Growing Your Own Weed VS Buying from Dispensaries: Compared

Growing your own weed or buying from cannabis dispensaries has its own pros and cons. Knowing where to acquire your cannabis crop is one of the best decisions that you need to decide on so as not to waste your resources. Growing your own weed entails knowledge, patience, and determination to have a good quality yield while buying from cannabis dispensary entails you to be keen observant to know a reliable and trustworthy dispensary.

  1. Growing Your Own Weed

Growing your own cannabis plant can be fun and exciting because it would allow you to explore different techniques, strategies such as training, curing, etc. It requires so much time and effort but in the long run, it will make you satisfied and fulfilled. Not only that growing your own crop fulfills and satisfy you but it will also make you have complete autonomy to control very dimensions of your cultivation process.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis Plant

  • It lets you save money

Developing your own cannabis crop tends to be more cost-effective. You may need to invest to a lot of money to invest in your initial setup but for sure you will be able to be compensated after multiple times of harvest. You will be needing soil, water and light, if you would grow outdoors, these things are free.

  • You are able to control the quality

Determining if the cannabis product is of high quality is the number one factor that we would take a look into in acquiring it. If you would produce your own crop, you can easily control what kind you want your cannabis plant to be. If you would use your weed for medical use, you can that it has been grown naturally and organically.

  • Stress reliever

If planting is your hobby, you can easily divert your life’s stresses especially if you would see your success grow. If you are motivated in growing your plant then most likely that you will be giving your plant utmost care leading to a plentiful harvest.

  • It can give you the best high

When you grow your own weed, you may be able to utilize different growing techniques and processes to further customize the cannabinoid and terpene percentages producing amazing buds to soothe your taste.

The Basics in Growing Your Own Weed

  • Seeds

Cannabis plants have traditionally male and female seeds. In choosing for your own grown weed, it is advisable to use feminized seeds because this type of seed tends to give bigger buds with higher cannabinoid level. In short, if you want to have good qualities based on potency and characteristics, go for feminized seeds.

  • Temperature and Lighting

These two factors go hand in hand, even though you have the right lighting equipment if the temperature is not optimal then it might just destroy your overall growth. A regular cannabis strain requires 80 degrees Fahrenheit during daytime and a 50 degrees Fahrenheit during nighttime. There are different light cycles to choose from depending on the strain type of your cannabis plant.

  • Flowering Period

A regular cannabis crop would take at least 8-9 weeks for it grow maturely. However, there are strain types that will mature earlier such as the autoflowering types wherein the vegetative stage is somehow skipped for it to process with the flowering stage. Knowing when your strain flowers are important for you to know when to exactly expect the harvest period.

Pros of Growing Your Own Weed

  • You can learn new things on your own such as new growing techniques, training methods, etc.
  • You will not run out of weed as long as you would continue to grow after every harvest.

Cons of Growing Your Own Weed

  • You need to consider a lot of growth factors to have successful yields
  1. Buying from Dispensaries

If you prefer a commercial route in purchasing your cannabis product, you will be given a long list of cannabis dispensaries to choose from. Cannabis dispensaries include online seed banks and physical store. Not all dispensaries offer high-quality seeds that is why it is important to have knowledge on how to look for a good quality weed as well as the qualities of good dispensaries. One of the advantages of buying from a dispensary is its competitive prices where you would be able to canvass from which store offers the best.

How to Buy Weed from a from a dispensary

  • Decide where you want to shop

Not all dispensaries offer the same thing. In choosing for a good dispensary it is important to take into consideration their reputation through their feedback, terms and conditions and how quality their customer service is. Also, decide whether you are planning to buy from a physical or online dispensary.

  • Decide what kind of strain to choose.

If you have decided to purchase online you can find the strain choices on their website with a description of that strain, however, if you prefer to purchase from a better store, you may be able to visit their store personally to see on the physical quality of the seeds.

  • Pay for cannabis products

If you prefer to buy online you may need to pay for the cannabis products using a debit card, credit card, bank transfer, etc. If you would pay for the purchases in a physical store some would only accept cash so be sure that before entering the shop equipped yourselves with some cash.

What To Consider in Buying From a Dispensary

In choosing for a cannabis dispensary, it is important that you have enough knowledge about the dispensary that you are considering. One of the most common way of knowing that dispensary is through feedback from other consumers that would tell their reputation.

Another thing to consider is their strain choices just make sure that their seed choices are of high-quality, you will have the chance to check the quality of the seeds since you will be visiting the dispensary personally.  Another thing to consider is how they manage to communicate with their consumers so if somethings go wrong, you will still be protected.

Pros from Purchasing in a Dispensary

  • You can choose from a wide variety of cannabis seeds from different breeders and growers.
  • You can be sure of the seed’s quality because dispensaries’ number 1 goal is to provide the best seeds among another seed store.
  • Regulating authorities demand quality standards of each and every cannabis product that a dispensary sell that is why you can be sure that you won’t get a substandard product.

Cons from Purchasing in a Dispensary

  • You may need to provide sensitive information just to purchase seeds.

Final Thoughts

Buying your own cannabis weed or buying from a cannabis dispensary depends on your preference. Each way of acquiring a weed has its own advantage and disadvantages. Whether you would create or buy your weed, you will only have one thing to consider and that is a weed that has of the best of quality.

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