Growing Marijuana Outdoor

If you are new to the cannabis industry, then your curiosity may have turned towards cultivating your own cannabis seeds. How can beginners start growing their own marijuana plants? What is the best way to start cultivating your very own cannabis garden? Well, many people would say that outdoor marijuana growing is the most feasible and commendable way of growing marijuana seeds for beginners. It gives people an easier and more convenient experience because of the many advantages that it holds over indoor marijuana growing. In this article, we will explain the different advantages of outdoor marijuana growing as well as a brief summary of what to remember when starting your own cannabis garden outdoors.


    For some, outdoor marijuana growing is a fun and exciting experience. It allows people to reap the benefits of their hard work and efforts while being able to have a full supply of marijuana buds. Basically, outdoor marijuana growing involves planting your cannabis seeds in an open environment where the cannabis plants are exposed to natural elements such as sunlight. It usually starts with using the natural soil in someone’s garden or backyard as a growing medium. Unlike in indoor marijuana planting, this method makes use of all the natural minerals and resources already present in the growing medium.

It differs significantly from indoor marijuana growing in the sense that it does not depend on various tools and equipment for light and water. Rather, sunlight is used as the main source of light but it is quite common to see light bulbs installed in this setup. A downside to this method is the exposure of your cannabis plants to infestation, molds, and certain types of diseases.

Advantages of outdoor marijuana growing:

  • Using outdoor strains can lead to producing enormous yields. Some strains are known to grow over 1000 grams per square feet of plant.
  • The most well-known advantage of outdoor growing is that it requires less equipment and tools. Also, it is much cheaper and cost-efficient as compared to indoor growing.
  • Growing your marijuana seeds outdoors can give the plants the necessary space to stretch out and grow as big s they possibly can. This gives them no restrictions as to how tall they can reach.
  • The exposure to sunlight is free! You will usually not need to monitor the amount of sunlight that your plants are given. However, be mindful of which plants are being exposed to sunlight. Some might not be getting the amount of light that they need.
  • While this may seem like a long shot, growing outdoors is actually much friendlier to the environment as compared to indoor growing. Because of the limited usage of various equipments, you are exposing less fumes and gases into the air.



  • Be mindful of the seasons: Start during the springtime


Growing cannabis plants outdoors exposes your seeds to all different kinds of climates and weathers. While this is something you cannot control, it is definitely something you can predict. Picking the perfect time to plant your cannabis seeds will make sure they are exposed to the right climates at the right time. As such, springtime is the most ideal season for planting your cannabis plants outdoors. The amount of sunlight that springtime provides will give your plants enough energy to focus on developing potent and resinous buds.

  • Preparing your growing area:

While you will automatically have rich and fertile soil in your backyard to plant your cannabis seeds in, there are still some things to keep in mind. The pH level of your soil measures the acidity and alkalinity that it contains. Keeping this at a standard measure of 7.0 is crucial for your cannabis plants. Anything less than 7.0 is acidic and anything above it is high in alkaline. Purchase a pH meter in any gardening shop to see if your soil is healthy enough for cultivation. Afterwards, you can make adjustments by purchasing various nutrients and minerals.

Additionally, clear your garden of any debris and dried leaves before starting to cultivate. These can really hinder the roots from spreading. A good way to do this is by first tilling the growing area and removing and weeds, tiny rocks, leaves, and other things. Also, make sure to regularly clean your growing space as you continue with the cultivation process. These may be catalysts for molds and other diseases to grow in your plants.

  • Pick an outdoor strain and grow it right!

Growing the right strains in their chosen conditions can be very rewarding. Outdoor strains have the ability to generate huge amounts of yields outdoors because of the space they are given to grow in. But you must be mindful of the fact that not all strains grow the same way. If you live in a place with cool climates and constant rainy weathers, then outdoor growing might prove to be a problem. On the other hand, places with tropical climates and sunny days will give cannabis plants what they are looking for. Some of the best outdoor marijuana strains include: Blue Cheese, Grand Daddy Purple, Early Skunk, Honey Cream, and Critical Kush. These strains are extremely mold resistant and sturdy.

One other tip is to regularly trim and maintain your outdoor garden. This can be done by topping the colas of your cannabis plants and periodically trimming any excess and overgrown branches. Not only does this keep them from tangling together, it gives the plants a more fresh and neat look.

  • Enjoy the process!

Beginning your very own cannabis garden is such a joy for all growers. It is an experience you will surely cherish and remember for the rest of your life. AS such, prepare everything you need and properly do what is required. This will make sure that your cannabis garden turns out to be what you have always dreamed of. Just remember to always put the extra time and effort into your cannabis garden. Doing so will definitely reward you with high yields and potent marijuana buds.

While it is more recommended to beginner marijuana growers, many experienced growers often choose to plant their seeds outdoors as well. This is because it is much more inexpensive than indoor cannabis growing. Additionally, outdoor cultivation is a much more ideal choice for those who are living in an area with tropical environments. Regardless of where you choose to plant it, your marijuana garden will surely thrive and flourish. All it takes is a little practice and commitment. Happy growing!