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How Do You Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

How Do You Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

How do you grow autoflowering cannabis seeds? This is one of the common questions asked by every novice cannabis grower. This page will help you understand why autoflowering strains are extremely popular.  

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – Are They Grow? 

In a few ways, autoflowering marijuana strains are easier to grow compared to photoperiod strains and any other strains in the market. Yet, there are other factors you need to consider. For instance, auto strains are not at their best when you encounter difficulties when you start growing them.  

That happens because auto marijuana strains can jump directly to the flowering phase even when they are not doing well. It simply means you must educate yourself first to ensure your success in growing this type of cannabis.  

The Ideal Soil for Autoflowering Strains 

Autoflowering cannabis strains prefer light and airy soil with a poor level of nutrients. It does not mean you can’t use normal soil, but you will get much better results when you can match it to your strains. One of your better options is to create soil on your own. Here’s a simple soil recipe made for auto strains. 

In this recipe, you need: 

  • three parts compost 
  • three parts mulch moss 
  • two parts pre-wet perlite 
  • one part pre-wet vermiculite 

How to Nourish Your Autoflowering Strains? 

Making sure that your auto cannabis seeds receive adequate nutrients is important. Yet, you should also keep in mind that they don’t need much like the regular marijuana strains.  

Your seeds will need only water in the beginning. After two weeks, that is when you can start giving them growth nutrients. Just make sure you do it sparingly. You can slowly increase the amount every time you give them nutrients. You do it until they are around six weeks old.  

Then, change the nutrients you have been giving them when your autoflowering cannabis strains have flowers for almost a week. Choose a nutrient that is suitable for flowering plants. This is the best way to support your plants while they pass through this crucial phase of their life cycle. This will let you gain better yields in the end. 

How Much Lighting Do Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Need? 

Since the growth of auto strains is hard to define through the amount of lighting you give them, you can expose them to little or much light if you like. When planted indoors, your strains can stay exposed to light within 18 to 24 hours per day. But, most cannabis growers say 18 hours of light exposure is enough to get the best results. 

How Do You Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds? The Right Steps to Follow, a reliable source of tips about growing cannabis, said auto strains need some preparation. That’s because they can grow fast and begin to flower whether you’re ready for this or not. But, you will surely succeed in the end when you follow the steps below: 

  • Train Them – training your seeds while they’re in the vegetative phase is important. For auto plants, this period can take just two weeks. that means time is partial. To start training your seeds, you must top them when they already have three nodes. This will promote a smoother canopy.  

The LST or low-stress training technique encompasses training your strain by pulling them down slanted to form new mounting growth. When your plants start to flower, you must never top them. Prune them conservatively within a week. 

  • Consider the Climate – when growing autoflowering plants, you’re letting them to flower when they need to within the vegetative phase. Since you do not have to follow the photoperiod lighting cycles, most growers start planting autoflowering plants earlier. Others prefer doing so late within the season.  

It is crucial to keep in mind that plants still need heat to grow, but there can also be rainfalls that can damage the developing buds. To avoid this issue, consider making a greenhouse to keep your plants protected from harsh climate elements.  

  • Feed Them Well – autoflowering strains don’t need much food because they are just small and short. They spend less time in the vegetative phase. Feed them lightly and don’t forget that your plants do not need many nutrients like nitrogen.  
  • Harvest Slowly – often, autoflowering plans don’t have time to create a canopy. It means you will need to pick and collect the buds that are on the bottom part of your plants. Due to this, it is best to harvest the buds sequentially. You may take first the colas and let the lower buds take time to dense up. 
  • Prepare Your New Plants – to make the most of your autoflowering seeds, it is best to prepare your new plants while you harvest. That means you should pop cannabis seeds before harvesting your old plants. This will let you get more produce consistently.  


Why Choose Autoflowering Marijuana Strains? 

There are several benefits to enjoy when you choose auto cannabis seeds over the other forms of cannabis seeds. These benefits include: 

  • Fast Harvests and Short Flowering Periods – this is a big advantage especially for someone who likes to see his yield as quickly as possible. It is favorable to a grower who is from a specific part of the globe where being fast and stealthy to harvest is crucial. Autoflowering plants typically grow faster than purely Indica or Sativa strains. Some seeds can turn into plants with buds in just two months.  
  • Auto Plants are Compact and Small – these plants tend to grow small and bushy. It happens because of the cannabis ruderalis genes.  
  • No Necessary Changes to Make in the Photoperiod – one of the major benefits of auto cannabis strains is they don’t need changes in their light cycle to produce flowers. In its place, these plants flower with age. Autoflowering plants will produce flowers automatically nonetheless of the lighting they receive.  

You can keep them at the 16/8 light cycle. That means they get 16 hours of light with 8 hours of no light every day. It should be consistent throughout the vegetative and flowering phases. The case is different for ordinary cannabis that needs a change in the light cycle to trigger flowering. 

The best way to answer that question “How do you grow autoflowering cannabis seeds?” is to know how to do it right. Keep in mind these tips to have more buds to enjoy someday. 



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