How to Grow Autoflowering Seeds Outdoors in UK

Automatic seeds are great for nearly any UK cultivators. The fast-growing strain allows you to enjoy the fruits of your efforts in half the time it takes to take care of regular cannabis seeds. In addition, may autoflowering strains are resilient against pests and high temperatures.

On the other hand, certain autoflower strain can produce more buds when they are growing outdoors. To help you max out the yield rates of your garden, here is a guide on how to grow autoflowering seeds outdoors in the UK.

Cultivate during summer

The best time to grow your autoflower plants is at the start of May when summer is about to come. During this time, daylight hours are longer than nighttime.

You might be thinking that planting autoflower plants during the summer should only apply to photoperiod plants that are dependent on the daylight hours. However, we are not aiming for the daylight schedule for the automatic plants to flower.

Longer daylight hours is beneficial to the plant since it allows them to generate more energy from the sun’s light. Your plant can use this energy to develop its branches and leaves more, which leads to quality yields.

Another reason for growing your autoflowering cannabis plants in summer is the temperature. As mentioned above, weed thrives in a warm tropical environment. The hottest season in the UK gives the autoflower plants the right temperature.

Germinate indoors

Germinating your seeds indoors is a good start on how to grow autoflowering seeds outdoors in the UK. Many animals and pests can eat your seeds if you allow them to grow their taproots outside your house.

One of the best ways to germinate your seeds is to use starter pots that have a biodegradable material. The pots provide the roots an aerated surrounding that allows for better gas exchange. In addition, the seed can freely grow a healthy rooting structure and break through the wall of the pot. This allows you to plant the starter pots with the seed inside to an appropriate medium.

Provide the appropriate nutrient

Autoflower plants still require the same nutrients as regular cannabis plants to achieve healthy growth and produce quality yields. The three nutrients that are important to plants are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

Plants need nitrogen to build its branches and colas during the vegetative phase. Potassium helps to regulate the photosynthesis process with the closing and opening of the stomata. Meanwhile, phosphorus is essential for the quality of your plant’s buds.

Fertilizers or nutes in garden stores are specially formulated for different parts of your plant’s growth cycle. Vegetative plant feed is rich in nitrogen with a modest amount of phosphorus and potassium in order to facilitate the growth of your autoflower plant’s branches. On the other hand, flowering plant feed contains significantly less nitrogen while having more phosphorus and potassium.

Take it easy in feeding your plants with fertilizer. A good practice is to give a small amount and only increase the dose if you see signs of a deficiency. Deficiencies are easier to fix than nutrient toxicity since excessive nutrients can permanently damage your plant. For example, high nutrient content during the flowering phase can lead to deformed buds.

Outdoor protection

Even when your autoflower seeds are fully grown, the outdoors is still a dangerous place for them. There are pests, fungi, and mold that can infect your plants. Heavy rain can flush out the nutrient from the plant’s soil and leave your autoflower strains deficient in essential vitamins and minerals.

One method of protecting your autoflower plants is to cultivate them within a grow tent. You can easily find these portable tents in the market and they come in various shapes and sizes.

Take note that the grow tent you want consists of plastic walls and ceiling since the material allows the light to come through. Plastic can also keep the heat inside the space. In addition, pick a tent that allows for good air ventilation to keep your autoflower plants cool during hot days.

Hide your plants

Another challenge that comes with cultivating autoflowering seeds outdoors is discreetness. You do not want unwanted attention to your garden or home from the public eyes. You run the risk of attracting the wrong crowd who have no problem with stealing cannabis from any home.

The first step to stealth cultivation is to hide your cannabis plant from plain view. One way of doing this is to grow other plants that are beneficial to your garden. Some examples include coriander and dill since both plants produce essential oils that deter pests.

Cultivating any automatic skunk strain or strains with powerful smell can be tricky with an outdoor setup. A good way to hide the smell is to use a grow tent with built-in carbon filtered vents. Be mindful of the noise a vent fan generates. Set the fan to the lowest setting if someone can hear its motor from the sidewalk beside your house.


Use the guide above to make the most of your outdoor garden when cultivating autoflower seeds. Giving your autoflower plants the best possible treatment allow you to produce a large yield of beneficial marijuana that treats most medical issues. The late John Lennon was right when he said: “Cannabis gave youth a non-violent experience as they laugh after taking a hit.”

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