The autoflowering cannabis seeds come from the wild strain of hemp first known as Ruderalis that were found from Russia in the early 1940s. These autoflowering strains are not the same as most of the strains of marijuana that are known as photoperiod strains. The photoperiod types do not start to flower or develop buds until they get a sign from the sun that winter is right around the corner, and so they require a special light schedule in order to induce into developing buds. Cannabis Ruderalis type plants will start flower upon reaching 3 to 4 weeks of maturity and this is regardless of what is happening with the sun or regardless of the flight schedules. Their buds are now ready for harvest just only after a few months after. 

Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds  

These are some of the reasons why you need to consider planting autoflowering types of marijuana for both indoor and outdoor.

  • For growing outdoors, these auto-flowering plants start to produce buds regardless of how many hours of sunlight these plants get. This only means that you do not need to worry about running out of the light system or even putting supplemental light, that if you are trying to get multiple harvests results in one season. 
  • For growing indoors, auto-flowering plants will let you grow these strains at an increased speed from the beginning until the end because these plants generally will mature completely just after three months. 
  • Autoflowering plants can get 12 hours or more of sunlight in a day and can develop buds bigger than usual in just less time required compared to many regular marijuana plants. 
  • Autoflowering marijuana plants can be easily hidden and small. These plants are very ideal for cabinet growing or for outdoor growing so that your neighbors will not be able to see your garden. 

However, there are also reasons why these auto-flowering marijuana plants are not a phenomenon compared to regular marijuana indica and sativa plants. Auto-flowering types are small in height and they do not produce big yields. Some other issues with these auto-flowering types of strains may include an increase in expenses of electricity and the inability to train these plants to maximize the growing area assigned.  

Since these were introduced, the original auto-flowering types have had significant improvements been made to their genetic makeup. First of which is its’ potency. These auto-flowering types had significantly increased since their first introduction. Moreover, there are currently hundreds of kinds of auto-flowering marijuana seeds sold in the market today, this will give you a wide range of selection. These improvements are some of the reasons why autoflowering marijuana seeds are recommended for a curious gardener who wanted to try something new. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Strains  

Autoflowering cannabis variety needs some time to prepare because these plants grow very fast and then start to flower regardless if you are prepared for them or not. The following are steps that you can do to get a higher rate of success in cultivating autoflowering marijuana plants. 

  1. Make sure to train your green friends.

As a general rule, start training your marijuana plants in their vegetative stage. In the case of autoflowering plants, the vegetative period only lasts for two weeks, meaning time is the essence at this point. 

Start to consider topping your marijuana plant right after the plant has developed three nodes, this promotes a more even shade. There is another method called LST or Low-Stress Training which involves you training the marijuana plant by pulling the plant down sideways in order to make a new growth that moves up. Once the marijuana plants start to flower, do not top them anymore, only prune your marijuana plants carefully not more than one week after they start to flower. 

  1. Consider the climate.

When you decided that you wanted to grow autoflowering types of marijuana plants, you are letting your plants to produce flowers in their vegetative stage. A lot of growers would start planting these autoflowering marijuana types early in the season, like in March or a later season such as September this is due to the fact that you do not need to strictly follow a photoperiod light cycle.  The rest of the year is not considered because you have to remember that these plants still require warmth in order to grow, and you might also need to put into consideration the rain that would put the buds at danger of rotting. In order to avoid these issues, you might want to think of cultivating them in a greenhouse for protection from external elements. 

  1. Be careful in feeding your marijuana plants.

The autoflowering type of strains need not be fed so much because of their small stature and the short period they are in the vegetative stage. Make sure to feed them very lightly and understand that they do not need much food in their vegetative stage in order to grow, nutrients such as nitrogen are not that essential. Take note that these types of vegetative nutrients are ideally put into use if those nutrients are already available as soon as the plants need to use them. 

  1. Make sure to harvest gradually.

These autoflowering plants oftentimes do not develop a canopy, this means that the buds they develop are lower down on the plant. This is the reason why it is a good idea to schedule your harvest sequentially. The first move is to take the colas after that allow additional time for the lower buds to be denser than they should be harvested next. NCIA will also agree to harvest autos gradually. 

  1. Make preparation for your next crop.

To maximize the result of your auto-flowering plants, it is always best to prepare the next batch of plants while you are still harvesting the current plants. This would mean start to plants the seeds even before you harvest the current plants you have, this will allow to you have a continuous production thus maximizing your garden. Because of these plant autoflowers, you can afford to have plants that are about to start out in the same area with the plants that are about to finish or to be harvested without you worrying about the lighting schedule. 

Final Thought 

The autoflowering cannabis seeds are the best strains to cultivate, regardless if you are new to the marijuana gardening or a seasoned one.  You would be amazed by how you can optimally use them and get the best results ever. Autoflowering marijuana seeds can be easily found in most physical seed banks and even online seed banks. These seeds can also be bought at selected local dispensaries, but these depend on your location. 

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