even if you will plant indoors, the seed’s external environment, even the surroundings of your home, will surely affect its germination and growth in the long run.


  • Check your Available Resources


Yes, it is not allowed to buy seeds exceeding than what regulates by the State Laws. However, you have to give buffer stocks with the nutrition that your future plant will need. Luckily, your place may have beautiful gardening supplies and the nutrients that your seeds will need is similar to what the other plants need as well.

Your seed’s growth will rely on how and what can you offer. Its soil nutrition will matter, as well as the water supply, organic fertilizers and even its pot will surely define your seed’s growth.


  • Are you aware of the Methods?

How will you conceive the seeds? Through wet towel? Hydroponics? Traditional soil?

You have to apply the method of germination which is suitable for that seed. Luckily, there are packages that contain the most effective methods to germinate and nourish your growing seeds.

In the end, it’s your choice that matters. If you will follow the traditional or reliable methods, then surely that those seeds will have higher chances of survival and producing quality plants. If you prefer to create new ways of germination, chances are your plant will grow but may contain different quality in the future.


  • Read and Learn from Different Forums


Do not hesitate to learn from those experienced growers! Like you, they were newbies in this industry too! Think of what makes them successful- is it their green thumbs alone? It’s their ability to listen and digest others’ words as well.

You may have been eager to plant but the processes it has to go in the long run may snap your patience from time to time, and this is where the pieces of advice from more experienced people is courteously considered.

It’s Your Turn!

Now that we have laid before you some suggestions in growing your plants while living in the United States, it will all lead to your final decisions whether to consider these things or not. Cannabis Seeds are as vulnerable as you can imagine.

With the current setting of the United States in terms of political and biological climate, your Cannabis Seeds will surely die if taken for granted, together with your dreams of growing your own Marijuana plants. Moreover, you may have a higher chance of getting detained due to the negligence of following your state law.

In the end, nobody will benefit or suffer with the Cannabis Seeds that you want to grow, if you follow the laws and consider the external forces surrounding you and your baby seeds.

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