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How to Control Marijuana Odor in Hydroponics Growing

How to Control Marijuana Odor in Hydroponics Growing

Controlling Marijuana Odor is a Key to Marijuana Growing Safety

Why is attempting to eliminate odor important in growing marijuana in a hydroponics setting? For one, marijuana growing, in itself, is highly regulated. During the growing phase, marijuana can produce a strong smell which may eventually catch the attention of your neighbors. This is pretty dangerous because as we know, marijuana growing is not that open yet. You surely do not want to be told off to the authorities.

While it may not be possible to eliminate the odor completely, it is possible to control it, at least. Here are some considerations.

Choose the right strain

There are some strains that are really smelly, such as the Stinky Skunk. If you plan to plant discreetly, avoid these strong strains. Select a low and safe scented plant in order to make sure that your home will not be filled with marijuana odors.

Purchase affordable odor neutralizers

If you only have a couple of marijuana plants at home, then you may simply purchase an affordable odor neutralizer. ONA Gel is the most widely used these days among marijuana growers. They are very easy to use as well. You only need to open the jar and allow it to neutralize the air in your room. There is no replacement smell as well.

Short-Term Solutions

There are also sprays, as well as plug-ins that you can use in order to balance the smell in the area. However, these are only effective for a short period of time, therefore they are only for emergency purposes and not for a long-term solution.

Carbon Filer

By far, the most effective method used to control marijuana odor is through a carbon filter. Because of this, some marijuana growers incorporate the use of carbon filter to their exhaust system. The exhaust will draw away the hot air, while the carbon filter will clean the air when it enters the scrubber.

There may also be some methods that can prove to be efficient and effective that you have tried. Some, you might have discovered by yourself. You may also join forums, threads, and blogs where you can share your knowledge and at the same time learn from others who are already in this field. There are efficient and effective ways in order to control the marijuana odor in a hydroponics growing. Whatever the method may be, you can expect good results for your marijuana growing project.


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